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My Ten Year Anniversary Blogging

I am celebrating my ten-year anniversary today, December 22, 2014, as a blogger! On December 22, 2004, I wrote my first blog post with a welcoming message of intent. Today, this is my 475th blog post on this blog. Just over ten years ago, prior to penning my first blog post, I attended a webinar about blogging for business. I learned about the wisdom of blogging. Throughout these past ten years, I have embraced the notion that "Wisdom begins in wonder." That's a famous Socrates quote, you know? I have wondered about a lot of things, some big, some small.

owl wisdom art poster socrates quote
Owl Art Wise Gifts
"Wisdom begins in wonder." ~ Socrates
That wise old owl taught me to actually "give a hoot!" I had always embraced the fact that you should have relevant content ... or you will have no readers. I stated an interesting FAQ, all those ten years ago, "Market or promote your blog by trading links ... use a lot of outbound links." I would say that statement pretty much still rings true today, but I would say that you should be judicious with the number of outbound links and even more with the quality of inbound links.

Which is the stone that holds that bridge? It is a delicate balance to achieve a well-written and relevant blog post. You need to balance your relevant content with a judicious number of links to not be overly commercial or promotional.

Which is the Stone that Holds the Bridge? II 

I am a Google Blogger!

In addition to this first blog, I ventured out to write on three other Google blogs that I have created over the past ten years. "Wisdom is not a product of schooling but of the lifelong attempt to acquire it." Albert Einstein said it and I have been working at acquiring IT!

#1 - Topicability - To be topicable :: that which is relevant, of current interest, contemporary, spot-on! Originally created on April 8, 2008, my goal was to concentrate on the relevancy of Squidoo lenses.

I have authored 108 posts over the past 6.5+ years. This blog has garnered nearly 30,000 pageviews. Now that the content site of Squidoo is a thing of the past, I plan on using that blog to focus on the topicability of other sites and issues which seem to confound us daily.

#2 - For Sale By Owner - Jacksonville FL - Fall in love with this beautiful home for sale by owner in Jacksonville, Florida. Originally created on December 31, 2013, my goal was to create a go-to site for more information on my house for sale.

I authored 8 posts which showcase the various features of the house for sale. I've wanted to write a couple more posts to showcase the landscaping and various gardens that I have created. This blog will be celebrating its one year anniversary next week! In those twelve months time, it has garnered over 3,700 pageviews. The house has been under contract nearly three times; however, it still is available!

#3 - Blondes that DIY - All about us blondes that DIY do-it-yourself with humor, advice, tips and fun stuff charting the hashtag of #blondesthatdiy - Originally created on May 9, 2014, my goal was to focus on do-it-yourself "projects" that blondes tackle ... not only me!

I have authored 159 posts along with 3 pages. In the 7.5 months of that blog's life, it has garnered nearly 6,000 pageviews. In addition to focusing on DIY projects, I transitioned many of my Squidoo lenses that I opted not to feature on HubPages. I still have over 645 lenses, that I had removed prior to the Squidoo sale, which might be featured some day on this blog or my JaguarJulie blog!

A Passion; A Joy!

For a long time, Squidoo was THE passion for me. Then, things began to change; not on my end, but on the end of Squidoo. The sense of community was obliterated. People, who called themselves authors and writers, were copying my lenses and other lensmasters' lenses. Then, some were involved in cheating and some were using black hat tactics. I didn't recognize the place! In the Winter of 2012, I began to remove hundreds of my lenses, saving them for future publication elsewhere.

Along came Zazzle. This is such a wondrous site, you know? It gives each and every one of us the opportunity to design to our heart's content those truly unique and authentic designs. Be careful of the copycats though!!!

I have been promoting my three Zazzle shops throughout three of my blogs. On September 16, 2009, I blogged about my first Zazzle shop, Zazzle Shirts With a Bit of An Attitude -- Say What? Expressing your attitude on a t-shirt can sometimes help to diffuse the angst and keep one politically-correct!

Over the past couple of years, as I have blogged about my various flower gardens, I have sprinkled glimpses of that flower art on designer creations in my Zazzle shop, Jaguar Julie Flowers. Those flower art designs have been such an artful expression of my passion and joy!

The hundreds of sunflower blossoms that grew in my flower garden were such an inspiration. I have shared that inspiration in my various Zazzle flower designs from the realistic to the abstract. Two other types of flowers, gerbera daisies and mexican petunias, have populated my flower art designs.

In the Fall of 2014, Zazzle was seeking bloggers to become "Zazzle bloggers." I raised my hand and then put it to work with two dedicated blog posts. On November 1, 2014, I wrote, Artsy Christmas Tree Holiday Decor to showcase my artful creations from my Zazzle shop, Jaguar Julie Designs. On December 1, 2014, I wrote, Cyber Monday Crafty Deals at Zazzle to highlight the fabulous deals at Zazzle.

Browse other gifts from Zazzle.

Life's Challenges

I am so thankful to have had my Google Blogs that have been there to help deal with life's challenges over the past ten years. I wished that there had been a singular community forum that would have been there over those ten years. I have been active on a variety of forums, but a few of those are now defunct. It helps to diffuse life's challenges when you can interact with your peers and peeps! Ah, PP.

In ten years, from 2004 to 2014, I have enjoyed several years of marriage and then got divorced. I've moved more than a few times and bought a house that I am now trying to sell.

I've retired from corporate America and am enjoying the challenges of living on a social security income. Yikes!! That's why I have to sell my home. I have tackled the ObamaCare Marketplace and still find myself waiting on the outcome from my eligibility submission to see where I can source my health care!

A Bit of Wisdom

The longer you live and the more obstacles you face and overcome, you attain a level of wisdom. As I sit here editing my blog, it makes me think of some famous wisdom quotes that inspire me and others. The Serenity Prayer has resonated with me for years. It truly nails it in that we are here on this earth learning from our mistakes. Thankfully, we may experience some blessings along the noble journey and learn some lessons from our mistakes. God loves us ... each and everyone!
  1. "Wisdom is not a product of schooling but of the lifelong attempt to acquire it." ~ Albert Einstein
  2. "Wisdom begins in wonder." ~ Socrates
  3. "Knowing others is wisdom, knowing yourself is Enlightenment." ~ Lao Tzu
  4. "The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing." ~ Socrates
  5. "We are made wise not by the recollection of our past, but by the responsibility for our future." ~ George Bernard Shaw
  6. "God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference." ~ Reinhold Niebuhr
Are You a Blogger?

Take a moment to let me know that you are a blogger, if you are! How long have you been blogging? How many blogs do you manage?

Thank YOU Google for being there along this long and winding road.

I actually give a hoot ... "It is better to give than to receive." You know? That's the principle behind "the art of giving." Do YOU give a hoot?

Monday, December 01, 2014

Cyber Monday Crafty Deals at Zazzle

Can you believe that it is Cyber Monday already? Cyber Monday has gained the reputation of being the biggest online shopping day after the Thanksgiving holiday. It is the day that signals we are heading into the Christmas holiday.

cyber monday sale at zazzle 2014
Cyber Monday Sale at Zazzle
Why not get crafty this year? Think of your go-to destination a little differently this year. Think Zazzle!

If you haven't tried Zazzle, you are missing out. Zazzle is the place where you can get customized, unique gifts. The variety of gift ideas that you can personalize will surely amaze you.

Cyber Monday Sale at Zazzle

The special code for today's discounts is ZAZCYBER2014.

65% Off : Posters, Wrapped Canvas, Calendars, Stickers, Business Cards

50% Off : Cards, Ornaments, Wrapping Paper, Ribbon, Table Clothes

40% Off : Mugs, Pillows, Stockings, Plates, Cookies

30% Off : Shirts, Bags, Wallets, Luggage Tags, Toys and Games, Cases, Watches

20% Off : All Orders

Cyber Monday Gift Ideas

zazzlemade artsy christmas tree decor
Get colorful with matching pillows and plates with Artsy Christmas Tree Decor. Check out the blog post on the Artsy Christmas Tree Decor for decorating ideas.

Artsy Christmas Tree Pillows!

2-Sided Green Christmas Tree on Red - Red on Grn Throw Pillows Why not start with a 2-sided pillow? At 40% off, you can't go wrong with this purchase. In fact, may I suggest that you order two of the 2-sided pillows?

My favorite #zazzlemade product is definitely the 16 inch by 16 inch Artsy Christmas Tree pillow! This gorgeous pillow sports  a green tree on a red background on one side with a red tree on a green background on the flip side.

Abstract Red Christmas Tree on Green Throw Pillow You won't believe the brilliant colors and quality of the fabric. The pillow fabric is a 100% Polyester Simplex Knit Fabric that is machine-washable and made in the USA. These pillows are the perfect gifts for the host or hostess who might be throwing a holiday party!

Think customization! Personalize that pillow with a date, a special word, or perhaps a person's name or monogram.

Abstract Green Christmas Tree on Red Party Plate Artsy Christmas Tree Plates!

Get 40% off on plates! Think of a coordinating and complementary #zazzlemade product with the beautiful 10 inch Artsy Christmas Tree melamine plate. The quality of the brilliant and bold colors is quite impressive. These melamine plates are non-toxic, dishwasher-safe and virtually break-resistant.

Abstract Red Christmas Tree on Green Party Plate This particular design of the brilliant green tree on a vibrant and bold red background with a pretty golden-yellow star really pops.

Why not consider a second plate at 40% off? You may want the reverse design of a red Christmas tree on a brilliant green background. Personalize your plates to create that unique gift for that special occasion.

Think #zazzlemade personalized PILLOWS and PLATES!

Cyber Monday Shopping Destination : JaguarJulie Designs

jaguarjuliedesigns zazzle holidays store
A Happy Holidays, Artsy Christmas Trees, Artsy Polka Dots
Check out the gifts in Jaguar Julie Designs Zazzle store. I've selected a few special shopping destinations for you. Be sure to use the special code for Zazzle Cyber Monday's discounts - ZAZCYBER2014.
Be an original today! Get crafty and personal. Check out the Cyber Monday deals at Zazzle. If you haven't tried Zazzle, prepare to be amazed!

Saturday, November 01, 2014

Artsy Christmas Tree Holiday Decor

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree. It is Artsy Christmas Tree Decor setting the stage for the holidays, and you can find it at Zazzle! In honor of the holidays, and to spread a little holiday cheer, I am sponsoring a $25 #zazzle giveaway. Find out how easy it is to submit your entry ... see that Christmas tree plate? It is empty at the moment and we want to fill it up with Christmas cookies. That's where you come in! Read on to learn more about the giveaway.

I have designed a festive line of holiday decor that features two artsy renditions of a Christmas tree. You can find that tree in assorted colors of white, green, red, light blue and light pink on a variety of backgrounds from solids to stripes.

Artsy Christmas Tree Decor pillow plate coaster and ornament
Artsy Christmas Tree Decor
Spotlight on the Products
2-Sided Green Christmas Tree on Red - Red on Grn Throw Pillows My favorite #zazzlemade product is definitely the 16 inch by 16 inch Artsy Christmas Tree pillow! I couldn't decide whether I wanted a green tree on a red background or a red tree on a green background. So, I made it a 2-sided pillow with a reverse design on the flip side! Check out that first photo and you can see the green tree on a brilliant red background.

Abstract Red Christmas Tree on Green Throw Pillow The moment I opened the package to reveal that pillow, I was in awe of the brilliant colors and quality of the fabric. I couldn't stop turning the pillow over and over again to check the two different designs.

The pillow fabric is a 100% Polyester Simplex Knit Fabric that is machine-washable and made in the USA. There is a hidden zipper at the bottom of the pillow that is tastefully stitched. You can also get #zazzlemade pillows in a 20 inch by 20 inch or 13 inch by 21 inch size and in Grade A cotton. These pillows are the perfect gifts for the host or hostess who might be throwing a holiday party!

Check out this next holiday photo to see the red tree on a pretty green background. Decisions, decisions! If you can't make up your mind on two designs, well, get them both!

Artsy Christmas Tree Decor pillow plate coaster and ornament
Artsy Christmas Tree Decor
Abstract Green Christmas Tree on Red Party Plate My second favorite #zazzlemade product is the beautiful 10 inch Artsy Christmas Tree melamine plate. I was thrilled to learn that these plates are made by FUJIFILM! As a retired Marketing Manager from FujiFilm Hunt, it's rather nice to be able to order one of their products. This particular design of the brilliant green tree on a vibrant and bold red background with a pretty golden-yellow star really pops. You will be impressed by the quality of the colors.

These melamine plates are non-toxic, dishwasher-safe and virtually break-resistant. Unfortunately, they are not recommended for the microwave.

Artsy Christmas Tree Decor pillow coaster and ornament
Artsy Christmas Tree Decor
Look closely at that lighted, Southern-style Christmas tree. Notice anything familiar hanging on that tree?

2-Sided Green Christmas Tree on Red - Red on Grn Ornaments There is another 2-sided design of the Christmas tree [that coordinates with the pillow] -- it is a #zazzlemade ornament! The 2-Sided Green Christmas Tree on Red - Red on Green Ornament.

Artsy Green Christmas Tree on Red Ornament The artsy ceramic ornament measures 2.87 inches in diameter and weighs 1.4 ounces. It comes with a sparkly gold thread for hanging. You can print on both sides which is the perfect opportunity to try that second design.

An ornament is the perfect stocking stuffer gift. But, don't wait until Christmas to give this type of gift. Consider customized ornaments as another gift for the host or hostess throwing that holiday party! Or, maybe you have a gift exchange at the office?

Artsy Christmas Tree Decor pillow plate coaster and ornament
Artsy Christmas Tree Decor
Our fourth festive coordinating #zazzlemade item is the Artsy Green Christmas Tree on Red Drink Coaster.

Artsy Green Christmas Tree on Red Drink Coaster This sandstone coaster measures 4.25 inches in diameter with a depth of 0.25 inches, and weighs 3.88 ounces. It comes with a cork pad backing so that it won't scratch your table tops. They also have an attractive matte finish.

You'll find that these coasters are just a wee bit larger than most coasters. They can accommodate a variety of cup sizes. Coasters are excellent gifts for adding a little #holidaycheer. Consider adding a personalized coaster with that holiday bottle of cheer!

Artsy Christmas Tree Decor pillow plate coaster and ornament
Artsy Christmas Tree Decor
The Other Artsy Christmas Tree
2-Sided Green Christmas Tree on Red - Red on Grn Pillows If you want a more abstract design, you might like the other #zazzlemade 2-Sided Green Christmas Tree on Red - Red on Green Pillow.

Abstract Red Christmas Tree on Green Throw Pillow I had a tough time trying to decide if I wanted to have a more traditional style Christmas tree design or a more artistic design.

The vibrant red, green, and yellow colors are the same; only the tree design is different. If your host or hostess has an artsy side, consider this design as their host or hostess gift! What a great way to add #holidaycheer this year.

$25 #Zazzle Giveaway
We have saved the best for last! See that pretty Christmas tree plate? Right now it is rather empty and in need of a 'decoration.' It needs to be decorated with Christmas cookies! What is your favorite Christmas cookie? To get an entry into the random drawing for a $25 #Zazzle gift certificate, share on Twitter or Facebook a photo of your favorite Christmas cookie. Use the hashtags of #Zazzle and #christmascookies in your share. Then, be sure to comment on this blog post with the url of that share. One entry per person please. The deadline for entries is November 30, 2014.

So, what about those cookies? Well, another perfect #holidaycheer gift idea would be to bake a dozen of your favorite Christmas cookies and decorate a Christmas tree plate. Make that your host or hostess gift! It will be like giving two gifts in one; the cookies and the plate. Got a special recipe for Christmas tree cookies? Oh Christmas Tree; Oh Christmas Tree!

Zazzle is the perfect destination for finding a beautiful array of holiday gifts that you can customize to your heart's content!

Browse other gifts from Zazzle.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

My Baked Eggplant Parmesan Recipe

Today I am sharing my delicious Baked Eggplant Parmesan recipe with my readers. For years, I have been enjoying other people's recipes for this nutritious vegetarian dish. It was high time that I make baked eggplant parmesan in my own kitchen. This is one tasty dish that surely tastes better than it actually looks! The challenge is how to make it look pretty on a plate.

my delicious Baked Eggplant Parmesan recipe
Well, at least it is a pretty plate! You've probably seen the Corelle Bamboo Leaf Square Round 16-Piece Dinnerware Set a lot in my various food recipes. I really love the square shape of the Corelle dinnerware along with the pretty bamboo leaf design.

My Baked Eggplant Parmesan Recipe Cost

My Baked Eggplant Parmesan Recipe Ingredients Cost
I went shopping at my local Publix to pick up the necessary ingredients. So, how much does it cost to make?

I didn't need to pick up the olive oil, which I used to coat my two baking dishes, since I already had that item. You get a pretty good idea how much it will cost to make baked eggplant parmesan. I spent a little over $30.00 on that shopping trip. Depending upon your serving portions, you can easily serve up to 8-12 with this recipe.

It surely isn't a cheap dish as the cheese cost is a bit much. You may opt to use a bit less cheese in your recipe! In my ingredients photo below, you don't see the second jar of spaghetti sauce that I used.

My Baked Eggplant Parmesan Recipe

My Baked Eggplant Parmesan Recipe Ingredients
2 bags shredded mozzarella cheese
2 bags shredded parmesan cheese
8 oz. ricotta cheese
2 jars spaghetti sauce
3 cups bread crumbs
4 eggs
6 tablespoons of olive oil
Dash of salt and pepper

Prepare for bread crumb dip: Crack the eggs into a dipping dish and blend well. Pour the bread crumbs into another dipping dish.

Prepare baking dishes: You will need two baking dishes. I use a large Pampered Chef rectangular stoneware dish and a Corningware square casserole dish. Add olive oil to bottom of both dishes and distribute evenly.

Remove the skin from the eggplants. Cut into ½ inch slices. Dip the eggplant slices in the egg wash and then into the bread crumbs; generously coating both slides with bread crumbs.

Add one layer of the eggplant slices to your baking dishes. On top of that layer, distribute the ricotta cheese in teaspoonfuls. Add one jar of spaghetti sauce on top. Sprinkle one bag of mozzarella cheese and one bag of parmesan cheese on top.

Add second layer of the eggplant slices to your baking dishes. Add second jar of spaghetti sauce on top. Sprinkle second bag of mozzarella cheese and second bag of parmesan cheese on top.

Bake at 350 deg. F for sixty minutes.

Eggplant Parmesan in Baking Dishes

My Eggplant Parmesan Recipe before baking
I love my Pampered Chef rectangular stoneware baker! You can find something like it at Amazon; Rectangular Baker 9" x 13". I love how the stoneware evenly distributes the heat for baking your casserole dish.

My Eggplant Parmesan Recipe before baking
That is my 2 qt. baking dish from the Corningware StoveTop 4-pc Blue Cornflower Casserole Set. I have had this casserole set for over forty years! It sure does go the extra mile.

My Baked Eggplant Parmesan Recipe - Done!

My Baked Eggplant Parmesan Recipe Done

My Baked Eggplant Parmesan Recipe Done

My Baked Eggplant Parmesan Recipe - Freezer Dishes

My Baked Eggplant Parmesan Recipe - Freezer Dishes
I opted to only prepare three corningware freezer dishes and the rest went in the refrigerator. I sure had more than my fill of baked eggplant parmesan for a lot of meals. You probably don't want to prepare the full recipe if you are a single person ... not unless you invite the family over for dinner. This would be a great recipe to prepare as a Thanksgiving side dish! If you are attending a family get-together, you can take the stoneware casserole dish and keep the corningware dish for yourself!

What's different about my recipe? In some other recipes, you will bake the eggplant slices first. I personally prefer to not go through that extra step, but instead to bake the two dishes a bit longer to ensure the eggplant is fully baked. Also, you may opt to not add any extra salt and pepper to your recipe and let your guests season their own dishes. I find the ingredients I used had enough seasonings for my personal taste. I've also noticed that in some recipes, the skin is still on the eggplant!

Eggplant Nutritional Information

Hey! They say you should eat more eggplant as it is good for you. And, if you find younger eggplants, to leave the skin on for additional nutritional benefits. Check out the facts on eggplant nutrition from that printer-friendly page!

P.S. The next time I prepare My Baked Eggplant Parmesan Recipe, I will be cutting the recipe in half.

Saturday, October 04, 2014

How to Dye your Hair Blue - Ion Brilliance Sky Blue

Hey, want step by step instruction on How to Dye your Hair a Blue Color and not feel blue about it? Well, you've got to the right place!

How to Dye your Hair a Blue with rachelle
Do you want to know how to dye your hair a brilliant blue color? Well, my niece Rachelle recently decided to dye her hair blue! The moment I saw that first picture of her with her brilliant blue hair, I was amazed. I asked her, what is the name of that color? She said it was Ion Brilliance Sky Blue.

When I was growing up, we always talked about the old ladies with blue hair. Little did I know that blue hair on a younger gal could be so beguiling!

This is my interview with my niece, Rachelle Lesteshen. We asked her to tell us "how to dye your hair a blue color ... and not feel blue about doing it!"

P.S. By the way, we opted to add a little blue for our callouts throughout this page. It seemed kind of appropriate, you think?

Photo Credit: My Niece Rachelle after using Ion Color Brilliance Brights Semi-Permanent Hair Color Sky Blue.  All photos of Rachelle edited by JaguarJulie.

What a thrill to interview my niece!
Who knew it would be about blue hair? Hey there, this is me! For a brief moment in the hair coloring process, my niece had hair that looked a bit like mine.

And, then she continued on to become a brilliant blue with Ion Color Brilliance Brights Semi-Permanent Hair Color Sky Blue.

I've always love the blue color, but hadn't thought about what it would be like to have blue hair! Perhaps you've seen my article on The Beautiful Color of Reflex Blue?

Well, after seeing my niece with her new jazzy color, I think I am liking that blue.

At my age, I am not brave enough to give this a try. Although I do believe I might try a wig of that color.
P.S. After putting together this interview with Rachelle, I was rather surprised to find so many young gals had actually picked this color and done YouTube video reviews! It seems to be THE color to try!

Why did you pick this color?

Rachelle Before blue hair
Why did you decide to go blue? Blue is my favorite color and I've always been drawn to brightly colored hair. I think it looks pretty.

I've always liked this color and had long thought about trying it. I guess I got the bug one weekend and decided to take the plunge.

In the past, I've actually tried other products to change my hair color, so this wouldn't be the first time. At least I love the color blue!

Had you considered another color? I only wanted blue, but I had thought about using a darker shade or another color in case the bleach wouldn't go light enough. I had been dying my hair red and dark brown in the past and it can be difficult to strip out colors with red tones. Once I saw that the bleach was getting it light enough, I was very happy I went with this shade of blue.

Dare to be a little different! I always knew that about my niece ... she is brave enough to be bold and unique ... even in her hair color.

Step-by-Step Process gray box
The Step-by-Step Process
Here we go ... no turning back!

Foiling the hair to bleach it!

rachelle putting foil on hair to bleach it
Did you need somebody to help you? A friend helped me! I needed help with bleaching my hair because I had never done that by myself before and I don't think I could reach the back of my own head to do the foils back there if I had tried.

My hair is pretty dark, so I needed to bleach my hair to a light blonde.

There are a number of additional products we could have used. Color strippers, toners to remove the yellow, etc.

To cut costs and because I was pretty confident that the bleach would work, we just bought lightener and the dye.

Foil is all on
I think I like this look!

rachelle with foil bleaching hair
Why foil? It's used to help control the bleach and keep it from getting on the areas you don't want bleached, like your roots.

We used two products from Sally's, the Salon Care Blue Flash Powder in a one ounce size along with a 30 volume creme developer.

The flash powder is an excellent product that got my hair light pretty fast without damaging it. I didn't pre-lighten my hair. I just went straight to bleaching it.

If you do not get your hair light enough or if you are not able to remove all the yellow tones from your hair, this color will not work and could turn green! (Yellow + Blue)

Hair has been bleached blonde
I like it!

rachelle with bleached blonde hair
Did you consider staying at the bleached color before continuing? I would probably never choose to be a blonde because I don't think it looks good with my skin tone and my eyebrows are really dark and would require lightening, too.

However, we were kind of surprised at how nice my hair color looked after bleaching!

I wish I could handle this type of blonde ... looks a little strawberry.

It doesn't really go well with my skin tones, don't you agree?

Hmmm, this color looks pretty nice!
Yes, I think I look like a movie star.

rachelle with bleached hair
Hmmm, which one? Hey, let's wait a moment while I admire how I look.

Now my hair was to a perfect bleached color and ready for the next step in the process.

I did not condition my hair after bleaching so that it would be receptive to the dye.

Oh well ... time to move on.

What other colors would you try? I'm willing to try teal and purple and maybe a bright red.

Ooops, there it is!
It's kind of messy stuff.

Rachelle putting on the blue dye
Why this brand? Originally, I was looking at the Manic Panic brand, but my friend did some research and found that the Ion Brilliance brand and this color was more vibrant and tends to last longer.

Where did you buy it? I was able to purchase this from my local Sally Beauty Supply store.

How many boxes? We used 3 boxes. Boy was I thankful that I bought 3 tubes of the sky blue dye!

My friend who was helping me had on rubber gloves and a tie-dye t-shirt. How appropriate, you know? We were pretty careful to keep most of the stuff on my head.

I used some color remover wipes to take the color off my face and skin when it strayed. Once we got the stuff applied to my head, we wrapped the hair with some saran wrap.

let me sleep on it gray box
Let me sleep on it!
We didn't realize that this was a lengthy process.

Overnight application?
Hey, who knew?

rachelle with ion brilliance sky blue dye on her hair
How long did it take? It took a long time. We probably spent 5-6 hours on bleaching and applying the dye.
I ended up sleeping with the dye in my hair and washing it out in the morning.

How long do you think you will you stay with this color? I've wanted to go blue for years and years, so I'll probably keep it blue for at least the summer, if not longer.

It requires quite a bit of upkeep, though. I have dark roots, so they will have to be re-bleached frequently and the blue fades quickly.

If I get tired of all that, I may try a darker blue or something else.

Let's summarize the how-to step-by-step instructions! 

the how to step by step to dye your hair blue

What were the steps ... So I see you had to bleach your hair first? I didn't realize that would be a step! First of all, we are not professionals and we were just trying this for fun, so our techniques may not be what most consider correct. These are our how-to, step-by-step instructions that we did in my home.

#1 THE BLEACHING PROCESS USING FOIL: I had to bleach my hair because the blue would be brighter on really light hair and my hair was previously dyed a dark brown.

My friend clipped my hair into sections to keep it out of the way. She then mixed up the lightener, put a piece of foil under my hair, and applied the bleach solution to about one inch sections just on the ends of my hair, making sure to avoid the roots/uncolored areas of my hair.

This is because the hair closest to the scalp will bleach more easily and more quickly than the rest of my hair. Those areas should be saved for the last 15-20 minutes of the bleaching.

After applying the bleach solution, the foils were then folded up neatly. This step was then repeated multiple times until all the hair was done. We left the bleach on and checked the process and color about every 20 minutes.

Once the hair on the back of my head was at the right shade, we started removing the foils in the order that we did them in, giving the rest of the hair time to get to the same color. After they were all removed, we applied bleach all over, focusing on my roots. This stage made my scalp tingle a lot.

#2 RINSE AND DRY: Once we were happy with the overall color of my hair, I rinsed it out. We then dried it to check the color. We both felt that the ends were still too yellow, but my roots were the perfect color.

#3 REPEAT THE BLEACHING PROCESS: We decided to do another bleaching session for the ends of my hair to get them lighter. We repeated the foil process, continued to check the color, and washed it back out when it was how we liked it.

#4 APPLYING THE BLUE DYE: At that point, we were ready for the blue and we applied it all over. I decided I wanted to leave it in for a long time to maximize the brightness of the color, so I slept with the color on my hair.

#5 RINSE WELL: I woke up in the morning and washed it out, waiting for the water to run clear.

#6 DEEP CONDITION: I then applied one of my deep conditioning packets to help restore my hair after the damage from the processing it went through.

Drumroll The finished product gray box
Drumroll : The finished product!

How do you like it?
It seems pretty uniform.

rachelle with blue hair
We were so thrilled to see the overall colors throughout my hair after we rinsed the dye. Keep in mind, you should not shampoo after because it will remove some of the colors.

What did it cost to go blue? I estimate that it cost us about $40-$50 dollars for just the hair dye ($15), powder lightener tub ($20), large container of developer ($4), and a few packets of deep conditioner ($7).

It could cost more if you do not have the dye brush, a bowl to mix the bleach in, the foils, gloves, etc. We had already had those items so it helped to keep our costs down.

The reaction?
What did everybody think?

rachelle with blue hair and her two girls

What has been the reaction of your family, kids? My kids love it so much! Well, kids will be kids and they were hamming it up for the camera by sticking out their tongues. But that wasn't what they thought of the new style!

They can't stop telling me how much they like it and they keep wanting to touch and play with it. My husband loves it. He was the one that encouraged me to finally do it after talking about it for years.

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She is a 30-something, mother of two girls, living in Columbus, Ohio.

One final look - before and after!

rachelle before and after with blue hair

One Month Haircut graybox

One Month Later and a Haircut Too!
We are seriously looking good.

rachelle blue hair one month haircut

Ready to Dye Your Hair Blue?

Here are some of the products you will need:
  1. Salon Care Blue Flash Powder Lightener 1 lb.
  2. Salon Care 30 Volume Creme Developer 16 oz.
  3. Ion Color Brilliance Brights Semi-Permanent Hair Color Sky Blue

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