Wednesday, May 02, 2012

A Family Business in Jeopardy

A family business is in serious jeopardy on the Southside of Jacksonville, Florida. I learned yesterday from the business owner of Solar Nails and Spa that the landlord has opted not to renew their lease and gave them 2 months notice of such. Solar Nails and Spa doesn't want to move; they don't have the funds to spend on customizing another salon. In a nutshell, being forced out of this property could well mean the end of their business ... the only source of income for this extended family.

Solar Nails and Spa, Jacksonville, FL
Photo Credit: Monica S. on Yelp
Solar Nails and Spa has been located at 9930 Old Baymeadows Road in the Publix Shopping Center since 2005. Over those 7 years, they have developed a loyal clientele, including me! Their storefront has a friendly and inviting sign along with the "OPEN" sign that always seems to be on. Solar Nails is open 6 days a week and often the owner works 11 hour days to service his customers.

Over those 7 years, the rent on this humble nail salon has been a pretty hefty sum! Annually, the tab has been $50,000 to $55,000! So, over those 7 years, Solar Nails and Spa has paid some $350,000. I think that sounds like a lot of money for a family business.

Unfortunately, the landlord has different plans for this family business. I was told that the landlord hasn't been available, but has turned the management of the property over to a Boca Raton firm, Weisman, Brodie, Starr and Margolies, P.A.

When it comes to such a business and financial decision i.e. to tell a customer that you no longer want them, there obviously can be no personal feelings involved. Hey, thanks for the $350,000. We want more! Greed is good. It is ethical to kick you people out, never the mind that we might bankrupt your business and that you might now potentially lose your home. We can't get personally involved, it is a business decision.

How about compensating the family business with a relocation expense? Word of caution to the new customer(s)! Wait for it.

Update: Solar Nails has now vacated the premises and is in a new location at 5917 Roosevelt Blvd., Suite 2, Jacksonville, Florida 32244. Phone Number: 904-777-6914.