Friday, February 06, 2009

Crocs may be anti-microbial and odor resistant but they can be cute too

Crocs may be anti-microbial and odor resistant but they can be cute too! I should know as I've owned a lot of Crocs shoes throughout the years.

Yesterday evening, I was 'chatting' via Twitter with @georgegsmithjr, Social Media Specialist @Crocs, Inc. He had retweeted my update about the Crocs Valentines promotion -- and love hearts jibbitz. I had mentioned to George that I wanted to see more animal print especially in the Prima style. He let me know about the Malindi, but I had already secured a pair of those at our local Dillards department store; however, I had to go up a size since I checked out 2 different Dillards and couldn't find my size. Now, I see that the Malindi style is available online through Crocs IN MY SIZE! Shucks -- that's what happens when you are an early adopter. ;)

In a follow-up tweet to @georgegsmithjr, I mentioned that I wouldn't mind being a spokesperson for the brand -- so I wanted to let him know that I really LOVED the Crocs brand.

Crocs and You by Crocs

If there is any doubt that I love Crocs footwear, all you have to do is look at the picture of all the Crocs designer footwear that you'll currently find in my closet. I love the jibbitz charms too -- particularly the flowers with rhinestones and the Jacksonville Jaguars charms. In the back row, you'll spot the YOU by Crocs which I fell in love with the moment I spotted them when they debuted. YOU by Crocs include left to right, Crocs With a Twist ankle booties, Neat, Top Shelf in black patent, and Straight Up.

In the middle row, left to right, Malindi in gold leopard and Prima in peacock, fuchsia, and grape. In the front row, left to right, are Prima in brown, Scutes in turquoise and white, and Prima in cotton candy.

Can you tell that I love this brand? I Love YOU by Crocs! By the way, take a look at those 4 YOU by Crocs selections on the top row ... They still look like that! Size 9 and available. Since I had two bunionectomies and a Morton's Neuroma surgery, I really can't wear shoes with any elevation. Want to buy one of these ... leave me a comment with your contact information. These are some very stylish and in demand Crocs for sale by JaguarJulie.

UPDATE: I no longer have any Crocs for sale. I've got a few pairs that I still have with a pair of ballet flats that I wear daily in my gardens. I love how you can scrub them clean for another day of wear. Oh, some of these cuties I donated to the Goodwill in Mount Dora, Florida. So, I think some day I will run across a person in my shoes. lol


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Photography By Terri Harper said...

I love Crocs too, only have two pairs, have to get more soon, they are so comfortable. Thanks for sharing, I didn't know they came in all these different styles.

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