Saturday, March 10, 2012

The Stuffed Cabbage Love Poll

Do you love Stuffed Cabbage? Have you registered your vote in the Stuffed Cabbage Love Poll? We are working to get the vote out folks for our favorite comfort food. Is it your favorite comfort food? Let's hear from you! So ... here is how we stand thus far:

The Stuffed Cabbage Love Poll
According to my Excel spreadsheet calculation, 90.4% of the love vote equates to 4,341 Stuffed Cabbage fans out there. Almost 5,000 readers have already registered their votes in the Stuffed Cabbage Love Poll.

We have a worldwide readership base of readers for our Stuffed Cabbage page. And, Stuffed Cabbage is known worldwide, in many different cultures, with many different recipes. 7.7%, or about 370, of the readers acknowledging that they haven't tried stuffed cabbage yet. Gosh, let's get the lead out people! There are plenty of different recipes; you can find it at restaurants; you can buy it in the store. Why not add Stuffed Cabbage to your Bucket List?

Hey! Only 2%, or about 96, of the readers said "Naw, don't like stuffed cabbage!!" Not bad, you all. I think that number can be a changeable number. By that I mean, because there are so many different delicious recipes for Stuffed Cabbage, I'm of the thinking they need to try another recipe, like Hungarian Stuffed Cabbage. Then, I believe they will become a fan!

So ... it is time to get the vote out! Let your vote be heard ... vote in The Stuffed Cabbage Love Poll.

Friday, March 09, 2012

Favorite Stuffed Cabbage Recipe Poll

What Stuffed Cabbage Recipe has been voted the favorite of our readers? Is it the Hungarian Stuffed Cabbage rolls recipe or the Polish Stuffed Cabbage rolls recipe? Could it possibly be something else; like a vegetarian stuffed cabbage rolls recipe? Have you voted in that stuffed cabbage poll?

hungarian stuffed cabbage rolls by jaguarjulie

It is pretty amazing that this comfort food has such a worldwide popularity! Growing up, I sincerely thought there was only one stuffed cabbage; my grandma Julia Nagy's Hungarian Stuffed Cabbage. Truly!  Of course, as a child, I got to taste my other grandma's stuffed cabbage recipe. She was of Polish and Ukrainian descent.

It was Easter and the family were visiting those grandparents. First, we were served cold beet soup.  Folks, don't you know that kids have zero appreciation for cold beet soup? Next, came along the stuffed cabbage. Hey, what the heck is buckwheat doing in the stuffed cabbage rolls? You catch what I am saying? Kids don't like buckwheat in the stuffed cabbage.

Later in life, I got to try Polish Stuffed Cabbage rolls locally at an authentic Polish restaurant in St. Augustine. While the filling in those rolls was pretty tasty, I didn't enjoy the tomato soup like liquid nor the large shape of the rolls.

So, we have come to our analytical and slightly scientific poll. It's the poll for determining your favorite Stuffed Cabbage worldwide. We asked the question, "Which recipe for Stuffed Cabbage is your favorite?" We included 17 poll options for stuffed cabbage recipes worldwide.
Golubtsy - Russia, Golabki (little pigeons) - Poland, Halubcy - Belarus, Holishkes - Ashkenazi Jewish, Holubki - Czech Republic and Slovakia, Holubtsi - Ukraine, Kaldolmar - Sweden, Kaalikaaryle - Finland, Kohlroulade - Austria, Krautwickel - Germany, Lahana Dolmasi - Turkey, Malfoof - Jordan (Middle East), Rouru Kyabetsu - Japan, Sarma - The Balkans, Sarmale - Romania, Toltott Kaposzta - Hungary, and Vegetarian – Worldwide

What have the readers determined, by their votes, as the favorite Stuffed Cabbage recipe? Of some 1,270 poll votes cast, it's neck and neck with Hungarian Stuffed Cabbage [Toltott Kaposzta] at 26.2% and Polish Stuffed Cabbage [Golabki] at 25.2%. That's a tight contest! Third place isn't even in the competition.

favorite stuffed cabbage rolls recipe poll
Favorite Stuffed Cabbage Recipe Poll
How do you feel about those stuffed cabbage poll results? Do you agree? Have you already voted in that poll? FYI ... I voted for Hungarian Stuffed Cabbage as my favorite recipe!

Love Hungarian cooking? Get some of the traditional, authentic Hungarian recipes; get an authentic Hungarian cookbook!

P.S. My original Squidoo page on Stuffed Cabbage was created on December 21, 2007 to pay tribute to the memory of my grandmother, Julia Nagy.  I am eternally grateful that my grandma instilled in me an appreciation for my heritage and for authentic and traditional Hungarian and Slavic foods.