I was a Squidoo Lensmaster for 8.5+ years! Squidoo? What a curiously tentacular name that is. I joined Squidoo on March 21, 2006 and wrote over 850 lenses over those many years. Then, on September 4, 2014, my remaining 100 lenses were transferred to HubPages! At 6:30pm on October 3, 2014, I deleted the remainder of my hubs! And, at 9:40am on October 30, 2014, I officially closed my HubPages account! Done with HubPages, I AM!

HISTORY: Read what I had to say about Squidoo -- before I delete this permanently!!

You can't imagine how many times I've had to explain the Squid and OO thing to friends, family and coworkers. When the founders were creating that site, they didn't ask me my opinion on that name. I might have suggested something different!

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So, I joined Squidoo on March 21, 2006, and have worked many hours to earn a humble online income from my unique and focused lenses. The royalties, for my many lenses, might not have been enough to make me a millionaire, but the experience has been truly priceless. I have learned so much that I never would have learned in a traditional brick-and-mortar job.

In September 2007, I authored over 100 quality lenses to become a member of the Giant Squids 100 Club. By January 2011, I had authored over 850 lenses. That's a lot of lenses which I've worked to maintain with fresh content. In December 2012, I began deleting my lenses from Squidoo. You see, I thrive on originality; however, it came to pass that too many lensmasters began imitating my content and to dilute the uniqueness of original lenses. My lenses got artificially pushed down in lensrank. I opted for the road not taken.

Seven of my lenses have been featured as the Lens of the Day. The first was in June 2006, To Catch a Thief in Under 40 Days, in March 2008, Jaguar Julie Lensography; in July 2008, Julia Nagy : My Grandmother, Namesake and Superhero; in March 2011, Blarney Stone; in October 2012, Miss Columbus Day; in July 2013, What is Basa : A Wonderful Tasting Cat Fish; in August 2014, I Love Brussels Sprouts - 5 plus 2 Fabulous and Tasty Recipes.

I was voted the Squidoo Giant of the Year in the 2008 Giant Squid Awards. And, my Stuffed Cabbage lens was voted the Best Cooking Lens. It was also the #1 lens on Squidoo in April 2008 for 24 days.

jaguarjulie Squidoo Giant of the Year in the 2008 jaguarjulie Squidoo Best Cooking Lens 2008

Oh, and talk about purple stars! Those coveted stars were initially tough to come by ... and then they started populating Squidoo like crazy. I lost count on how many I acquired for my lenses ... probably close to 50.

An Important Message ... I don't think enough can be said about this. "Be the best that YOU can be! Be authentic, original and unique. Reach for the stars! Sparkle and shine. Don't be a CopyCat. Be the best that YOU can be!" --JaguarJulie

If you happen upon somebody's creative page online, like maybe one of my Squidoo lenses, and find you are so enthralled by the content ... Please stop for a moment and think before you lift the copy, pictures, and titles from other people's work. I preached that message for years. Now that my Squidoo lenses are a part of history, I have been witnessing continued content theft online through my multiple Zazzle stores.

A real no-no is to steal a title to position your work against another's competing, established work. That's a sneaky trick that we don't want to encourage. How do you think the original author would feel about you plagiarizing their work. Hey YOU! Don't be a CopyCat; try being the ORIGINAL YOU! And, to those cheating with clickouts; shame on you for stealing Squidoo and other designer royalties!

jaguarjulie giant squid on Squidoo jaguarjulie lens of the day on Squidoo
A really novel idea, that I encourage, would be to STOP and reach out to that author or website designer or photographer. Tell them you found their work and would love to feature them and credit them for their wonderfully creative work. Ask what is the proper attribution for linking back to their work. Do they charge for use of their work? Are there any licenses involved? Be careful before you publish, as you might find a DMCA complaint has been filed for using without permission.

jaguarjulie Squid Angel blessings to you

Here is an alphabetical listing of my Squidoo lenses:

1000 Places to See Before You Die
A Bed for Boots the Cat : Purretty Please
A Bunny's Tale : A Happy Bunny
A Calendar of Wisdom : Tolstoy
A Colorful Happy Easter Egg Wreath
A Distinguished Visitor of the USS Dwight D. Eisenhower
A Flower House: Flowers & Meditation
A Great-Tasting White Wine
A Hokey Pokey Time-Out
A Little Polyester in My Clothes Please
A Magical Gingerbread Christmas
A Member of The Giant Squid 100 Club @ Squidoo
A Muse Amuses! Greek Mythology and in Life
A Passion for Fashion : MY Style
A Quiet Toilet by Comfort Seats
A Snake in the Grass : Literally
A Spotted Trend : I LOVE Polka Dots!
A Squidoo Diary of Requested Features
A Star in the East : Medieval Hungarian Christmas Music
A Trained Eagle : In Black and White
A Tree of Winter in Brooksville!
A Weasel : Curious Carnivore
A Whimsical Gift Idea : Paul Frank Watches
Achilles Tendon : Ruptured or Torn?
Acosta Bridge : Jacksonville, FL
Ada, Ohio! Drumroll Please For Its Claim to FAME
Add Drama to Your Walls : Black Wall Decals
Ah Sleep Masks! Sleeping Booby : Boobies : Beauty
Alice Temperley English Fashion Designer
Amazon Kindle Wireless Reading Device
Amazon on Twitter
Amedeo Modigliani : The Artist, the Man and the Myth
American Beauty! We Love This Movie
Amy Coe Baby Products for Your Little Angels
An Angel of the Month : Jim Shore Heartwood Creek
An Uplifting Photo : Thanks to Fuji!
Ananda Khalsa Nature-Inspired Jewelry
Andreas Roland Gruentzig : The Medical Legend of Cardiology
Andy Warhol
Angel Dear Blankies : Cuddle Up Baby!
Angel Dear Pillows : Cuddle Up Baby!
Angelic Butterfly Costume Wings : Slightly Mystical
Animal Prints Are an Exotic Trend
Animals in the Spotlight : Up Close
Ann Curry
Anne Frank is A True Superhero
Anniversary Bags : 10, 25, 30 Retired
Anthony Falbo Art: Falbo-licious Cubestractions
Apples vs Oranges
Are You a Do-It-Yourselfer? DIY Yard Tools
Are You Firstborn : First Born?
Arenal Volcano in Costa Rica
Art Glass Headquarters
Art Glass Jewelry : Venetian Style
Arthur Court Designs : Bowls
Arthur Court Designs : Canisters
Arthur Court Designs : Trays
Arthur Court Designs
Artography : For the Love of Arts!
Artsy Magazine Covers: Mundo Nuevo!
Aspirations of a Minimalist : Goals
Attila the Hun
Ayla Z : Unspeakable Art
Baby Vivi Nightlights : Colorize Your Nursery
Bag Lady of Song : Best Bags Ever
Bamboo Home Accents : Naturally Bamboo!
Bamboo Tiki Party : Naturally Bamboo!
Bandit the Cat : One of the Original Country Club Cats of Jacksonville, FL
Beautiful and Collectible Limoges Zodiac Boxes
Beethoven Violin Concerto
Bela Lugosi
Best Christmas Presents for Gifting
Best of Guy Kawasaki on Twitter
Beverly Feldman! Designer Handbags and Footwear!
Big Monster Halloween Costume
Big Shoulders Fashion Trend
Birth Order Effect on Personality
Black Pearls : Tahitian Island Style
Blarney Stone
Bless Our Home : Please!
Bless This Home : Pretty Please!
Bless This House : Please!
BlockBuster vs. NetFlix : Who Would be Victorious?
Blog Roll : A Reader List of Blogs
Blondes Are Sexier and Have More Fun!
Blue-Footed Booby : A Seabird Clown
Bodum Award-Winning Glassware
Bohemian is Definitely in Fashion
Bon Jovi Video Showcase
Boston International Waste Baskets
Brand Ambassador : Jaguar Julie
Brands in Public on Twitter : Branding
Brands in Public That I Support
Brigitte Anne Marie Bardot : BB
Bristlecone Pine Trees : Ah, Methuselah! The Oldest Trees on Earth
Bud vs. Miller : The Battle of the Beers
Bunnies by the Bay
Butter Horns : Traditional Hungarian Pastry
Buy Quality : Lenses of Jaguar Julie
BzzAgent Jaguar Julie : Word of Mouth Marketing
Cache Luxe : Luxury Fashions
Candle Wall Sconces For Your Home : Lighten Up Romantically!
Candy Bowls : How Sweet It Is
Candy Dishes : How Sweet It Is : Yummy Treats!
Candy Jars : How Sweet It Is : Yummy Treats!
Carol Wior Patented Slimsuits Fashionably!
Carpathian Mountains : Border Miles
Carpatho-Ukraine : Who, What, When and Where?
Carroll Baker
Catherine Rapetti Designer Fashion Accessories : Made in U.S.A.
Celebrate Spirituality! Twinkle Twinkle Little Star : All You Little Stars
Celebrity Fragrances : Gifts for Stars
Chantal Teakettles : Colorize Your Kitchen and Tea Party
Chantal Teapots : Colorize Your Kitchen and Tea Party
Charlie Brown Christmas Tree
Cherry Tree Posters : Flower Dreams
Chicken Red Curry : Done Thai Style!
Chocolate Bath Towels : How Sweet It Is
Chocolate Bed Sheets : How Sweet It Is
Chocolate Candles : How Sweet It Is
Chocolate Comforters : For Your Bed
Chocolate Diamonds : How Sweet It Is
Chocolate Pearls : How Sweet It Is
Chocolate Sofas : How Sweet It Is
Chocolate Table Linens : How Sweet It Is
Chocolate Tableware : How Sweet It Is
Christmas Angel Globes
Christmas Angels : Art Posters, Figurines, Ornaments, Tree Toppers and Heavenly Nativity Angels
Christmas Cheer : A Hot Toddy
Christmas Eggnog : A Delicious Recipe for a Holiday Tradition
Christmas Fruitcake : A Delicious Recipe for a Holiday Tradition
Christmas Greetings : Merry e-Tidings of Best Christmas Songs
Christmas Holiday Gift Guide
Christmas Holly China : Ho Ho Ho Holly
Christmas Mistletoe : Holiday Tradition
Christmas Nativity Sets : Touched by a Heavenly Angel
Christmas Snowglobes : Let it Snow!
Chuck Pascarelli is THAT Super Cool Boss
Classic Creamy Lobster Bisque Soup
Cleveland Cities : Cities that are Named Cleveland
Click Bags Were THE Must Have Little Bags!
CloudWorks Angels : Heavenly!
CloudWorks Fairies! Morning Glory
CloudWorks Little Angels of Peace, Love and Joy!
Club Dobogomajor : Hungarian Vacation Resort
Coach Company Designer Handbags, Accessories and Footwear
Coatimundi : What Exactly is a Coati
CoCaLo Nightlights to Colorize Your Nursery
Color Block : Hip to Be Square
Colorful Teakettles : Colorize Your Kitchen and Tea Party
Colourful Jewel Tones Fashion Trend
Columbus Named Cities in USA
Comfort Seats Elongated Toilet Seats
Concrete Jewelry : Take a Hard Look
Conservative vs. Liberal : Which Side Are You On?
Cook for the Cure : Think Pink in Your Kitchen with KitchenAid
Cool Lights : Moonstruck Light Objects
Cool Whip vs. Reddi-Wip : Whipped Topping WARS!
Copco Teakettles : Colorize Your Kitchen and Tea Party
Corelle Beautiful Placemats
Corelle Coordinates Bowls
Corelle Coordinates Trays
Corelle Counter Mats
Corelle Round Dinnerware Sets
Corelle Square Dinnerware Sets
CorningWare French White : My Favorite Bakeware
Corset Costumes for Halloween
Corset Dress: Uber-Sexy Corset Dresses
Corset Footwear is Stylishly Trendy!
Corset Jewelry is Lace-UP Jewelry
Country Club Cats : The Big Meow in Jacksonville, FL
Credit vs. Debit: Which Side Are YOU On?
Crochet Designs : Popularized by Grandmothers
Curiosity Killed the Cat? Funny and Not So Funny!
Cute Cat Cookie Jars : The Cats Meow
Daisy by Marc Jacobs : Fresh!
Dames Point Bridge : Jacksonville, FL
Damselflies : Not Dragonflies
Daughtry Video Showcase
David Taylor : The Violinist
Dearest Amazon dot com : A Letter
Decorate Your Holiday Table with an Easter Egg Tree Centerpiece
Department 56 Christmas Holiday Trees
Department 56 Christmas Ornaments
Department 56 Christmas Snow Villages
Department 56 Christmas Snowbaby Ornaments
Devilish Halloween Costumes
Doing the Laundry Yields Fabulous Finds
Down To Earth Angels : Heavenly Gifts
DPT Vaccine : What is it; is it Safe?
Dracula : A Royal Pain in the Neck
Dragonflies : The Graceful Migrators
Dress Your Car Up in a Costume for Halloween
Drew Peterson Did IT!
Easter Egg Cone Centerpieces
Eat This Not That : Get Healthy
Egeszsegedre : Egszsgedre : To Your Health and Bless You Too!
Eight Layer Salad : A Delicious Side Dish Recipe with Artistry
Elephant Man? Yes, More Than ONE!
Elephantiasis : What is It?
Elettra Rossellini
Embroidered Fashion : Popularized by Grandmothers
Energizer vs. Duracell : The Battery Debate
Ernie Kovacs
Everything Bohemian Headquarters
Everything Hungarian Headquarters
Everything Romanian Headquarters
Expanding Your Lens Publishing Power on Squidoo
Fashionable Raincoats : Let It Rain!
Feed My Search : Former Squidoo Module
Felt Beads : Felt Beaded Jewelry
Felt Home Decor : Handworked Wool Felt Decor for Your Home
Felt Jewelry : A Warm and Fuzzy
Fergie Video Showcase
Fern Home Accents : Naturally Fern!
Fiber Optic Christmas Tree
First Coast No More Homeless Pets in Jacksonville, FL
Five Little Pumpkins : Song
For the Loons : For the Birds Really
Forklifts Guide for Your Business
Francesco Biasia Italian Handbags
Fraud Busters : Take a Bite Out of Crime
Fresh Produce : Hawaiian-Style Clothing
Friends, Buddies, Chums: Oh My!
Frightfully Scary and Weird Masks for Halloween & Other Holidays
Fuller Warren Bridge : Jacksonville, FL
Funky Designs? Hey, the Funk is ON = Er, No Funky Laptops!!!
Geometric and Modular Quad Shelving
Geometric and Modular Shelving System : Flexi Tube
Geometric Art for Analytical People : Squares on the Wall
Geometric Patterns: Hypnotically Trendy
Gerbera Flower Art : Daisy Daisy
Get a Better Day or Nights Sleep With Sleep Masks
Get a Head and Skull for Halloween
Get Crafty and Patriotic! Flags of the World Patches
Get Crafty! Delightfully Disney Characters Artsy Patches
Get Crafty! Hat Shark Artist Patches
Get Crafty! Music Wearable Art Patches
Gift-Challenged? The Art of Appreciation Gift Baskets
Giorgio Armani : The Man and His Designer Labels
Give the Gift of Butterfly Home Decor
Give the Gift of Haflinger Boiled Wool Slippers
Give the Gift of Warmth : Warm Booties and Slippers
Givenchy : Audrey Hepburn Style
Giving Thanks Each and Every Day
Gloria Steinem : Feminist Superhero
Glow in the Dark : Moon and Stars
Glow in the Dark Cat Toilet Seats
Glow in the Dark Silly Putty : Fun!
Going Back to School : Squidoo
Golden South Seas Pearls
Google vs. Yahoo : Which?
Goulash : Hungarian and More
Grays Anatomy
Great Valentine Gifts : Say I Love You
Greater Trochanteric Pain Syndrome! What the Heck is Trochanteric Bursitis?
Greening Your Office
Gucci : The Horsebit is Fashion
Guppies Are Not JUST Fish!
Gwen Stefani Video Showcase
Gyms Pacific Bags : Flower Power!
Gypsy Music & Gogol Bordello: I've Got the Gypsy in Me!
Halloween Boo-Opoly Game
Halloween Cat Costume
Halloween Mystery Costume : Who Am I?
Halloween Pumpkin Carving and Stencils Help : Get Crafty
Halloween Stand-Ups Company : Don't Be Alone
Halloween Stewie Costume & Whatnots
Halloween Treats Please : No Tricks @ Halloween
Halloween Trick or Treat : Which?
Halloween Whatnots & Whatever
Happy Halloween Central : Halloween BOOyah
Happy Thanksgiving Plates
Harajuku Lovers Fragrances : Girls With Personality!
Harley vs. Honda : Battle of the vroooms!
Hart Bridge : Jacksonville, FL
Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas : Muddle Through Somehow
Haves vs. Have-Nots : Who is Happiest Debate
Healthy Sandwich Recipes
Heart Paperweights : Romantic Heart-Felt Gifts
Hearts Gift Gallery : Hearts Gift Showcase
Helen Keller : A True Superhero
Hey Monkeybrain Lensography of Debates!
Hey Valentine: Say IT with Message Necklaces!
Hey Valentine: Little Red Bags!
High Spirits Shoes : YOU by Crocs!
Highbury Fiesta Fun Dinnerware
Holidays with Grandma : The Memories
Home Art! The Artwork by Karlheinz Gross
Hot Dog! Halloween Costume : Get a Long Little Doggie
How Often Should You Tweet Your Twitter Updates
How to Create a Patio with Stone Pavers : A Step-by-Step DIY
How to Squidoo : A Step-by-Step Primer
How to Survive a Hard Drive Crash
Hungarian Goulash : Ah, Goulash!
Hungarian Gypsies aka Roma
Hungarian Lensography : Made in Hungary
Hungarian Spaetzle : Little Dumplings
Hungarian Travel : My Hunky Story
I Absolutely Love Squidoo : Don't Tell
I am a Cabbage Patch Kid : Stuffed
I am Inspired by Squirrels : Spiritually
I AM Jaguar Julie : A Cat Lady
I Dig Johnny Depp Seriously!
I Have a New Guardian Angel : Kimber Pepper Spray
I Love Balsamic Vinegar : 8 Delicious Recipes
I LOVE Brussels Sprouts : 5 Fabulous and Tasty Recipes!
I Love Cayenne Pepper : Hot Stuff
I Love Cucumbers : 5 Fabulous Recipes
I Love Hollywould : Holly Dunlap!
I Love Leggings: No Ifs, Ands or Butts About It!
I Love Paprika : The Hungarian Spice
I Love Rhubarb : 5 Fabulous Recipes!
I Prefer LOreal Preference : Blondes Have More Fun!
I Truly Love Heart Key Pendants!
I Wish I Didn't Have to Sleep! Keith Haring
If I Were ... Children Board Books
Immortal Beloved? We Love This Movie!
In Cold Blood
It is Bumble : The Abominable Snow Monster
Its a Wrap : Jewelry with a Twist
Its Celebrity Style : Thanks to Celebrities
Its Jules Jewels : Lensography of Jewelry Gifts
Itzchak Tarkay Art : Colorful Females
Jackie Brazil : Really Cool Resin Jewelry
Jacksonville Florida Headquarters
Jacksonville Municipal Stadium : EverBank Field
Jacksonville Named Cities in USA
Jaguar Julie Blog On and On
Jaguar Julie Designs Logos etc.
Jaguar Julie Food & Recipe Lensography
Jaguar Julie Groupography
Jaguar Julie Lensography of a Brand Ambassador : Boldly Humble
Jaguar Julie List-o-logy : Listology
Jaguar Julie Plexography : Lens-List
Jaguar Julie Squid Roll : 810 Lenses
Jaguar Julie Wild Kingdom
Jaguar Julie
JaguarJulieBuys eCrater Store : A Passion for Fashion!
Jams World : Hawaiian-Style Clothing
Jayne Mansfield
Jean Harlow
Jeffrey Dean Morgan is a Hunk
Jellycat Stuffed Animals : Adorably Plush Toys with Personality!
Jenny Craig and Me : Weight Loss Can Be Yummy
Jim Shore Heartwood Creek Angels
Jim Zuckerman Photography Pro
Jimmy Hoffa : Pushing up Daisies?
JJ Lensography of Lensographies!
Joel Sartore Animal Photography
Joey Heatherton
John Maxwell Books
Jordi Labanda Bags : Adorably Iconic
Joseph Merrick : The Elephant Man
Josh Turner Video Showcase
Jules Fashion Lensography : Trendy
Jules Video Showcase Lensography
Julia Nagy : My Grandmother, Namesake
Julie and Julia : The Movie
Julie and Julia The Book
Julie Chen
Julie Powell
Juliette Has a Gun : Knock em Dead
Kalocsa : Hungarian Folk Art
Kandinsky Art Calendars : 2012
Kate Knight Flower Art
Keith Haring Art : An Artful and Colorful Life
Keith Haring Art Calendars : 2012
Keith Haring Books : An Artful, Colorful Life
Kenneth Jay Lane Jewelry Showcase
Kevin Spacey Multi-Talented Performer
Kevin Spacey Video Showcase
Keywords Search : A Tale of the Long Tail(s)
Kifli : Traditional Hungarian Pastry
Kimono Fashion : Uber-Trendy Chic
Kimono Jewelry : Uber-Trendy Chic
Kimono Shoes : Uber-Trendy Chic
King Leo Gourmet Candy : Pucker UP
KitchenAid Artisan Mixers
KitchenGrips Oven Mitts : Get a Grip
Kitty Cat Clocks : The Cats Meow!
Kosta Boda Brains : Smart & Stylish
Kosta Boda Catwalk Decor
Kosta Boda Christmas Noel Decor
Kosta Boda Christmas Tree Decor
Kosta Boda Exquisite Art Bowls
Kosta Boda Exquisite Art Vases
Kosta Boda Hearts: Valentines Day
Kosta Boda Open Minds Decor
Kosta Boda Tulipa: Spring Tulips!
Kovacs aka Kovach : Hungarian or Czechoslovakian
Kukuxumusu : Koo- koo- shoe- moo- sue
La Tour Eiffel : The Eiffel Tower
Lace Designs Are in Fashion!
Laila Ali vs. Natascha Ragosina
Lalo Orna: Made in Bulgaria
Lamarthe Designer Handbags
Langos : Traditional Hungarian Food
Laszlo Moholy-Nagy
Le Creuset Teakettles : Colorize Your Kitchen and Tea Party
Leading a Spiritual Life : Blessings to You My Dear
Learn Hungarian! To Understand, To Speak
Lemur : An Endangered Species
Life Interrupted : Interruptions
Lillie Rubin Sophisticated Fashion
Lily Dale NY : A Spiritualist Community
Limbo Rock Video Showcase
Limburger Cheese : Yummy or Stinky?
Limited Treasures NFL Collectible Bears
Linda LeKinff Colorful Art : World Cup Artist
Lip Plumpers : Celebrity Style Lips
Little Black Dresses : LBDs
Little Monster Halloween Costume
Little Red Dresses : Hey Valentine
Little Red Microwave
Little Red Shoes : Hey Valentine
Little White Dress : Not Just Weddings
Lolita Glassware : Artistic Holiday Glasses With Personality!
LOTD : Jaguar Julie Lens of the Day
Love Bugs: Love em or Hate em?
Luggage Tags : Funk for Your Trunk
Luigi Bormioli Glassware : Italian Design
Madagascar Hissing Cockroach
Madame Butterfly by Giacomo Puccini
Made in Bulgaria: You May Be Surprised
Made in Czech Republic: You May Be Surprised
Made in Hungary: Not Just Goulash
Made in Poland: You May Be Surprised
Made in Romania: You May Be Surprised
Made in USA : Is it an Endangered Species
Main Street Bridge : Jacksonville, FL
Make a Wish Bracelets
Maksim Chmerkovskiy : Handsome!
Mamie Van Doren
Marc Anthony Video Showcase
Martha Stewart is Reading My Lenses
Matchbox Twenty Video Showcase
Mathews Bridge : Jacksonville, FL
Melodies in Motion : Seiko Musical Wall Clocks
Melodies in Motion : Seiko Musical Mantel Clocks
Meniscus Tear : Not Just a Jocks Injury
Menopause: Not Enough Testosterone
Mercedes-Benz vs. BMW : Which Roadster?
Merry Christmas Cookie Jars : Reindeer and Santa
Meyers Latin Flair in Jacksonville, Florida
Miss Columbus Day
Missing Comments in Squidoo Guestbooks
Momerisms : Humor and Wisdom from Moms
Mommy I'm Here : Child Locator
Morton's Neuroma : A Pain in the Foot
Musical Cuckoo Clocks by River City
My Award-Winning Chili Recipe
My Case Studies Written for Tribes
My Favorite Designers : The Color Red!
My Favorite Lipstick : Revealed
My Home Sweet Home : How Sweet It Is
My Meatloaf : A Delicious Recipe for Comfort Food
My Mind is My Most Prized Possession
My Platform : Yes I am For the People
My Teachers Who Mentored Me - Mr. Duval, Ms. Hartford, Mrs. LeMasters
Nagy : The Hungarian Name
Narcissus Poeticus: Lovely Daffodil
Natalie Wood
National Gallery of Art Calendars : 2012
National Geographic Calendars : 2012
National Geographic Rare : Portraits of Americas Endangered Species
Nature Inspired : Faux Bois and More
Nature-Inspired Branches on the Wall
Need a HUG? Warm Whiskers Pillows
Need to Smooth Out YOUR Rough Spots? Pumi Bar!
Nel Whatmore Flower Art Nelson Figueredo Flower Art
Neoprene Lunch Totes For Work and School
NetFlix or BlockBuster? Who Delivers Your Movies?
Nighty Night Shirts
Niki Wior : Slim a Size Fashions
No-see-um? You Sure Can Feel-um!
Nut Roll : Traditional Hungarian Pastry
Octosquid : What the Heck is It?
Ode to MiMi : Mi Mi Mi Mi aka Me Me Me Me!
Oh Cabana Boy : Looking For My Cabana Boy!!!
Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree * Celebrate Thy Christmas Spirit
Ohio Buckeye Tree
Ohio Northern University : Not OSU
OJ Definitely Did IT! Yeppers.
Olustee Battlefield Historic State Park : Civil War Bloodiest Battle!
Once Around : Movie
Opossums? Eaten During the Great Depression!
Orrefors Crystal is Spectacular
Osama vs. Saddam : Who is the Bigger BAD Guy?
Our Favorite Tool is Power-ed!
Pala Tute: Gogol Bordello
Palm Tree Home Accents
Paprika : Animated Japanese Film
Paruolo Designer Shoes
Pat Paulsen for President? Dead AND Most Serious
Patchouli : An Earthy Essential Oil
Patent Leather : Patent-ly Trendy
Peace in the Meadow Figurines for Christmas
Peek-a-Boo Art : Fun Art Time-Out
People Say the Darndest Things
Percutaneous Discectomy : What is It?
Percutaneous Transluminal Coronary Angioplasty : PTCA
Peter Peter Pumpkin Eater
Petra Nemcova : DWTS 2011 : Supermodel
Pfaltzgraff Winterberry: Decorate Your Tables With Holly & Berries & Mistletoe!
Photography as a Hobby : Ah, Shoot! : Your Hobby and My Hobby!
Picking a Halloween Costume
Pink Video Showcase : Pinkalicious!
Plagued by Cold Feet? Try Warm Whiskers Animal Slippers!
Plastic Hangers : Recycle Broken
Pod Seats : Cool Pod Furniture!
Polish Pierogi : Ethnic Comfort Food That is Slightly Stuffed!
Pom Poms : A Fun and Furry Fashion Phenomenon!
Poppy Flower Art : Ah, Poppies!
Poppy Seed Roll : Traditional Hungarian Pastry
Precious Moments Holiday Figurines
Precious the Cat : One of the Original Country Club Cats of Jacksonville, FL
Presentation Zen : Design a Moment of Zen
Princess Cut Diamonds : Princess!
Princess Diana
Proenza Schouler Celebrity Fashion and Footwear
Puffin: A Seabird Clown : Funny Bird
Pug the Cat : One of the Original Country Club Cats of Jacksonville, FL
Pumpkin, a Super Food for All 12 Months of the Year
Putting Words in My Mouth(s)*
Que Sera, Sera : What Will Be ???
Quiz: How Much Do You Know About Cabbage?
Radley Bags Featuring the Lovely Scottish Terrier
Rainbow Nail Colors for Artificial, Gel and Real Nails
Ramp and Red Potatoes : Delicious Side Dish Recipe
Raquel Welch
Reach For the Stars : Twinkle and Shine
Reality Check by Guy Kawasaki
Redwood Trees : True Giants in the Earth
Reflex Blue : Beautiful Reflex Blue Designer Items
Regia Marinho : Abstract Regianism
Rename for DUMMIES Books Please!
Rene Lezard German Fashion
Resin Designs in Jewelry
Retro Star Clocks for Your Home
Right vs. Left! Which Side Are You On?
Rihanna Music Video Showcase
Rita Hayworth
Robert Held Inspirational Art Glass and Heart-Shaped Paperweights
RocketWear! From Bedroom to Home Office!
Rocky the Raccoon : Caption Me!
Roland Gourmet Food
Rossy de Palma
Royal Haeger Pottery and Collectibles
Runway Fashion : Fashion from the Runway
Runway Footwear : Shoes from the Runway
Runway Handbags : Celebrity Bags
Russ Christmas Ornaments and Figurines
Rusyns aka People Without a Country
Sailing the British Virgin Islands : Catamaran Vacation
Salty or Sweet : The Great Snack Debate
SassyBax Shapewear : Looking Good!
Satu Mare, Romania : Szatmar-Nemeti, Hungary
Scott Peterson Did IT!
Sculptural Jewelry! 3-D Wearable and Dimensional Art
Seven Bridges : Southeastern City
Shakira Video Showcase Shakira! Shakira Female Pop Star!
Shands Bridge : Over the St. Johns
Shirley Novak Flower Art
Shortini Swimsuits : Find the Perfect Shortini That Suits You
Shoulder Pads : Big Shoulders Trend
Show Your LOVE with Heart Pendants
Silicone vs. Saline : Which Side Are You On?
Skirtini Swimsuits : Find the Perfect Skirtini That Suits You
SLAP Tear : What is it?
Sleeping on a Cloud : Cloud Pillow
Slovakia : The Slovak Republic
Snowflake Decals for Your Home
Social Media Marketing: How to Books
Socialnomics : Are You Socially Correct
Sold : Silversmith House in Jacksonville, FL 32216
Sondra Roberts : InStyle Designer Handbags
Sophia Kokosalaki Greek Fashion
SOS Folks : Stop Online Scammers
Soup du Jour : Squidoo Soup Recipes
Spam-my Emails? ACK! I Hate Spam AND Spammers Who Spam Me!
Spanish Flea : A Little Spanish Flea!
Spanish Flee : Our Costa del Sol Vacation!
Spanish Fly : What the Heck is it?
Spice Girls Video Showcase
Spicy Potato Salad : Spicy Side Dish Recipe
Spoiled Little Mama Diaper Bags and Dainty Dresses
Square One? Been There. Done That!
Squid Angel : Blessings to YOU!
Squidoo du Jour : The Top Lens
Squidoo Milestone Lenses
Squidoo Stats : Public or Private
Stained Glass Art for Your Transom Windows
Stainless Steel Teakettles : Colorize Your Kitchen and Tea Party
Starbucks Coffee Gifts : The Gift of Good Taste
Starbucks vs. Dunkin Donuts: Coffee Wars
Start Wearing Orange @ Halloween
Start Wearing Purple: Gogol Bordello
Sterling Silver Open Heart Pendant
Stop the Insanity : Feel Free to Vent
Stop Wearing Black @ Halloween
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Stuffed Cabbage * on Twitter
Stuffed Cabbage *
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T.A.F.F.Y. : Taffy Candy & Sweet Stuff
Takada Kenzo : Japanese Fashion
Take Me to Your Heart by Enesco
Terpene Chemistry? ex Pine Trees!
Thank You Mom for Everything
That IS Hot : That's Hot, Your Not!
The 17 Essential Qualities of A Team Player
The 21 Indispensable Qualities of a Leader
The Adorable Feline Chester the Cat!
The Amazing Trench Coat
The Amazing Trench Jacket
The Anatomy of Fragrance : Celebrity Fragrances
The Antenna Topper Gift Really Pops on Your Car!
The Apple of My Eye! My Favorite Gadgets
The Armadillo is an Armored Mammal
The Art of Angels
The Art of Cabbage
The Art of Chili Peppers
The Art of Cucumbers
The Art of Cupid : Share the Cupid Love!
The Art of Flickr : Its Mosaic
The Art of Flowers is Absolutely Magical
The Art of Food : Its Delicious!
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The Art of Good Housekeeping Magazine Covers
The Art of Good Living : Work of Art
The Art of Imagination
The Art of Mosaic(s) : Ah, Artsy and Geometric
The Art of Nursery Rhymes
The Art of Pumpkins : Thanksgiving Art
The Art of Rainbow Colors : Colorful
The Art of Redbook Magazine Covers
The Art of Reflection
The Art of Solitude
The Art of Squash : Thanksgiving Art
The Art of the Black Cat : Meow Art
The Art of the Cat : Le Chat Noir
The Art of the Cat : Meow Art
The Art of the Limoges Box
The Art of the Meadow : Inspiring!
The Art of the Rainbow : Colorful Life of Inspiration
The Art of the Start : by Guy Kawasaki
The Art of Thinking
The Art of Toucans : A Colorful First Impression!
The Art of Treetop Owls : WOOT
The Art of Wisdom : Brilliant!
The Art of Zazzle
The Art-Fantastic Colorful Luggage of Romero Britto
The Art-Fantastic Colorful Teapots of Romero Britto
The Art-Fantastic Romero Britto Luggage Tags
The ARTsy Cover For Verve : Pablo Picasso et. al.
The Best Bags Ever
The Best Birkins Ever
The Best Canopy Beds : Ah, Feng Shui
The Best Christmas Stocking Stuffer Presents : Cool Gifts Under $25.00
The Best Day-to-Night Beds
The Best Geneva Cuff Watch Inspires!
The Best Heartfelt Gifts : Jim Shore Heartwood Creek
The Best of JaguarJulie on Twitter
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The Best Roadsters Ever
The Best Round Beds Around
The Best Square Bed : The Squaring
The Biggest Loser Books : Lose It
The Books in My Life : That Matter
The Bow Dress : Red Carpet Dresses with Bows
The Brilliant Japanese Director of Anime: Satoshi Kon!
The Buckman Bridge : Jacksonville, FL
The Cats of Romero Britto : Collectible Cat Figurines
The Cats of Warhol : Andy Warhol Cats
The Chocolate Gift Shop
The Chopping Block : Chunky Cutting Boards
The Christmas Elf : Spotted on Squidoo
The Collectible Art of Romero Britto
The Color Yellow : Hello(w) Designer Sunshine
The Company We Keep : Books
The Company We Keep
The Crane Cool Mist Humidifier : Cool Creatures of Comfort!
The Creature Comforts of Warm Whiskers
The Cyrillic Alphabet: Many Languages
The Decorative Gallery of Marjolein Bastin
The Departed : We Love This Movie
The Ex Knife Set  : Colorful and Sharp!
The Five Top Fabulous Celebrity Fragrance Gifts
The Gator Bowl Stadium is Now History in Jacksonville, FL
The Gift of Christmas Joy : Joy-FULL Christmas!
The Great Ding Dong Musical Debate
The Halloween Candy Costume
The Halloween Cat Witch Costumes & Whatnots
The Headquarters for Everything Eastern European on Squidoo
The Journal of the Traveling Squid
The Kenneth Jay Lane Lady Bug : Capture It!
The Lighted Palm Tree : Southern Style Christmas Tree
The Many Scary Faces of Karloff
The Meadow Pipit : A Colorful Life
The Nordic Easter Bunny Rabbit
The Oh So Collectible Limoges Box
The Owl and the Ladybug : Art
The Photography of Jane Burton
The Praying Mantis : Cannibalistic
The Queen of Felt : Mary-Ann Williams
The Rainbow Bee-eater : A Colorful Life
The Rainbow Lorikeet : A Colorful Life
The Reserve at Pointe Meadows Luxury Condo Unit 512 Short Sale
The Slice Felt Cushions and Hot Pads by Lene Frantzen
The Spanish Prisoner Movie
The Squidoo Fans : An Archive
The Squidoo Favorites : An Archive
The Squidoo King : 6 Years!
The Star-Spangled Banner Flyover
The Sunbeam Electric Blanket : The Gift of Warmth is a Hot Gift
The Three Stooges Halloween Masks & Whatnots
The Total Pillow : As Seen on TV
The Traditional Board Game : Don't Get Bored Type of Gift
The Ugly Red Christmas Sweater : Red Sweaters!
The Untitled Art of Marta Gottfried
The Usual Suspects : Movie
The Very Best Backpacks for Work and School
The Very Best Cuff Watches : Tell Time & Inspire
The Whimsical Alarm Clock : Look Who's Talking Too
The Whimsical Art of Kathy Middlebrook
The Whimsical Striped Bunny
The Wisdom of Garfield the Cat on Mugs * Feline Catty Meow Humor *
The Wisdom of Garfield the Cat on Shirts? Whatever!
The Wisdom of Leo Tolstoy
The Wise Art of Owls : Owl Art
The Wise Official Art of John Newcomb
The Wizard of Zazzle
The World's Greatest Mysteries
This Cats PJs are The Cats Pajamas!
Tiddliwinks Bed and Crib Sets: Baby!
Tiddliwinks Switchplates & Nightlights : Colorize Your Nursery
Tigger the Cat : One of the Original Country Club Cats of Jacksonville, FL
Timbuktu : Where in the World?
To Catch a Thief : In Under 40 Days
Toby the Toad Collection : Here Froggy!
Top Squidoo Lenses of Jaguar Julie
Top Ten Countdown : Best Bags Ever!
Topicability = Blogging Spot-On, Earnest and Relevant Content
Touched by an Angel : Heavenly!
Trees on the Wall : Trees on the Wall
Triple Heart Pendants : Three is a Charm
Turkey Vulture : One Cool Buzzard
Twitter vs. Tattoo : Debate
Untitled Art of Keith Haring : HELP! Title That Art : What's in a Title?
Untitled Art: Entitled to a Title!
Ural Mountains : Ah, Border Miles!
Valentine Books : Romantic Gifts
Valentino Garavani : Italian Fashion Designer
Varchola : Warhola : Andy Warhol
Vereczki : Eastern European Name
Versace by Rosenthal Showcase
Vincent Van Gogh : For the ART of IT
VISA vs. MasterCard : Which Card Do You Carry?
Visit the Jacksonville Florida Zoo
Waechtersbach Freestyle Dinnerware
Waechtersbach Fun Factory Dinnerware
Waechtersbach Petal Dinnerware
Wall Flowers : The Art of Flowers
Warm Fuzzies Showcase : A Warm and Pleasant Fuzzy Wuzzy
Warm Fuzzies Slippers Showcase
Warm Fuzzies Socks Showcase
Warm Fuzzies Sweaters Showcase
Warm Whiskers Neck Wraps : Help Eradicate the Pain in Your Neck
Washi ah Wagami : Art from Paper
Weapons of Mass Destruction WMDS: Yes They Exist(ed)!
Welcome to Sinkhole U.S.A.
Were Sick of It : Sick of IT! Time-Out For a Commercial
West Side Market : The National Historic Landmark in Cleveland, Ohio
What is BaBa by Mommy Petree?
What is Basa? A Wonderful-Tasting Catfish! How to Cook Basa Fish & Basa's Interesting History
What is Love? An I Love You Tribute
What is MMT? Did it Cause the T2 Labs Plant Explosion That Killed 4?
What is the Touhou Project?
When Pigs Fly : Look Out Below!
Where Are You Christmas?
Where to Live in Florida : A New Home
White Space! The Yin and Yang of IT
Who Gives a Hoot : The Art of Wise Owls
Who is Daniel Shays?
Who is Vito Valentinetti?
Who is Yasutaka Tsutsui
William-Adolphe Bouguereau : Angel Art
Winged Migration : The Movie
Wishes Can Come True : Make a Wish Jewelry
Wonderlust King : Gogol Bordello
Writings on the Wall : Inspiration on Your Walls
Yedi Houseware Cups and Saucers : Colorize Your Kitchen and Tea Party
Yedi Houseware Teapots : Colorize Your Kitchen and Tea Party
Yellow Squash Dressing : A Delicious Thanksgiving Side Dish Recipe
Yoana Baraschi Sophisticated Fashion
YummyEarth Organic Candy
Zazzle Attitude Shirts : Shirts with Attitude
Zeta Tau Alpha
Zsa Zsa Gabor

jaguarjulie retirement september 2016


BarbRad said...

I miss those Squidoo days. Now I'm trying to decide to do with my hubs that remain. I've unpublished some to put on my own blogs, but some just don't fit into my blog topics. Some I wrote a the beginning were never that good to start with. I appreciate reading about your Squidoo journey and memories. Nice to find you again through Twitter. Crowdfire suggests I unfollow you as an inactive member. Do you plan to get active there again?

Julie Ann Brady said...

Hey Barb! I remember you. Yes, what to do ... I didn't transfer all my lenses - hubs to my blogs, but many YES I did. I've got all the content, but like you say, it doesn't always translate to a blog. I kind of don't remember Crowdfire -- will have to look it up. Nice to see you! Best of luck.

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