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Best Platform Beds

Seriously, platform beds rock! They are simple and elegant beds - simply elegant! If you've read my other lenses about beds, you know I already love canopy beds and round beds and the Squaring bed too! I'm also more than a bit nuts over all the beautiful platform beds you can find on the internet.

The Big Sleep platform bed by Roberto Lazzeroni
I really don't know what I did before the internet, online shopping and Google! While I've not yet gotten into online grocery shopping, I have found myself shopping online for pretty much everything else. You know? Like the platform bed!

The Big Sleep by Roberto Lazzeroni for IPE Cavalli is Italian-designed and made ensuring a timeless design that's sure to be an investment piece. This beautiful platform bed was spotted at Leigh Harmer for £4,544.00.

Let me show you some of the top-notch platform beds there are out there! You're getting sleepy ... When it comes to simple and elegant beds, you don't get any better than platform beds!

Photo Credit: The Big Sleep platform bed by Roberto Lazzeroni. 

Do You Love Platform Beds?
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My Confession : I Simply Adore a Stylish Platform Bed
If I am going to have a platform, it might as well be a bed!

I admire the high end styling of this kind of bed. You can really class up your bedroom with this type of furniture - and at a reasonable price as well.

"Ah, I've written a lot over the years about the best beds ever. If you have a smaller space or lower ceilings, there isn't a more stylish bed than a platform bed!" --The Brand Ambassador JaguarJulie

Avalon Platform Bed

Avalon Platform Bed
I think this bed blends retro with sophistication.

Manufacturer: Living Divani

Designed by: Eero Koivosto

I am partial to the color green ... it is rather an ever-green color that can blend with a lot of interior decor. I actually have painted my guest bedrooms with this tone of color. It is a happy green!

Dream of India Platform Bed

Dream of India Platform Bed
Manufacturer: Holger Holzmann

Designer: Heinz Holzmann

This masterpiece of a platform bed was spotted at Das Moebel for Euro 4.620. I think that translates to roughly $9,240.00.

I love the wooden look of the platform bed frame and how it juxtaposes the headboard square angle with the rounded base. Very stylish! How about juxtaposing that bed against a contrasting wooden plank floor?

Eleen Platform Bed

Eleen Platform Bed
Designer: Soda, 2005

It's also shown available in a white upholstered style with a higher headboard.

This was spotted at Zeitlos-Wohnen.

I love the milk chocolate brown and the simply elegant, low-rise base.

Extra Wall Platform Bed

Extra Wall Platform Bed
I love the sleek design of the Extra Wall Platform Bed.

This simply elegant styling reminds me a lot of The Squaring that was a conversational pit.

It's the kind of sleek contemporary design that you might find showcased in Hollywood homes or on Big Brother!

Manufacturer: Living Divani

Designed by: Piero Lissoni

Florentine Platform Bed

Florentine Platform Bed
This functional bed contains not only a bed, but also two nightstand tables on each side of the headboard.

The unique design features a curved glass headboard for a mystic, Asian look.

The wood platform and nightstands are finished in your choice of French, white, dove grey, or black walnut oak colors.

Grand Piano Platform Bed

Grand Piano Platform Bed
Manufacturer: Flou

Designer: Mario Bellini

What an absolutely amazing design this is! It actually does bear a resemblance to a grand piano.

Of course, it's an Italian design! I love how the platform is shaped to work as a table.

Lowland Platform Bed

Lowland Platform Bed
Are you feeling romantic yet?

Manufacturer: Moroso

Designed by: Patricia Urquiola

I love the color block styling of this platform bed; along with the margin of error, so to speak, around the sides!

Otto 79E Platform Bed

Otto 79E Platform Bed
Manufacturer: Gervasoni

Designer: Paola Navone

It has two headboards, a plywood frame with stained pressed bamboo-lamination, adjustable slat supports.

It is available with or without wooden slat frame.

Sailor Platform Bed

Sailor Platform Bed
What a knockout bed!

Manufacturer: Bonaldo

Designed by: Giuseppe Vigano

The focus is on the clean lines of this platform bed. Basic white design adds a fresh touch to your bedroom decor.

Sercio Platform Bed 

Sercio Platform Bed

Manufacturer/Designer: Cranium Furniture

Who would have thought of a round bed as a platform bed?

This is from a very cool site, Cranium Furniture -- a boutique furniture store that matches our furniture to your color.

This amazing bed has been profiled by me for the past 8 or so years. I am in love with it. Think I also saw this simply elegant bed on Big Brother!

Skyline Platform Bed

Skyline Platform Bed
Another sleekly designed bed with lots of romance built in!

Manufacturer: Bonaldo

Designed by: Giuseppe Vigano

In this particular design, I love the contrasting milk chocolate to dark espresso chocolate of the bed platform. The design is so sleekly elegant that it would be excellent in a loft apartment.

Link up with the cool platform beds
Live, Laugh, Love !! in your Platform Bed!
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    Absolutely amazing Italian furniture!!!
  • Gervasoni
    Check out Otto 79E by Paola Navone.
  • Leigh Harmer UK
    Check out the Big Sleep by Roberto Lazzeroni.
  • Tables 21
    Quite frankly, I was surprised to find the stylish and functional Florentine Platform bed here and so reasonably priced!
  • Zeitlos-Wohnen
    You'll find the Eleen by Soda at this site.

Get an Animal Print Throw!

You know, I actually have an animal print throw like the Bedford Home Throw Blanket, Fleece/Sherpa, Leopard! Throw it over your platform bed! Say, it gets a little cold even in Jacksonville, Florida.

This is 100% Polyester so it machine washes! It is composed of PV and Sherpa fleece. It measures 50 inches by 60 inches and will easily cover your platform bed or daybed or sofabed!

Love that animal print; you know?

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