Sunday, January 27, 2008

Hungarian Goulash ethnic comfort food

Hungarian Goulash:  An ethnic comfort food! Where's the beef? Well, it just might be in the Hungarian Goulash! Do you remember having stew as a child? I hope you liked it! It sure seems like I used to have lots of stew when I was younger. Think of this as stew, Hungarian style -- that's Hungarian Goulash.

hungarian goulash photographed in hungary by julieannbrady

Goulash - Gulyás in Hungarian - originates from the word "gulya" meaning herd of cattle or "cowherd". Well, I guess that translation is a good thing since when you think of a cow, you think of beef. You know, I just thought about the word Gulyás -- that was actually the last name of my godmother -- really!! Want to know more about Hungarian Goulash and how to make it? You'll need to check out my article, Hungarian Goulash, to find out!

BTW ... The picture shown is a Hungarian dish of goulash that was actually "Made in Hungary," "shot in Hungary," and finally "eaten in Hungary!" I took that picture in May, 2004 when we were visiting Hungary and Romania.

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