Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Blondes that DIY Blog

In case you haven't heard, I started a new blog on May 9, 2014. It's my Blondes that DIY blog! That is actually my fourth Google blog. You know, it wasn't until August 19th that I started to engage on my new blog to do my second post. I started out with a cup of coffee, so to speak, prepared on my Bella One Scoop One Cup Coffee Maker!

jaguarjulie Blondes that DIY blog
Blondes that DIY blog

As of August 30th, I have published some 118 blog posts. The last article is about probably the largest scale do it yourself project I have taken to date! Using a Corona 18 inch razor tooth hand saw, I spent 14 consecutive weeks sawing the up to 50 foot limbs on the 9 crepe myrtle trees that line the back of my property. Boy oh boy, was that ever one heck of a DIY project!!

Squidoo Burp : Nothing to see here
Squidoo Burp : Nothing to see here!

For me, it is a transitional time. I was a lensmaster on Squidoo for 8.5 years! Wow, pinch me. I can't believe it is over. I am sitting here at my desk gazing out at those trimmed crepe myrtle trees and wondering, "when will my Squidoo lenses transfer to HubPages?" I've set up a new profile there, Julie Ann Brady on HubPages, and am waiting for my 100 lenses to transfer as hubs. Right now, there is "nothing to see here ... yet" on HP!

UPDATE: Well, on September 4, 2014, my 100 lenses transferred over to HubPages as hubs. Because I was busy the first day removing a few, the accolades only recorded 50 lenses published and featured. Within a little over the first week, I had the 10,000 views accolade appearing on my profile. Fast forward to October 3rd at 6:30pm. I removed my final hubs that remained there and repurposed those to my JaguarJulie Blog! Right after I deleted the last one, HubPages took back several accolades that they had awarded - 50 hubs published, 50 hubs featured, 10,000 views! Squidoo never did that. Gosh, HP is rather like an indian giver or something. Taking back something that you earned through your hard work!!

I Love Blogging!

I have been a Google Blogger since December 2004. Wow, can you believe that? Ten years. What is the anniversary gift for ten years? I sure hope Google continues their blogging platform a little longer.

Do It Yourself!

Opting to add more content to my blogs, you can say I am embracing the concept of "do it yourself." I hope you enjoy my new blog and take a moment to say "Hello!" Now that things are winding down and then back up for a lot of peeps, I hope our friendships continue onward as we reach this fork in the road. And, I look forward to also forging new friendships.

Be Authentic!

I guess I need to say this again; i.e., be authentic, be original, be YOU. Don't try to be somebody else or take somebody else's copyrighted images and content to use. Content scraping is not a noble profession.

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