Monday, December 01, 2014

Cyber Monday Crafty Deals at Zazzle

Can you believe that it is Cyber Monday already? Cyber Monday has gained the reputation of being the biggest online shopping day after the Thanksgiving holiday. It is the day that signals we are heading into the Christmas holiday.

cyber monday sale at zazzle 2014
Cyber Monday Sale at Zazzle
Why not get crafty this year? Think of your go-to destination a little differently this year. Think Zazzle!

If you haven't tried Zazzle, you are missing out. Zazzle is the place where you can get customized, unique gifts. The variety of gift ideas that you can personalize will surely amaze you.

Cyber Monday Sale at Zazzle

The special code for today's discounts is ZAZCYBER2014.

65% Off : Posters, Wrapped Canvas, Calendars, Stickers, Business Cards

50% Off : Cards, Ornaments, Wrapping Paper, Ribbon, Table Clothes

40% Off : Mugs, Pillows, Stockings, Plates, Cookies

30% Off : Shirts, Bags, Wallets, Luggage Tags, Toys and Games, Cases, Watches

20% Off : All Orders

Cyber Monday Gift Ideas

zazzlemade artsy christmas tree decor
Get colorful with matching pillows and plates with Artsy Christmas Tree Decor. Check out the blog post on the Artsy Christmas Tree Decor for decorating ideas.

Artsy Christmas Tree Pillows!

2-Sided Green Christmas Tree on Red - Red on Grn Throw Pillows Why not start with a 2-sided pillow? At 40% off, you can't go wrong with this purchase. In fact, may I suggest that you order two of the 2-sided pillows?

My favorite #zazzlemade product is definitely the 16 inch by 16 inch Artsy Christmas Tree pillow! This gorgeous pillow sports  a green tree on a red background on one side with a red tree on a green background on the flip side.

Abstract Red Christmas Tree on Green Throw Pillow You won't believe the brilliant colors and quality of the fabric. The pillow fabric is a 100% Polyester Simplex Knit Fabric that is machine-washable and made in the USA. These pillows are the perfect gifts for the host or hostess who might be throwing a holiday party!

Think customization! Personalize that pillow with a date, a special word, or perhaps a person's name or monogram.

Abstract Green Christmas Tree on Red Party Plate Artsy Christmas Tree Plates!

Get 40% off on plates! Think of a coordinating and complementary #zazzlemade product with the beautiful 10 inch Artsy Christmas Tree melamine plate. The quality of the brilliant and bold colors is quite impressive. These melamine plates are non-toxic, dishwasher-safe and virtually break-resistant.

Abstract Red Christmas Tree on Green Party Plate This particular design of the brilliant green tree on a vibrant and bold red background with a pretty golden-yellow star really pops.

Why not consider a second plate at 40% off? You may want the reverse design of a red Christmas tree on a brilliant green background. Personalize your plates to create that unique gift for that special occasion.

Think #zazzlemade personalized PILLOWS and PLATES!

Cyber Monday Shopping Destination : JaguarJulie Designs

jaguarjuliedesigns zazzle holidays store
A Happy Holidays, Artsy Christmas Trees, Artsy Polka Dots
Check out the gifts in Jaguar Julie Designs Zazzle store. I've selected a few special shopping destinations for you. Be sure to use the special code for Zazzle Cyber Monday's discounts - ZAZCYBER2014.
  • 65% Off : Wrapped Canvas, Business Cards
  • 50% Off : Cards, Ornaments, Wrapping Paper
  • 40% Off : Pillows, Plates
Be an original today! Get crafty and personal. Check out the Cyber Monday deals at Zazzle. If you haven't tried Zazzle, prepare to be amazed!


Sherry AtButterfly said...

Howdy Julie, I found your blog! I will be visiting your blog now that I know where you are. I miss your little kittens. Have a great Christmas! ~Sherry Ibidii

Julie Ann Brady said...

Sherry, glad you finally found my blog. Celebrating ten years! How about that? OH my, I do sincerely miss those little cuties too. Was just talking about them the other day when the Duval Fence guy came around to inspect my privacy fence. Have a Merry Christmas yourself!

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