Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Stylehive Interviews Julie3Jax

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Stylehive: Who are your top 3 Stylehivers?
Gosh, it is really difficult to pick my top 3 Stylehivers as I have seen SO MANY stylish items and Stylehivers with so much style!

1. freakstar – she’s definitely #1 because I really love all the items I’ve seen on the, The Artful Home. Her style and taste seem to mirror mine in many respects.
2. designmilk - another top favorite, for their design classic picks.
3. HippiePrincess – her taste and style closely mirror mine and she shows an eclectic taste for design. I think the fact that both of us come from a family of creative talent possibly accounts for our appreciation of style and design.

SH: If money was no issue and you could buy one product from the Hive, what would it be?

Wow, buy just one product? I think it’s difficult to narrow down to one. OK, let me say The Mantra Bed. I love feng shui and canopies so if I couldn’t have a Dedon Collection piece, I’d go for The Mantra Bed; and if that as on backorder, I’d maybe consider the Squaring.

SH: What would be the title of your autobiography?

Jaguar Julie, a woman of eclectic tastes!

SH: How would you describe your personal style?

My personal style is eclectic and depends on the occasion. To ask my hubby, he would tell you I really need to live in New York City because I love to dress up. He’s always telling me, you need to dress down; put on some jeans! I think I should have lived in Hollywood back in the 50s. A previous European coworker told me he thought I was very Parisian in style, manner and dress.

SH: What reality show would you be on?

I’ve already appeared on Florida’s Flamingo Fortune lottery game show several years ago and won a small amount of money. My hubby and many of my friends say I really need to be on a show with a contest as they saw how excited I’ve gotten over Stylehive’s contests! I’d like to be a judge on American Idol or maybe Dancing with the Stars.

SH: What is always in your bag?

This is an easy question! I always have my lipstick no matter where I go! It’s Revlon Amethyst Smoke--it’s been a favorite brand and color for a number of years.

Coffee, coffee, coffee and a South Beach Diet High Protein Cereal Bar--Peanut Butter. But, since I’m going into a new phase of my life, working with a startup company, I’ll be revamping how I start my morning. Most likely it will mean a trip to the gym, then coffee!

SH: What do you do when you’re not Hiving?
I’m the CMO of a new company, wearing many hats, developing marketing materials and product information among other things. I also have my own company, Jaguar Julie Designs--I sell online, have my own websites, Google Blog, and Squidoo lenses. So, I’m always connected to the computer somehow during the day. My hubby says I can put in over 40 hours during the week on the computer.

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