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Best Round Beds Around

Wow! You can do a 360 in one of the best beds around. I've found the very best round beds around that have caught my eye. Come join me in my search to find the perfect one. Excuse the pun, "I'm running around in circles." {{{smile}}} Ah Zen zipping!

Sercio Round Bed
This is the Sercio Round Bed. I've gone gaga over this particular bed. Why you ask? Well, to know me is to know that I LOVE color! And, especially, I love the color red. Red is the color of love and passion.

And this little cutie is available in an assortment of Benjamin Moore colors. Ah, a bed after my own heart. I found this bed at Cranium Furniture -- a cool name for a website don't you think? You're getting sleepy!

Let's get the entertainment started with those round beds! Round and round we go, where we'll stop, nobody knows! Ah,  you can do a 360 in these beds, no fooling. Presenting some very cool, best of the best beds ever ... around!

Photo Credit: The incredibly romantic Sercio Cranium Furniture.

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My Confession : I Simply Adore Them My Darling!

Yes, I believe I could go circular over one! "Circular reference? Perhaps mathematical! TRUST me, when you find yourself in one of these, you will be thinking about circular references ... especially if you sleep with somebody!" --The Brand Ambassador, JaguarJulie!

Rotate Italian Round Bed

Rotate Italian Round Bed

Talk about an amazing round best - here we go! This is from the Rotate 5 collection.

Yes, it's an Italian bed! Leave it to the Italians to add romance to the bedroom with this. Currently, this bed is on sale at $6,499, selling normally at $8,899. The mattress only is $1,199.

Want it, got to have it? I spotted it at Avetex Furniture!

Histoire Round Bed

Histoire Round Bed

The bells and whistles included! I love the amazing circular style of this bed. The Histoire round bed is similar to the Rotate 5. What's cool about the Histoire is that it's got the "bells and whistles" that you would expect.

It features light spots on the nightstands top and on the headboard shelves; upholstered headboard; that magical round mattress, linear back storage unit, and natural wood veneer.

The last time I checked, you could get it with the mattress for about $7,450 from LA Furniture. I also spotted it available directly from Mobelform for a bit more at $22,910.

Round Trip -- By Roberto Lazzeroni

Round Trip by Roberto Lazzeroni round bed

This is the "Round Trip" and I think it is quite adorable! It's a Roberto Lazzeroni design. The distributor is ITC Partner. I spotted this hot bed at Decopasion.

Zero Round Bed

Zero Round Bed

I love the deep rich tones of the Zero. The distributor is Matias Guarro -- check out their website for some more views of the Zero bed.

What's cool about this bed is that you can use a normal mattress or a round mattress--it's your choice! This bed was again found at that stylish website, Decopasion.

For a totally different look, check out Living Space UK which has the Zero bed.

Oslo Round Bed

oslo round bed in chocolate
Oslo Round Bed King Size (Chocolate)

The Oslo Round Bed holds a standard king size mattress. You can also add a round mattress in a variety of sizes! This bed is upholstered with a durable leatherette material. It measures 120 inches wide by 104 inches long by 37 inches high at headboard. Two night stands are included; the mattress is not included.

Floating Round Bed

Floating Round Bed

I want one of these round beds! Ah, here's a bed after my own heart! I've chosen the picture of the bed as an outdoor installation. It beats the heck out of the idea of a normal hammock, doesn't it?

Want one? I spotted this at the Floating Bed website. Prices vary depending on size and accessories included. Yes, you too can own one of these or maybe two?

LexMod Siesta Outdoor Rattan Canopy Round Bed
It comes in espresso with white cushions.

LexMod Siesta Outdoor Rattan Canopy Round Bed

LexMod Siesta Outdoor Rattan Canopy Bed, Espresso with White Cushions

This canopy daybed measures 63-inches long by 63-inches wide by 31-inches high. The set includes all weather synthetic rattan weave powder coated aluminum frame with water and UV-resistant, machine-washable cushion covers. Use it outdoors in your backyard, on the patio, or bring it in for a sense of romantic mystery!

If you like the Orbit Canopy Daybed by Dedon, you will surely love this look-a-like model! It's a round bed that is multifunctional.

Where to find some great beds to dream about!

First of all, you seriously need to check out the fabulous Oslo Round Beds available on Amazon. They are seriously out of this world!!
  • Avetex Furniture
    Avetex Furniture has quite a variety including several of the Histoire models.
  • Cranium Furniture
    Cranium Furniture has the Sercio and other romantic beds.
  • Mobelform
    Designs for modern life and the Histoire.
  • Spacify
    Modern contemporary furniture and the Histoire.

Get an Animal Print Throw!

You know, I actually have an animal print throw like the Bedford Home Throw Blanket, Fleece/Sherpa, Leopard! Throw it over your platform bed! Say, it gets a little cold even in Jacksonville, Florida.

This is 100% Polyester so it machine washes! It is composed of PV and Sherpa fleece. It measures 50 inches by 60 inches and will easily cover your round bed or daybed or sofabed!

Love that animal print; you know?

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