Sunday, January 27, 2008

Butter Horns prepared by my Hungarian grandmother

Butter Horns:  A delightful treat as prepared by my Hungarian grandmother! "Hey, what's that picture got to do with this blog?" you ask. Well, that's an easy question to answer. Simply put, that's as picture of me with my grandmother and namesake Julie Nagy. You see, she's the reason I'm writing about Butter Horns in the first place. You see ...

julieannbrady and grandma julia nagy

My grandmother made the best Hungarian Butter Horns that I've ever tasted! Learn the traditional Hungarian pastry recipe!

Holidays were always THE time of year that my grandmother baked the most of her famous Hungarian Butter Horns. She could make hundreds of these at a time, with several different fillings -- usually nuts, apricots, and prune. It's generally the holidays that I love to reminesce about sitting in my grandmother's kitchen and watching her cook and bake. Regrets include that she left us all too long ago and that she kept some of her recipes in her head!

Well, if you don't yet know how to make this delightful treat, you will definitely need to check out my article, Butter Horns, to learn how to make them! I can almost taste them now.

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