Sunday, April 20, 2008

Jaguar Julie Designs Logo Contest

YES, it was a CONTEST open to all Squidoo Lensmasters!

Announcing that we had a contest and everybody came and participated. We received a boatload of creative logo designs for consideration. The winner was squidster Anne!

ARCHIVE INFORMATION: Here's the scoop! Jaguar Julie, that's me, is in need of a logo for her company, that's Jaguar Julie Designs. Yep, she designs logos, BUT, you know that story about the cobbler's children going without shoes?

It's much the same with Jaguar Julie -- she's got designer's BLOCK when it comes to her own logo!

Get all the scoop on this contest and find out how to enter. Want to know what you can win too? Visit my Squidoo lens to find out more!

So, have you got what it takes to design Jaguar Julie Designs' logo? Go ahead, what are you waiting for?

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Country Club Cats of DeerCreek

Tigger the Country Club Cat of DeerCreek
Country Club Cats :: Howz about them? Have your heard the news yet about them Country Club Cats???

No, I'm not talking about a musical group or a bunch of golfers!

I'm talking about country club cats as in a feral cat colony that has overtaken the neighborhood where I live. For the most part, our country club cats are quite social and are relatively well-behaved. There are a couple of them who keep their distance.

Not all the neighbors are so positive or welcoming when asked how they feel about these cats. We have stepped up to do our part with managing this feral cat colony. In January 2008 one male was neutered and thus far we're just past April Tax Day ... we've had 5 females spayed already! My pocket-book is draining dry. Thankfully, I've sold a couple of Squidoo lenses [some call it flipping!] to help fund my spaying and neutering fees. It's not free, ya know!

Hmmm, I wonder if any of this is tax-deductible??? Well, poor poor country club cats as next up on our agenda is to capture the 3 dominant, male ferals. Now, I've gotten to know them fairly well -- I can actually touch and pet two of them, but the cutest one 'Papa Fluff' is still not comfortable with me getting too close. It'll be a sad day when we turn these 3 over to Animal Care and Control ... but we see no other options for our neighborhood. I am very sad about this!!!

P.S. Thank our lucky stars for FCNMHP in Jacksonville Florida!

You know, it is 2019 as I am revisiting this article and thinking back on Tigger the Cat. A Country Club Cat. He was such a sweet boy.

Friday, April 11, 2008

The Importance of Topicability

Topicability : The Importance of Topicability -- Squidoo Lenses and Elsewhere. Ah, the importance of being TOPICAL! Inspired by Squidoo, I'm announcing the launch of Topicability : The Blog which made its debut on April 8, 2008!

Topicability : that which is relevant, of current interest, contemporary, spot-on.

Being a Giant Squid, Squid Angel, and prolific Lensmaster, I have learned first-hand the importance of Topicability particularly in how that translates to lensranking. I'm no stranger to blogging either, having womaned this very blog Jaguar Julie : Blog On! since December 2004.

I hope that you'll take some time to check out Topicability : The Blog where I'll be featuring Squidoo lenses that I happen upon which are spot-on topical!

HOW TO ADD YOUR LENS: Oh, want me to check out your Squidoo lenses for topicability to be featured in my Topicability Blog? Add your comment to this blog post and let me know how your Squidoo lens is topicable!

P.S. I guess you could say that a bit of my inspiration from 'yesterday' is the Oscar Wilde play, The Importance of Being Earnest. Have you seen the movie or read the book yet?