Saturday, September 20, 2014

SmartyKat MadcapMouse Refillable Catnip Toy

If I were a cat, I would want the SmartyKat MadcapMouse Refillable Catnip Toy. I would especially want the mouse pictured here, with the whitish-creme colored body and the leopard print ears! I think those leopard ears are quite the stylish touch along with the black whiskers and the tan-colored tail.

SmartyKat MadcapMouse Refillable Catnip Toy
Here is a picture of the actual product! Online you can purchase it for a fairly reasonable price. I paid $7.27 in total for one catnip mouse!

This was my second such purchase of the SmartyKat MadcapMouse Refillable Catnip Toy -- the same one; i.e. with the whitish-creme colored body.

Both of the catnip mouses were bought at my local KMart store. I picked up the first catnip mouse on August 3rd, the day that the white mommy cat was returned to my neighborhood after spaying.

On August 1st, the mommy cat and her six kittens were picked up by the ACPS. I didn't expect to see the mommy cat returned just two days later! When she arrived back in the neighborhood, she was quite distraught.

Once I was able to get her to come to my back door, I brought her inside and tried to make her comfortable. She was going through a lot of separation anxiety from her recent experiences. Aside from making her comfortable, I thought she might be distracted with this catnip mouse. It rather seemed to be color-coordinated; made for her.

On August 30th, I delivered the white mommy cat to the ACPS on Forest Street. She had been placed in the Wild Whiskers program. That morning, I wasn't sure how I would get the mommy cat to go into the pet carrier. However, I placed this catnip mouse inside the carrier, along with a sprinkling of some other organic catnip. As I stood in the Florida Room next to the pet carrier, interacting with and saying goodbye to mommy cat,  she turned and walked right into the carrier!

As I picked the carrier up to carry it to my car, the mommy cat was content. She had her mouse. We had about a twenty or so minute drive downtown Jacksonville. The entire trip, I didn't hear one sound out of mommy cat. I did see her looking intently at me throughout the trip.

When I arrived at the ACPS early that Saturday morning, I cautioned the girl taking mommy cat. "She is friendly, but doesn't like to be handled. Open the carrier into the cage and let her come out." The girl returned with the carrier, but the catnip mouse was still inside. I handed the girl the mouse and told her, "This is her mouse. Can you be sure she keeps it with her?"

Those two videos are of the first catnip mouse that I purchased for the white mommy cat.

Cat and Mouse!

Check out the mommy cat with the catnip mouse filmed the next day, August 6th. And just one more video of the cat and mouse on August 6th.

The Second MadcapMouse!

I bought the second catnip mouse on September 11th. This one was specifically for Boots the cat.

SmartyKat MadcapMouse Refillable Catnip Toy and boots the cat

It was interesting to see the subtle differences from one female cat to another in how they reacted with the catnip mouse. Boots is a six-year old female. She was also a rescued cat who went through the feral spay and return. From my observations, Boots was a bit more reserved when she interacted with the catnip mouse. A short while later, I observed her resting on the mat.

boots the cat after SmartyKat MadcapMouse Refillable Catnip Toy

Are you thinking of a catnip toy for your cat? Well, I heartily recommend the SmartyKat MadcapMouse Refillable Catnip Toy. Who else do you know who would buy two of them in about two month's time?

This refillable catnip toy comes with a resealable vial of certified organic catnip. That catnip is grown and processed without any chemicals or pesticides added.

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