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Spicy Potato Salad Recipe

It's Spicy Potato Salad -- A Delicious Recipe! How to make an absolutely delicious spicy potato salad that is both yummy and spicy! Here is yet another yummy recipe that I offer up for your consideration. Trust me, while my grandmother passed down to us grandchildren her traditional Hungarian and Eastern European recipes, this is one that was not grandma's recipe.

spicy potato salad in a clear bowl
This is my special, best-ever recipe unveiling all the secret ingredients in this lens with my delicious spicy potato salad recipe -- oh yumm!

Why not try making some as that special side dish for Halloween, Thanksgiving or even Christmas? That's right! This is not just a summer salad. When throwing that special get-together, try this recipe. Doing a pot luck? It'll work for that too.

Do you know that spicy potato salad is great for so many functions? Try it on picnics with fried chicken or tailgating with hamburgers on the grill or even for Super Bowl Sunday with your guests bringing their favorite accompaniments.

Spicy potato salad is great as a summer recipe that transitions into fall and then winter and even spring. It's a recipe good for all four seasons! You can eat this tasty side dish in the Summer, Fall, Winter or Spring months as it's good any time of year!

Do you seriously want to know how to make an absolutely delicious spicy potato salad that is both yummy and a tad bit spicy! You will be making a mark with the best recipe by far - for something with a kick in the pants hot spice!

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spicy potato salad in pretty acrylic bowl

My Spicy Potato Salad Recipe

spicy potato salad in a clear bowl
On the ingredient list for my Spicy Potato Salad recipe, you will note some surprise ingredients go into making my recipe -- ah, revealed finally.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Brand substitutions will work just fine, especially if you happen to have a particular brand(s) that you love! I also will make another variation of this potato salad with new potatoes; i.e., red-skinned potatoes! BUT, my ingredients basically STAY THE SAME!


48 oz. Publix deli southern style potato salad
16 oz. Publix hot all natural chunky salsa
5.75 oz. can Lindsay sliced green pimiento olives
2.25 oz. can Lindsay sliced black olives
4 hard-boiled eggs
1 large Vidalia onion
4 Tbsp. Kraft creamy horseradish sauce
Dash of Spice Islands cayenne pepper
Dash of Lawrys garlic salt
Dash of McCormick fancy paprika
Salt and pepper

  1. Eggs: Boil the eggs for 10-15 minutes. Remove from heat and let cool. Chop into small pieces.
  2. Onion: Chop into small pieces.
  3. Green Olives and Black Olives: Drain off the liquid.
  4. In a large mixing bowl, add the deli potato salad, chopped eggs, chopped onion, salsa, green olives, black olives, creamy horseradish sauce, cayenne pepper, and garlic salt. Blend all ingredients well.
  5. Add salt and pepper to taste and additional cayenne pepper, if needed.
  6. Transfer to serving dish: I like to use a large acrylic bowl or glass dish that will show off the pretty colors of the spicy potato salad.
  7. Sprinkle lightly with paprika. Refrigerate. It is best served chilled.

The Ingredients That Make the Salad!

Publix hot all natural chunky salsa. For my spicy potato salad recipe, I like the hottest and chunkiest salsa! This is probably THE secret 'killer' ingredient in my spicy potato salad. I generally use the HOT rather than MEDIUM strength -- again, it is a preference! This is the ingredient that gives my spicy potato salad the nice 'pinkish' color. I opt for the Publix generic brand as I couldn't pick from all the other killer brands of salsa. If you've got a favorite salsa, then this would be the recipe to use it!

Kraft creamy horseradish sauce. This is rather a secret ingredient for my recipe of spicy potato salad! This particular horseradish sauce is another of the 'secret' ingredients that keeps my friends guessing as to its identity. I can't tell you how many times I've been asked, "What is THAT I'm tasting in your potato salad?" P.S. Depending upon the group that will be eating my spicy potato salad, I might actually increase the amount of this ingredient!

Lindsay sliced black olives. The black olives give a special exotic taste to my spicy potato salad! These black olives are a product of California. To me, it is a preference whether or not the chef opts to add black olives to food dishes. I personally use black olives in most dishes that benefit from this savory and distinctive taste.

Lindsay sliced green pimiento olives. I find that green olives compliment black olives in my spicy potato salad recipe! These green pimiento olives add a nice 'bite' to my spicy potato salad along with color. They are a product of Spain -- giving your American potato salad a international, European flair!

Vidalia onions.THE onion of choice for my spicy potato salad recipe! The Vidalia onion is my #1 choice of onions over all other onions. When that product of Georgia is not available, I've both onions from Chile, Costa Rica or Peru, I think. If I can't get any of those particular onions, I'll opt for a Spanish onion.

Another Secret Ingredient. Today's recipe used red 'new' potatoes and the addition of 3 Tbsp. of light sour cream! Instead of sprinkling paprika on top, I opted for cayenne pepper!

spicy potato salad in mixing bowl
Mixing up another batch of Spicy Potato Salad
With red potatoes - I love those new potatoes!

Cost per Plate for MY Spicy Potato Salad Recipe!
It's well worth the price. My spicy potato recipe yields just over 72 oz. which is enough for at least 15 servings! That's about $1.00 per serving.

the cost to make spicy potato salad by jaguarjulie

Get a Clear Acrylic Serving Bowl!

Looking for a clear acrylic bowl similar to mine, I found the Prodyne SB-3-C Acrylic Salad Bowl with Servers.

This bowl has carved artful designs along with accent legs.

It is a fairly larger size and can accommodate 6 quarts of salad of any kind including hot and spicy! A plus for you is that the acrylic servers are included.

Hot and Spicy : Why Not?
You control it. "You haven't tried potato salad until you've kicked it up a notch with Spicy Potato Salad! Try it ... you'll like it!" --The Brand Ambassador JaguarJulie!

P.S. I WAS the Official Squidoo Comfort Foods Contributor! Did you know that? Well, you probably guessed it. You know potatoes are probably one of the first comfort foods in history? Thanks for checking out my comfort food recipe today.

Do you make spicy potato salad? Have a special recipe or secret ingredient you'd like to share? Well, what are you waiting for ... let me hear from you!

History: Spicy Potato Salad : A Delicious Recipe was originally created on Squidoo by JaguarJulie on May 11, 2008.

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