Sunday, January 27, 2008

Butter Horns prepared by my Hungarian grandmother

Butter Horns:  A delightful treat as prepared by my Hungarian grandmother! "Hey, what's that picture got to do with this blog?" you ask. Well, that's an easy question to answer. Simply put, that's as picture of me with my grandmother and namesake Julie Nagy. You see, she's the reason I'm writing about Butter Horns in the first place. You see ...

julieannbrady and grandma julia nagy

My grandmother made the best Hungarian Butter Horns that I've ever tasted! Learn the traditional Hungarian pastry recipe!

Holidays were always THE time of year that my grandmother baked the most of her famous Hungarian Butter Horns. She could make hundreds of these at a time, with several different fillings -- usually nuts, apricots, and prune. It's generally the holidays that I love to reminesce about sitting in my grandmother's kitchen and watching her cook and bake. Regrets include that she left us all too long ago and that she kept some of her recipes in her head!

Well, if you don't yet know how to make this delightful treat, you will definitely need to check out my article, Butter Horns, to learn how to make them! I can almost taste them now.

Hungarian Goulash ethnic comfort food

Hungarian Goulash:  An ethnic comfort food! Where's the beef? Well, it just might be in the Hungarian Goulash! Do you remember having stew as a child? I hope you liked it! It sure seems like I used to have lots of stew when I was younger. Think of this as stew, Hungarian style -- that's Hungarian Goulash.

hungarian goulash photographed in hungary by julieannbrady

Goulash - Gulyás in Hungarian - originates from the word "gulya" meaning herd of cattle or "cowherd". Well, I guess that translation is a good thing since when you think of a cow, you think of beef. You know, I just thought about the word Gulyás -- that was actually the last name of my godmother -- really!! Want to know more about Hungarian Goulash and how to make it? You'll need to check out my article, Hungarian Goulash, to find out!

BTW ... The picture shown is a Hungarian dish of goulash that was actually "Made in Hungary," "shot in Hungary," and finally "eaten in Hungary!" I took that picture in May, 2004 when we were visiting Hungary and Romania.

Stuffed Cabbage Comfort Food

Stuffed Cabbage:  A Comfort Food from my childhood! Stuffed Cabbage is a delicious comfort food that has carried over to my adult life.  It's cabbage leaves stuffed with meat -- beef, lamb or pork -- along with spices and rice!

One of my fondest food memories growing up is watching my grandmother Julia Nagy make Hungarian Stuffed Cabbage Rolls ... and then, of course, eating it! She had a "secret ingredient" that made her cabbage rolls the best I've ever had!

Stuffed Cabbage Rolls Recipe : Jaguar Julie Secret Ingredients
Stuffed Cabbage Rolls Recipe : Jaguar Julie Secret Ingredients
Copyright Julie Ann Brady
Cabbage leaves are stuffed with the filling and are then baked, simmered or steamed in a covered pot and generally eaten warm, often accompanied with a sauce. The sauce varies widely by cuisine. We usually ate them with homemade mashed potatoes with the "gravy" or "sauce" poured over the potatoes. Yumm, Yumm. This ethnic comfort food was always better the next day, or the day after that.

If you want to know about that "secret ingredient," you'll need to read my article on Stuffed Cabbage : The Best Stuffed Cabbage Rolls Ever to find out. In this lens, you'll find out how to make stuffed cabbage or find a restaurant where you can have some authentic Stuffed Cabbage!

What is Basa [Fish]

What is Basa [Fish]?  Do YOU Know? Well, it's a rather interesting name for a fish, don't you think? Literally, a wonderful-tasting catfish; Technically, Pangasius bocourti, native to the Mekong River Delta in Vietnam!

what is basa fish by julieannbrady

Basa is a type of catfish that doesn't really taste like the catfish we grew up with in the United States. Basa is a fish that my family LOVES and really can't get enough of ... One day about 6 or so years ago, I bought my first fillets of Basa from the seafood counter at my local Publix supermarket. "Hmmm, I'll try 2 of those Basa please. I've never heard of Basa before, so I'll give it a try!"

I believe the price was very right back then, maybe as low as $3.99 a pound, but more likely $4.99 a pound. We like salmon, mahi mahi and orange roughy, but often those fish are pricier at up to $8.99 a pound; so we buy Basa.

Well, this is the second year that for many weeks, if not a couple of months, Basa has NOT been available for purchase. Last year, when I inquired I was told something about U.S. customs? This year, it was unavailable for a longer period of time and the reason was the FDA? This prompted me to investigate what is up with the Basa fish that is our family's favorite fish.

You see, we used to eat Basa at least twice a week! What I learned is that this fish has been the subject of some controversy going back several years. There's been a lawsuit, talks of dumping with lower than market prices, and even mislabelling of product! There's been some scuttle-butt that not all Basa was indeed Basa, but possibly Tra [P. hypophthalmus] or China Sole.

So ... I did a bit of digging to turn up some interesting information on Basa Fish! I've documented it in my article, What is Basa - Basa Fish Recipes, Info and Tips. By the way, you might want to read up on Swai Fish which has become the alternative when you can't find basa!

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Sweethearts for Valentines Day

Also known as Conversation Hearts; they're popular in the UK as Love Hearts!

Sweethearts are small heart-shaped candies with a peak selling season around Valentine's Day. To me, they are THE candy for this holiday. Each heart is printed with a message such as "Be Mine", "Kiss Me", "Call Me", and "Miss You". New sayings are added every year and others are taken away (ergo, witness the removal of "Fax Me"). Sweethearts are made by the New England Confectionery Company, or NECCO.

I remember giving and receiving these sweet candies when I was a child! It's really cool that the Sweethearts remain as a Valentine's Day tradition to this day!

Valentine's Day is one of my favorite holidays -- for the obvious reasons AND particularly because it is the very day that my hubby and I celebrate our anniversary! Ah ... how romantic can you get? Want to learn more about these and find some cool Valentine's Day gifts? Why be sure to check out more about Sweethearts in my blog article. I H-E-A-R-T ... Valentine's Day and Sweethearts !

Valentine Books for Valentines Day

Valentine Books:  Books for Valentine's Day Can be Romantic!

Did you know just how many books are available that have 'Valentine' or 'Valentines Day' in the title?

Well, Valentine's Day is my favorite holiday of all holidays probably because I'm partial as it's my wedding anniversary -- which is of course the most important reason as it involves my dear hubby! But, it's also special because I'm from Venus and I remember all those special Valentine's Day cards that were exchanged in Kindergarten and grade school. Is it special for you as well?

Valentine Books are rather abundant ... A recent search found Amazon: 67,476 results, eBay: 501 items, and eBay Stores: 3,064 items.

Do you have a special Valentine's Day book that you'd recommend? Well, get in on the action. Check out the cool Valentine books at Amazon.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Most Romantic Valentines Gifts

The Best and Most Romantic Valentines Gifts! Valentine's Day is the most romantic of all Holidays so you need a romantic gift!

Can you remember celebrating Valentine's Day way back in grade school when you exchanged paper Valentine's cards? Gosh, I actually remember doing that in Kindergarten! February 14th has always been a particular favorite holiday and became even more memorable when we decided to make it our wedding date. Hmmm, it made the date easy for hubby to remember too!

Well, your little Valentine's Day elf [me] has been looking around for some cool gift ideas for you! I've searched high and low to pick the best and the most romantic gift ideas for this fun holiday. Find something special for YOUR sweetie! Check out Valentines Day Gifts for Her!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The Little Red Dress, Bag and Shoes

It's the Little Red Dress, Bag & Shoes:  Perfect for Valentine's Day! The Little Red Dress: It's a perfect dress for the Holidays ... for Valentine's Day in particular!

Tis the perfect season for The Little Red Dress! For any style fashionista, a red dress is a staple wardrobe item like the LBD--Little Black Dress.

As your little shopping elf, I've hunted wide and low to find some of the best little red dresses for you! Trust me, you'll be dazzling with one of these dresses. The ultimate in red dresses are designed by Valentino as shown here! Once upon a time, I gave you all the fashion scoop on my Squidoo lens on little red dresses.

Little Red Shoes are hot for Valentine's Day: It's a perfect time of year to add a little color to your wardrobe!

How about adding some glam, as well as color with a pair of RED HOT shoes? I've personally had a sweet pair of red heels for a number of years. I like to add red to my wardrobe all year around, not just at Valentine's Day! I've selected some of the hottest styles that you would look great in. Once upon a time, I gave you all the fashion scoop on my Squidoo lens on red shoes. Find your Little Red Shoes at Amazon.

The Little Red Bag for Valentine's Day: The little red bag is a uber-chic, red HOT fashion accessory for the holidays!

What a great way to add a little bit of zing to your wardrobe -- it's the little red bag. IMHO, the heart-shaped clutch is THE perfect little red bag. This one is the Isabella Adams Crystal Small Heart-Shaped Clutch. It would make a RED HOT gift for Valentine's Day! Once upon a time, I gave you all the fashion scoop on my Squidoo lens on little red bags. Find your Little Red Bag at Amazon!

Friday, January 18, 2008

Squidoo Video Showcases

Are you a fan of music and movies? How about videos? Do you love YouTube? Well, you'll probably really like my Squidoo video showcases which highlight a variety of top performers today. I've written Squidoo video showcases on Daughtry, Fergie, Gwen Stefani, Josh Turner, Kevin Spacey, Marc Anthony, Matchbox Twenty, Pink, Rihanna, Shakira, and the Spice Girls.

My special lensography, Jules Video Showcase Lensography, showcased all of the artists.

ARCHIVE! I authored musical video showcases on a number of artists. Listed below is a list of Squidoo lenses from my historical archive!
  • Daughtry Video Showcase
  • Fergie Video Showcase
  • Gwen Stefani Video Showcase
  • Josh Turner Video Showcase
  • Kevin Spacey Video Showcase
  • Marc Anthony Video Showcase
  • Matchbox Twenty Video Showcase
  • Pink Video Showcase
  • Rihanna Video Showcase
  • Shakira Video Showcase
  • Spice Girls Video Showcase

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Wrap jewelry with a twist

It's a wrap! It's jewelry with a twist! You undoubtedly know the wrap dress by DVF, but have you seen the wrap in jewelry? It's uber-chic and stylish!

The little wrap dress by Diane Von Furstenberg revolutionized the designer industry in the 1970s. We've seen the wrap dress return with a new twist by Project Runway designer Kara Janx. Now, the wrap hits jewelry with a wrap bracelet/necklace by Sogoli and other designers. What I love about wrap jewelry is it's versatility; you can customize it to reflect your own personal style!

Pictured here is the Sogoli 2-in-1 Wrap Bracelet/Necklace. It is designed to look great as a bracelet or necklace! I personally love jewelry or an accessory that is multi-purpose or convertible, such as the wrap. This super stylish and chic accessory features a loden leather strap that's 46 inches long with a goldtone circle charm. It was spotted at Dillards for $144.00.

I personally am in awe of the Sogoli brand--I like the versatility, clean lines, and crisp style. I've found some other designers who also have designed a wrap bracelet/necklace, so I'll show you some that I've hand-selected to feature in my Squidoo lens on Wrap Jewelry.

lalo orna resin wrap bangle bracelet

Corset Dresses, Uber-Sexy Dresses with Bustiers or Bras

Corset Dresses, Uber-Sexy Dresses with Bustiers or Bras! They are stylish and trendy; naughty and nice; and definitely very sexy!

Do you remember when Madonna caused quite a stir wearing her bra in public?

Then there was Britney Spears whose bra was pulled from an auction on eBay. Celebrities have made the corset dress, and bustier dresses, a very popular fashion these days.

A recent search on eBay spotted over 1,000 corset dresses in auctions and over 1,500 in stores--nearly triple the results of a previous search!

Well, now the "bra" has progressed or grown-up, if you will, to be a bit more acceptable and it's part of the new rage of bra dresses or bustier dresses or corset dresses. The corset dress pictured here is a Just Cavalli--it's really quite unique with lots of detailed styling. It's Italian fashion at its finest.

Marilyn Monroe was one of the first widely-known star celebrities to popularize a sexy corset back in her heydey. Got to see a picture of this?

Check out my article on Corset Dresses! If you're ready to learn more AND possibly splurge on that sexy corset dress, you'll be delighted to see the gorgeous styles available.

A Spotted Trend Polka Dots

It's a spot-light on Polka Dots [dot] [dot] [dot] ... Polka dots have been forecasted to be a hot trend that is continuing into the next season. They're not something that's new, but have also been a HOT trend for the past season. It's amazing how polka dots are showing up more and more in a vast variety of items from clothing to accessories to shoes to jewelry. And, they're not just for women and kids, but mens fashions as well.

I've been a fan of polka dots since way back. My favorite polka dot outfit is my black and white polka dot swing sundress with Marilyn Monroe type matching polka dot shoes and handbag. I've actually included a little picture of me in that very dress.

Say, did you ever wonder about the origin of polka dots? Well, would you believe? The history of polka dots reveal an ancient origin! They first became common on clothing in the mid to late nineteenth century in Britain, at the same time as polka music. The music, and its corresponding dance, became the height of fashion in Prague in 1835, arriving in London in 1842.

Want to know more? I authored the FIRST and original Squidoo lens on Polka Dots! Since the lens was first created on April 13, 2006, I've seen polka dots popping up literally everywhere! You'll find many trendy and cool polka dot items that I've selected to include in my lens to get you in on all the fun. After all, you've got to be ready to have fun when you wear polka dots!

I love Beverly Feldman Fashion Footwear, Handbags & Accessories

"Too Much is not Enough" is the motto for this brand best known for its extraordinary design and intricate, whimsical ornamentation!

No wonder I LOVE Beverly Feldman Fashion Footwear, Handbags and Accessories ... her designer items are essentially wearable art because of the often extraordinary and whimsical ornamentation! I simply adore shoes and handbags that have that extra bit of design. Yes, I have plenty of basic black pumps, but, if you want to show a little extra style and have some fun, Beverly Feldman is for you!

I've found some great styles of her shoes and handbags to showcase in my Beverly Feldman tribute page. If you're up for adding some fun to your life with "Too Much is not Enough" fashion, be sure to check out my fan-favorite lens!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

JaguarJulie Anthology of Squidoo Lenses

UPDATE: September 11, 2014: I was a Squidoo lensmaster for over eight and one half years! Can you believe that? It is rare on the internet to find a writing site that will last that many years. On August 15th, Seth Godin made that big announcement that changed the lives of us lensmasters. No longer would we call Squidoo our home. We were being transferred to HubPages. Better than Siberia!

So, in a sense this is the JaguarJulie Anthology of Squidoo Lenses ... that made the cut and got transported over to HubPages to be now known as Hubs! Take a good hard look!
  • A Distinguished Visitor of the USS Dwight D. Eisenhower
  • A Great-Tasting White Wine
  • Beverly Feldman! Designer Handbags and Footwear!
  • Breaded Baked Boneless Skinless Chicken Thigh Salad
  • Breaded Baked Boneless Skinless Chicken Thighs
  • Butter Horns : Traditional Hungarian Pastry
  • Cheesy Scrambled Eggs with Mushrooms and Onions
  • Chicken Red Curry : Done Thai Style!
  • Easy Cheesy Omelet with Mushrooms and Onions
  • Eight Layer Salad : A Delicious Side Dish Recipe with Artistry
  • Grilled Cheese Sandwich on Jalapeno Cheese Bread
  • How to Create a Patio with Stone Pavers : A Step-by-Step DIY
  • How to Dye your Hair a Blue Color
  • How to Make a Spicy Grilled Cheese Sandwich
  • How to Make PST on Jalapeno Cheese Bread
  • How to Make PST on Onion Schnecken Roll
  • Hungarian Goulash : Ah, Goulash!
  • Hungarian Spaetzle : Little Dumplings
  • I Love Balsamic Vinegar : 8 Delicious Recipes
  • I LOVE Brussels Sprouts : 5 Fabulous and Tasty Recipes!
  • I Love Cucumbers : 5 Fabulous Recipes
  • Kifli : Traditional Hungarian Pastry
  • Lamarthe Designer Handbags
  • Langos : Traditional Hungarian Food
  • Morton's Neuroma : A Pain in the Foot
  • My Award-Winning Chili Recipe
  • My Meatloaf : A Delicious Recipe for Comfort Food
  • Nut Roll : Traditional Hungarian Pastry
  • Polish Pierogi : Ethnic Comfort Food That is Slightly Stuffed!
  • Poppy Seed Roll : Traditional Hungarian Pastry
  • Ramp and Red Potatoes : Delicious Side Dish Recipe
  • Reflex Blue : Beautiful Reflex Blue Designer Items
  • Robert Held Inspirational Art Glass and Heart-Shaped Paperweights
  • Spicy Potato Salad : Spicy Side Dish Recipe
  • Stained Glass Art for Your Transom Windows
  • Stuffed Cabbage - The Best Stuffed Cabbage Rolls Ever
  • Thank You Mom for Everything
  • The Best Canopy Beds : Ah, Feng Shui
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  • To Catch a Thief : In Under 40 Days
  • What is Basa? A Wonderful-Tasting Catfish! How to Cook Basa Fish & Basa's Interesting History
  • What is Swai : Delicious Recipes and Interesting History
  • Yellow Squash Dressing : A Delicious Thanksgiving Side Dish Recipe

UPDATE: At 6:30pm on October 3, 2014, the last of my lens-hubs were removed from HubPages by me and repurposed on my JaguarJulie blog.