Thursday, February 19, 2009

Another cute wedge shoe from Crocs is the Patricia

crocs patriciaHave you read my previous blog post about ALL the different Crocs shoes I have in my closet? It is true that I have a pair of Crocs in almost all the significant colors of the rainbow. I'm particularly in love with the You By Crocs line which has the flair of Italian designers.

Let me tell you that when you think of Crocs, you can be stylish too. You see, Crocs has come out with a stylish wedge sandal by the name of Patricia -- I'm wondering WHO this shoe was named after, don't you wonder that too?

What caught my eye about this wedge is the strappy and feminine styling -- I do love strappy! The wedge is a flattering 2-inches -- just the right height to make these oh so comfy for casually walking about and for strolling the beach. And, no need to worry about jumping into the surf and getting these babies wet! The patented croslite™ material provides a stimulating effect to the bottom of your feet. These were available from for $39.99!

Crocs' Patricia is available in Berry/Pearl, Black/Black, Brown/Walnut, and Navy/Lavender. Hey, George ... when will these be available in a leopard print? ;)

P.S. This blog post was penned on February 19, 2009. It is now OVER 10 years later and I am still wearing a pair of Crocs daily! I have a hot pink pair of ballet flats that I wear out in my garden. I love how you can wash them with a scrub brush and they look nearly new!


Patricia Sanders said...

something bearing my name...
woo hoo!

Julie Ann Brady said...

Ah, now you will need to buy a pair of the Patricia Crocs, Patricia! I think we've recently seen some furniture pieces named Jolie, but I've yet to find shoes by the name of Julie. I;m sure there might be some. ;)

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