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Best Daybeds to Night Beds

Discover the best Day-to-Night Beds also referred to stylishly as Day Beds or Daybeds and Sofa Beds or Sofabeds. Ah, I'm just smiling at the thought of day to night beds. How about you?

The Orbit by Dedon day bed
Have you ever sat in a sofabed to ponder just how many cool designs there are in sofabeds and daybeds? Well, I've spent many hours pondering that very question. If you had to, could you pick just one favorite? I can't.

I'd like to show you some of the many cool designs I've come across and let you decide which one is your favorite! If I fall asleep, please wake me as when I start thinking about all these cool beds, I start day dreaming.

Welcome to the showcase of day to night beds! These sofabeds are so cool; they'll take you from day to night and back! The very best of the best beds! May your visit be a dreamy one!

Photo Credit: One of my favorite day-to-night beds! The Orbit by Dedon!!

Do You Love Day-to-Night Beds?
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My Confession: I truly love the round canopy day beds!

"I have been writing about the best beds ever for a lot of years. I personally have a very romantic Stanley Painted Coastal Cottage Chic 4 poster bed. I don't yet have one of these incredible beds. These are my current top pick for romantic day beds!"

--The Brand Ambassador for Day-to-Night Beds. --JaguarJulie

What makes a sofabed a good design?
Ah, day beds | daybeds | sofa beds | sofabeds | You name it!
  1. It's multi-functional; i.e., it can transition quickly from a sofa or sofa bed to a bed. It's truly a day-to-night bed!
  2. It has a canopy as an extra touch.
  3. It's stylish and combines form + function in one.
  4. It's on rollers so it can be easily mobile.
  5. It's got a hideaway compartment.
  6. It's a cool color or shape.

Orbit by Dedon : Day-to-Night Bed

orbit by dedon
Ah, day beds | daybeds | sofa beds | sofabeds | You name it!

This is probably my favorite day-to-night bed -- the Orbit from Dedon.

It transitions from indoors to outdoors and can be used with the canopy up or down.

I love the round beds!

LexMod Siesta Outdoor Rattan Canopy Bed
LexMod Siesta Outdoor Rattan Canopy Bed
This canopy daybed comes in espresso with white cushions.

LexMod Siesta Outdoor Rattan Canopy Bed, Espresso with White Cushions.

This canopy daybed measures 63-inches long by 63-inches wide by 31-inches high.

The set includes all weather synthetic rattan weave powder coated aluminum frame with water and UV-resistant, machine-washable cushion covers.

Use it outdoors in your backyard, on the patio, or bring it in for a sense of romantic mystery!
If you like the Orbit Canopy Daybed by Dedon, you will surely love this look-a-like model!

Daydream by Dedon : Day-to-Night Bed

Daydream by Dedon daybed
 Ah, day beds | daybeds | sofa beds | sofabeds | You name it!

Yes, you've guessed it; I'm really into canopies!

This is the Daydream by Dedon which is a great outdoor sofabed / chaise lounge that'll surely take you from day to night.

Can you not see an afternoon siesta in the Daydream? I'm dreaming about it now.

Inout by Gervasoni : Day-to-Night Bed

Ah, day beds | daybeds | sofa beds | sofabeds | You name it!

This daybed is a Paola Navone design for Gervasoni.

I'm nuts about Italian furniture, particularly in sofabeds and beds.

The Inout is in teak with seat cushions made of polyurethane and back cushions in dacron and down.

Pierrot by Glenn Thomas : Day-to-Night Bed

Pierrot by Glenn Thomas daybed
Ah, day beds | daybeds | sofa beds | sofabeds | You name it!

The Pierrot is many things. It's a sofa, it's a sofabed, and it's quite possibly a daybed!

The design of the PIERROT is simple and linear, perfect for the guest bedroom or apartments needing practical and functional pieces optimizing all available space.

Transforming PIERROT from sofa to bed and from bed to sofa is easy and it is done from the front, lifting the seat slightly.

Slaapbank by Martin Visser for Spectrum : Day-to-Night Bed

Slaapbank by Martin Visser daybed
Ah, day beds | daybeds | sofa beds | sofabeds | You name it!

If you're into green, [ah, ever-green] this is for you! It's form and function in one.

The Slaapbank sofa bed by Martin Visser is austere design that can be easily converted into a bed. The frame is made of matt chrome-plated metal. Choice of fabrics available.

I spotted this at SCP Furniture for 1,848.00 pounds.

Bart by Vico Magistretti for Flou : Day-to-Night Bed

Bart by Vico Magistretti daybed
Ah, day beds | daybeds | sofa beds | sofabeds | You name it!

What I like about the Bart is its clean styling plus the fact that it's mobile!

Yep, it has rollable casters that allow you to quickly transition this sofabed to a daybed to a bed wherever you want to put it!

I spotted this at the Flou website. Don't you just love it especially it's versatility? I also am partial to that pretty purple wall as a backdrop!

Duetto by Flou : Day-to-Night Bed

Ah, day beds | daybeds | sofa beds | sofabeds | You name it!

Duetto by Flou daybed
Wow! This is pretty cool. Love the color too.

The Duetto by Flou is Italian design at it's best.

The sofabed / daybed has a hidden compartment where you can store the pop-up bed.

You transition from a settee to a sofabed to a bed; day-to-night furniture!

Again, another pretty colorful backdrop! That green wall looks like the happy green color of my spare bedroom.

Daybed Deluxe Sofa by Innovation USA : Day-to-Night Bed

Daybed Deluxe Sofa by Innovation USA
Ah, day beds | daybeds | sofa beds | sofabeds | You name it!

Innovation's IStyle Collection combines pop style with modular function, bringing modern elegance to any living space.

Designed in Denmark, the Daybed Deluxe Sofa will add flavor to any room with its sleek lines and comfortable style.

Founded in 1971 by renowned designer Flemming Hojfeldt, Denmark's Innovation Furniture came to the United States as Innovation USA in 1991.

This was spotted at All Modern Furniture.

Wing Klappsofa by Innovation USA : Day-to-Night Bed

Wing Klappsofa by Innovation USA
Ah, day beds | daybeds | sofa beds | sofabeds | You name it!

Does this look slightly similar to the Daybed Deluxe Sofa? It's also from Innovation.

This beautiful transitional sofa /sofabed / daybed is a colloboration of several designers from Innovation.

Andreas Lund, Per Weiss and Flemming Hoejeldt created this multi-functional piece in 2005.

This was spotted at Adero Design.

Barcelona by Mies van der Rohe : Day-to-Night Bed 

Barcelona by Mies van der Rohe
Ah, day beds | daybeds | sofa beds | sofabeds | You name it!

Wow! This is hot--I'm wild about the animal print.

This superb design from Mies van de Rohe has been a success since it was first presented at the Berlin Exhibition in 1929.

Materials: Daybed is constructed of first quality hardwood, with cushions of 100% Argentine leather squares, resting on durable straps, with chrome plated steel legs. Seat is PU-foam covered with leather. A high quality reproduction of the original.

Spotted at Modern Furniture Classics for $2,086.00.

Which Day-to-Night Beds is Your Choice?
You name it! Please take our Day-to-Night Poll. Of these Day-to-Night Beds mentioned, which is your choice?
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  3. Sofa Bed
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  5. More than one! 

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Get an Animal Print Throw!

You know, I actually have an animal print throw like the Bedford Home Throw Blanket, Fleece/Sherpa, Leopard! Throw it over your daybed! Say, it gets a little cold even in Jacksonville, Florida.

This is 100% Polyester so it machine washes! It is composed of PV and Sherpa fleece. It measures 50 inches by 60 inches and will easily cover your daybed or sofabed!

Love that animal print; you know?

Thanks for visiting!

Do you love love love daybeds? How about canopies? Own one? What's your favorite?

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