Sunday, March 01, 2015

Bunch of Sunflowers Zazzle Designer Fabric

To know me is to know that I love sunflowers! Especially the bold and inspiring sunflower blossom as showcased on the Bunch of Yellow Sunflowers Fabric available from Zazzle. I designed my very first fabric product with a collage design of yellow sunflower blossoms with the original blossom found in my sunflower garden in Jacksonville, Florida. I opted to go with combed cotton to put the focus on the flower. Take a look at the piece of fabric as I have displayed it as a floral hanging from my Stanley yellow dresser.

Bunch of Sunflowers Combed Cotton Fabric by JaguarJulieFlowers
Bunch of Sunflowers Combed Cotton Fabric by JaguarJulieFlowers
Are you thinking flower power like me? I've been experimenting with that fabric panel throughout my house and haven't yet committed to one placement. I see so many possibilities for it! So, at the moment, that flower fabric panel is hanging on the front of my bedroom dresser as a focal point in my bedroom. And, you get to be in on my thinking and designing process! What would YOU design with that flower fabric panel?

Bunch of Sunflowers Combed Cotton Fabric by JaguarJulieFlowers
Bunch of Sunflowers Combed Cotton Fabric by JaguarJulieFlowers
Stepping back a bit, to take in more of the artsy and sunny bedroom, you have a view of my white overstuffed chair. And, you can see the bathroom window through the door opening. The chair and the window are my first two design subjects. I'm looking for a white window shade to fit the bathroom window and want to stitch the fabric over the shade to make a sunflower window shade. I'm also going to try making a simple window curtain to hang as a panel over the bathroom window. I think the collage of sunflowers will look fabulous letting the light shine through the fabric panel.

Bunch of Sunflowers Combed Cotton Fabric by JaguarJulieFlowers
Bunch of Sunflowers Combed Cotton Fabric by JaguarJulieFlowers
I personally love the idea of using the bold bunch of sunflower fabric as a cushion cover for the backdrop of my white overstuffed chair. What do you think? I'm also thinking that the sunflowers would look great covering the seat cushion. I love to be able to get a good view of the large sunflower blossoms. It's like adding a bit of art to the white chair.

Take a look at the beautiful presentation from Zazzle. If I lived in a loft apartment, I honestly think I might try presenting my sunflower fabric like a floral art panel. When I hung my panel in my bedroom, I flipped it from the Zazzle product presentation above. I've also added two additional designs to the bunch of sunflowers. You can select from Bunch of Sunflowers on Black or Bunch of Sunflowers on Teal.

Bunch of Sunflowers Combed Cotton Black Fabric by JaguarJulieFlowers Bunch of Sunflowers Combed Cotton Teal Fabric by JaguarJulieFlowers

If you are a seamstress, you will love the selection of fabrics available at Zazzle. I have designed all my fabric offerings using the combed cotton. However, you might opt to try one of the other fabrics available. Explore the various fabric types available from Zazzle.

zazzle fabric options with width and price upgrade
The various fabrics include combed cotton, pima cotton, cotton twill, polyester poplin, polyester weave, ivory linen and natural linen. The fabric widths vary from 54 inches wide up to 60 inches wide. Plus the upgrade price is a bit more for the fabrics other than combed cotton.

It is time to welcome Spring! Why not pick the flowers -- the sunflowers -- and bring them inside? I live in Florida, so I am pretty much blessed to not have snow. We get a lot of sunshine. Maybe you don't live in Florida and would like a little sunshine inside? I have just the JaguarJulieFlowers zazzle fabric for you! Go ahead and browse my designer selections ... see if YOU can pick just one!

Designer Feedback

Here is your opportunity to be part of the design process! I personally LOVE to hear from my many readers; however, sometimes people are shy about leaving comments or don't know what to say. I would love to hear from my readers ... what would you design with this bold flower panel of a bunch of yellow sunflowers?

We've shared our designer thinking ... what do YOU think? Would you opt for a hanging floral art panel, bedroom dresser panel, overstuffed chair back cushion or seat cushion, window shade covering, window panel curtain, or perhaps wrapped canvas.

Some other options? Perhaps floral, three-panel room divider? That might be pretty cool. Or, I was thinking of making an outside panel that would be held by two of my five-foot wooden garden stakes. You know, sunflower art for my next sunflower garden! Let us know! Ah, hope you felt the sunshine today!!