Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Chicken Cheese Enchilada Flavor Soup

Today I am fixing myself a bowl of delicious Progresso Traditional Soup, Chicken Cheese Enchilada Flavor. It tasted SO GOOD yesterday, that I am repeating with another bowl today. I am pretty picky, with my tastebuds, when it comes to soup out of a can. Too many soups are bland or too salty in taste. A good soup needs to have some body and spunk.

progresso traditional soup chicken cheese enchilada flavor
Progresso Traditional Soup, Chicken Cheese Enchilada Flavor

What's interesting about this particular soup is its color! It reminds me of the creamy sour cream sauce that my grandma Julia Nagy made to accompany her traditional Hungarian Chicken and Veal Paprikas recipes.

The color and texture of Progresso Traditional Soup, Chicken Cheese Enchilada Flavor reminds me of another favorite soup of mine! It is quite coincidental that they have similar colors. I purchase this favorite, Classic Creamy Lobster Bisque Soup at my local Publix grocery store.

Take a closer look at the delicious Lobster Bisque Soup:

classic creamy lobster bisque soup from publix
Classic Creamy Lobster Bisque Soup
As we head into the Fall, soup will seem more appropriate for a luncheon meal and as a side dish to our dinner meals. Allow me to make two hearty and satisfying suggestions. Not only do they taste great, but they both have a very enticing and pleasing color! I am recommending Progresso Traditional Soup, Chicken Cheese Enchilada Flavor and Classic Creamy Lobster Bisque Soup.

Here's to your good health! Oh, and may I recommend to you a couple of enticing soups which are available through my favorite online ecommerce source of Amazon.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Help With the Content Stealers

Google! Can you help with the content stealers??? It seems the latest trick when stealing other people's content is to use it to lure unsuspecting visitors away from the original author's site and then redirect them to some other web page that is totally unrelated to said search!

Just this week, a fellow lensmaster/author was chatting about how the plagiarists were using her content to redirect traffic to their own websites. I didn't quite understand what she was talking about until I discovered it was happening to many of my 810 Squidoo pages. UPDATE: As of March 11, 2013, I had deleted 590 of my 810 Squidoo pages! Too many content thieves and content imitators on Squidoo.

Doing a Google search on a content phrase which I include on all 810 of my JaguarJulie Squidoo lenses; i.e. "do not copy do not plagiarize the contents of this page." Google brought up 1050 search results. I only have 810 lenses, so I wondered what the 240 other unrelated results might be.

Take a look at this screen capture that I pieced together from pages 41 and 42 of the results:

content scraper who scraped jaguarjulie original content from squidoo lenses
Google: Help With the Content Stealers -- Screen Capture of Search Results
"do not copy do not plagiarize the contents of this page"

The first episode of my search showed the content stealers on page 11 of the results. Both times, moneybook2u came up immediately. The other offending websites include,,,, and This is a partial list of the content scrapers who are using other people's original work to steal traffic for their own greedy purposes!

UPDATE: It is September 13, 2014 and I just did another Google search of  "do not copy do not plagiarize the contents of this page" to find, still there are search results showing content stealers!

Search of September 13, 2014
The offending websites include,, and How about that? The last one is a Google blogger site.