Friday, April 24, 2015

Artsy Autumn Beauty Sunflower Collage

For the past few days, I have been inspired by the beautiful Autumn Beauty sunflower blossoms emerging on the first sunflower plant of 2015. Thanks to Facebook this morning, not liking my artsy collages, I am taking time to blog about it.

On April 22, 2015, the first Autumn Beauties emerged along the side of my sunflower plant.


Autumn Beauty sunflower blossom
Autumn Beauty sunflower blossom
Autumn Beauty sunflower blossom
There are the early emergers! The three beautiful Autumn Beauty sunflowers. The color is like rich merlot or perhaps a rich shiraz and remind me of a velvet-like fabric.

For the past couple of months, I have been watching that singular sunflower plant as it weathered our freezes. I'd cover it some nights to protect it from the cold. That plant just popped up, out of nowhere, this year ... so I opted to go with it. I was daily wondering, "what color will those blossoms be?"


This very morning, I was sharing those three sunflower photos on Facebook when one of my friends, Anna, suggested that I might want to do a collage. Hey, that was a great suggestion as I have done many artsy collages in the past. A collage is a good image to compile when you find it difficult picking just one or a couple photos.

artsy autumn beauty sunflower collage on white
artsy autumn beauty sunflower collage on black
So, I started to create my design in PhotoShop. Once I had the first sunflower collage prepared, I thought that I needed to change the background to create a colored mat. I went first with a white background, then black ... and then thought two more ... merlot to reflect the rich color of the blossoms ... and then green, to pick up the pretty colors of the leaves.
artsy autumn beauty sunflower collage on merlot

artsy autumn beauty sunflower collage on green

I then did a short post and added those photo collages to my post. However, just as soon as I went to submit that post with photos, Facebook told me my post was blocked. And, informed me that I could submit my reason they might have gotten that wrong. Good grief! OK, it was time to get back to my blogging.

Perhaps Facebook was being an art critic? What do you think??

Say, be sure to check out the beautiful line of designer throw pillows on Zazzle. These pillows showcase my authentic and original sunflower blossoms from my very own flower garden in Jacksonville, Florida. And, all those blossoms came from plants that emerged from the humble seed. This year, I am into my third such garden. Enjoy!

Oh, and by ENJOY, I didn't mean STEAL my copyrighted images!