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Robert Held Art Glass

Robert Held produces some of the most amazing art glass and heart-shaped paperweights. Robert Held Art Glass is Canada's largest hot glass studio and gallery.

Robert Held Confetti heart-shaped art glass paperweight
The various collections of art glass range from the classic to the very contemporary. They are truly the most beautiful works of art that I have ever seen. Each and every item from Robert Held is a collectible masterpiece as his designs are inspired by the work of famous artists such as Monet, Klimt and Tiffany.

I was first introduced to the work of Robert Held in June 2006 when I spotted his California Poppy Paperweight at Gumps online store. That particular paperweight caught my eye as I am an art enthusiast who appreciates Impressionist-inspired art glass.

I love hearts! And I love art glass especially if that art glass is by Robert Held!!! Robert Held produces some of the most amazing art glass and heart-shaped paperweights that I've ever seen with the most collectible collections! What fabulous gift ideas for Valentine's Day, you know?

Photo Credit: Robert Held Confetti heart-shaped art glass paperweight by JaguarJulie.

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robert held confetti heart paperweight art glass

Why I Love Robert Held.

Have a heart please! I've been talking about hearts online for a long time. Thanks for dropping by to check out Robert Held! I first discovered this art glass artist in early 2006, although once I saw his masterful art glass creations, I felt like I had known him and his work for years. I've actually got the confetti heart-shaped art glass paperweight and am inspired by it. It resides in a prominent location on my desktop as one of the many articles of inspiration which drive me daily in my work.

It's incredible how many works of art this artist produces. There are more than hearts. You can find beautiful mouthblown glassware to decorate your whole house. I personally think his line has some of the perfect gift ideas. I think of them as gifts of art.

About Robert Held

robert held california poppy art glass
Robert Held was a ceramicist graduate teaching assistant at USC when he became intrigued with glass blowing. But it would be a few years before he turned his full attention to the study and blowing of glass. It was when he moved to Sheridan College School of Design in Canada that his persistence in pursuing this new love would pay off.

A group of engineers at Consumer's Glass encouraged Robert to start a glass blowing school at Sheridan and even donated a furnace and helped him with contacts in Germany for supplies. Robert made glass blowing a requirement for his ceramics students. But the project met with disaster when a fire leveled the school.

After leaving Sheridan in 1976 Robert went to work at Canadian Art Glass, first on the business side opening up markets. In 1978 he opened Skookum Art Glass, a hot glass studio, followed shortly by a move to Vancouver with his soon to be wife, and the opening of Robert Held Art Glass which is now in its 26th year and boasts some of the most beautiful, creative designs made anywhere!

Robert's designs are based on the techniques, colors and forms of the greatest glassmakers and artists - such as Tiffany and Monet.

A Delightful Feeling of Artful Poppies!

calilfornia poppies heart paperweight by robert held
Glass Meadow Heart Paperweight

My Confetti Heart Paperweight

Robert Held Confetti Heart Paperweight
My first art glass from this designer's collection.

I was admiring this gorgeous heart-shaped paperweight at Gump's online store for many months before I opted to add it to my collection. It was reasonably priced at $45.00.

Put your feelings on the table with this whimsical art glass paperweight. Mouthblown at Canada's celebrated Robert Held studio, the freeform heart is dotted with flecks of vibrant fuschia, orange, red, blue, and yellow. 3-1/2" long x 2-1/2" wide.

Robert Held California Poppies Heart-Shaped Paperweight

Robert Held California Poppies Heart-Shaped Paperweight
Mouth-blown Poppy Heart Paperweight

Robert Held Art Glass Collections
  • ... Abstract
  • ... Art Nouveau
  • ... Assorted Paperweights
  • ... California Poppy
  • ... Flower Line
  • ... Hearts
  • ... Impressionist
  • ... Meadow Line
  • ... Ornaments
  • ... Round Paperweights
  • ... Perfume Bottles
  • ... Vienna

Find Robert Held Art Glass

You can find a very nice selection of Robert Held Art Glass on Amazon. There are so many artful pieces from which to select. Perhaps you would like a heart-shaped paperweight rather like mine?

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Are you a fan of Robert Held? Have any of his art glass? I'd love to hear from you.

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