Monday, December 27, 2004

Online Auction Trends - eBay

With eBay Nation now boasting more than 125 million citizens and doing tens of billions of dollars in gross merchandise sales, an entire eco-system has sprung up to facilitate sellers and bidders.

Remember drop-off shops like DropShopStore and AuctionDrop where consumers and businesses can drop off items they want to auction? The stores handle all listing, shipping and payment settlements with buyers, then forward a check to the seller for the final selling price minus commissions and listing fees. There are now more than 20 companies in this space, but the opportunities still seem borderless.

In the US, check out players like NuMarkets, PostNet, QuikDrop, and ExpressDrop.

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Hot Links to Jaguar Julie Designs

Jaguar Julie Designs . . . As seen on eBay!

Here is a mere sampling of some of the fashions that are being offered both through my websites:

Jaguar Julie and Jaguar Julie Designs, and on eBay and through my exclusive Designer Showroom on eCrater.

My exclusive vintage collection of Givenchy Designer Handbags and accessories are not being sold through eCrater but are still available by contacting me personally.

jaguarjulie givenchy designer collection

Trends - What's Hot - Get the Buzz

Online Auctions ... Read about some important HOT trends regarding eBay and online auctions!

Fashion Sense ... What's hot this season? How about some Nokia fashion? Check it out and be sure to "Get the Buzz" and take a look at the television ads!

Graphic Design ... It's a $15 billion dollar industry.

Focus on the Customer ... A recommended e-newsletter for you to add to your subscription list is 1to1 Magazine.

Customer strategy and customer trust are too hot topics -- customizing your value proposition to focus on your customer.

I'm an eBay Seller

Please be sure to check out my eBay auctions. Look for my listings under my eBay seller name: JaguarJulieBuys. My eBay store is Jaguar Julie Designs which just happens to be the name of my company! Throughout my website, I've listed a select number of the designer fashions, as seen on eBay.

Read more about me on eBay. Check my positive feedback. Purchase and pay with confidence as I'm PayPal verified and ID-verified on eBay.

Check out some of the designer brands I sell ... Cache, A.J. Bari, The Icing, Elie Tahari, Anne Klein II, Ann Taylor, Jones New York, Linda Allard for Ellen Tracy, Kasper A.S.L., Carole Little, Dana Buchman, Escada, Kasada, Vanderbilt, Kazar, Burberry, Bernard Zins, Chetta B, Marella, Joan Leslie, Gerard Darel, Guy Laroche, Bryan Husky, Brooks Brothers, Vivendi, Kenneth Cole, Ashley Scott, Harve Benard, Durango, Isabel Ardee, Studio M, Item, Fine Feathers, Weathervane, LeSuit, Stirling Cooper, Gilmor, Miss Scarlett, Ashley, Casual Corner, The Limited, Victoria Secret, Esprit, Dani Max, Leslie Lucks, Moda, Rina Rossi, Le Garage, and many more!

These designer brands represent these countries of origin ... U.S.A., Italy, France, Poland, Russia, West Germany, Canada, United Kingdom / England, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea, Japan, and others.

UPDATE: I was a seller on eBay, selling enough to have qualified for power seller status. I've not sold on eBay for a number of years. This is an information post.

More About Jaguar Julie

The dreams I've realized in my life are . . . I always wished that I would live in a warmer climate than Cleveland, Ohio. So, I made it happen . . . it took me a little while to get to Jacksonville, BUT I made it. Any other dreams and aspirations have been pretty simple . . . to be happy, achieve constant peace of mind and to make enough money to pay the bills! AND, I sure wish I could carry a tune ... ;-) If I could, you'd probably find me entertaining on the stage or in the movies!

Words I live by ... Be the best that YOU can be. We're all individuals, truly unique in our interests and abilities. Exploit yourself. And, most importantly, treat others as you would have them treat you!

My outlook ... I have a variety of interests, skills, and talents. My entrepreneurial spirit has taken over . . . I officially launched my own company, Jaguar Julie Designs in October 2004. Some day I will be an female version of Donald Trump, but with better hair !!

What you'll find on my bookshelf ... I have several authors' books on my bookshelf, including ones by Michael Crichton, Dominick Dunne, Daniel Goleman, Andrew Greeley, Anne Rice and Scott Turow.

Recent books I've added to my collection include "The Official eBay Bible" by Jim "Griff" Griffith, "The Art of the Start" by Guy Kawasaki, "Free Prize Inside" and "Purple Cow" by Seth Godin, "Pattern Recognition" by William Gibson, and "The Da Vinci Code" by Dan Brown.

P.S. I have now retired and am living in Leesburg, Florida as a single senior navigating retirement. It has been a challenging time for me. I have dealt with a lot of frustrations. I have done more manual labor than I ever did in my younger life. I am open-minded about finding a male companion who is my match. Hopeful.

A Blog How To - Easy Instructions

Want to start your own blog?

Here's some really easy instructions to help you get started !

Jaguar Julie

Friday, December 24, 2004

Super Bowl XXXIX in Jacksonville, Florida

Jacksonville, Florida is the Host City for Super Bowl XXXIX!

Will you be attending and need some help with what to see or do in Jacksonville? Well, I can help you!

Check out the official website of Super Bowl XXXIX.

Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Welcome to my Blog

What do you post to your first entry for a daily blog? Well, briefly, let me tell you why I decided to launch this blog.

Recently, I attended a Microsoft Live Meeting sponsored webinar entitled "Blogging For Business." It was presented by Jim Coudal of Coudal Partners and Anil Dash of Six Apart. It was a well spent one hour of interactive discussions on the merits of blogging

For those of you who are late adopters of this form of communication, I'll share some links below with resources to help you get started
Free for the first month; $4.95/mo after:
Google's free offering:
Some examples:
Check out some popular blogs:
  • Boing Boing
  • Veer
  • The Skinny
  • Stonyfield Farm 
Remember, it is important to have relevant and current content. Market or promote your blog by trading links ... use a lot of outbound links.

Thanks for your attention! -- Jaguar Julie Ann Brady, retired Marketing professional

P.S. It is nearly June 2019 and I am reviewing my over 500 blog posts in my Julie Ann Brady Blog On Google blog. Holy smokes, but I see a lot of development throughout the nearly fifteen years of blogging. I've not removed my early blog posts so as to show the progression. If you want to blog, go ahead and do it.