Thursday, June 16, 2005

Online Fraud - Who the heck is Steve Collins anyways

And why is he "using" my credit card to purchase pay-as-you-go check service from ??? That's what I want to know. And, if Neovi / is such a SECURE service, why didn't they verify this fraudulent transaction? I surely wouldn't want to be using them if that's how they operate. They are just inviting online fraudulent activity.

In June 2005, I was again victimized by online fraud ... this time, a person's name of Steve Collins was used. If you search on Google, I filed a RipOff Report regarding this unauthorized transaction in which I feel Neovi / took no steps to verify that the charge was legitimate. Luckily, the amount was only $20.00 which was fraudulently billed to my credit card.

About my ripoff, here's what I wrote:
I received a VersaCheck Form 1000 from aka Neovi dated 6/3/05 in the amount of $20.00 stating that Steve Collins had purchased one of's plans, to Pay-As-You-Go, for monthly online checks. They NEVER bothered to check that the information of the credit card used MATCHED this supposed STEVE COLLINS. He used a bogus email address of When I called at the 800-303-2620 to dispute this charge, the customer rep seemed to be expecting my call. I will be filing an FBI fraud complaint along with Police Report on this suspicious and fraudulent activity. Qchex needs to be MORE vigilant in using other people's credit cards to pay for their services. What's interesting is that the name of STEVE COLLINS turns up in Google as a name that is often used by con artists online.
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Online Fraud - Abercrombie & Fitch $50.00 Gift Cards

In June 2005, I was the victim of online credit card fraud which was investigated, almost immediately, after I reported the incident to the proper authorities, including my financial institution, the police department, Attorney General, the FBI, and the FTC.

In one of the transactions, the alleged "crook(s)" used my credit card to purchase from eight [8] Abercrombie and Fitch Gift Cards in the denomination of $50.00s. These were mailed to the alleged "crook(s)" in Oak Lawn, Illinois, to a drop box. Unluckily for the "crook(s)," the drop box had been under surveillance for some time, due to the variety and quantity of packages being received. The postal inspector secured the drop box key and detained 2 college students. Supposedly, the students had already obtained false IDs and were busy reselling the merchandise on auction sites, and sending a percentage of the profits back to a Nigerian connection!

You too can make a difference if you have been a victim of online fraud. I did not waste any time contacting all the proper authorities; time is of the essence.

For filing a report online with the FBI, here is the link:

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