Sunday, August 07, 2011

Holy Smokes > The Cost of Anesthesia

Did you know that I recently had foot surgery; i.e. a sort of bunionectomy on my left foot on July 22, 2011 which was preceded by another bunionectomy on my right foot on April 1, 2011. Oh, and that poor right foot also had Morton's Neuroma surgery on December 17, 2007. Suffice to say that I hopefully now have two good feet to stand on.

Have you taken time to actually read my two previous blog posts about this recent surgery's administration of anesthesia? Hey, before you continue here, you need to read: Are You Versed in Versed aka Midazolam, Dormicum, and Hypnovel and What a Surprise > It Was the Propofol.

I am still pretty much amazed at the PAIN of my "twilight sleep" anesthesia. The burning sensation was huge and uncomfortable and went on for probably 6 "Oh My Gods!"

So, imagine my surprise when I just opened the bill from the Anesthesia Consultants! Holy Smokes > The Cost of Anesthesia! You see, I don't recall ever seeing the cost of anesthesia with any of my previous foot surgeries ... so this is a first for me and it is quite an adjustment, considering that I surely didn't enjoy the induction of anesthesia for this last foot surgery at Center One in Jacksonville, Florida.

What does it cost for "twilight sleep" anesthesia for a one-hour foot surgery? Well, I can only go by this one bill since I have nothing to compare it to:

Anesthesia req'd by Dr. - FBS - 15019A = $920.00
Other Peripheral Nerve or Branch - FBS - 15019A = $460.00
Est. Due From Insurance = $1,380.00

As I am on my third different health insurance policy for this year, I am still meeting large out-of-pocket deductibles; not to mention that this policy is only 70%/30% coverage. I am guessing that my insurance company will NOT pay all of that $1,380.00 and that I might be coughing up a hefty payment ... hopefully not $100 for each of those 6 or so "Oh My Gods!"

That makes me stop for a moment to think about something. Remember Michael Jackson and his reputed use of Propofol? You do know that Michael Jackson also had issues with the burn of Propofol; that it is reported that other drugs were used, like Versed, to help in the administration of anesthesia. I don't claim to know all the details of the Michael Jackson case, but I do know that he was in a better position financially to afford the cost of anesthesia [for surgeries and twilight sleep] > I wonder if it cost $1,380.00 each time he wanted to sleep? Or, could it have actually cost more? Oh ... it did!

Bottomline, that seems expensive to me. You see, you've heard me talk about the burning pain of propofol ... but I haven't yet written about the first week following that surgery and how the nerve block didn't seem to last into the next day.