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Artsy Christmas Tree Holiday Decor

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree. It is Artsy Christmas Tree Decor setting the stage for the holidays, and you can find it at Zazzle! In honor of the holidays, and to spread a little holiday cheer, I was sponsoring a $25 #zazzle giveaway. Find out how easy it is to submit your entry ... see that Christmas tree plate? It is empty at the moment and we want to fill it up with Christmas cookies. That's where you come in! Read on to learn more about the giveaway.

I have designed a festive line of holiday decor that features two artsy renditions of a Christmas tree. You can find that tree in assorted colors of white, green, red, light blue and light pink on a variety of backgrounds from solids to stripes.

Artsy Christmas Tree Decor pillow plate coaster and ornament
Artsy Christmas Tree Decor
Spotlight on the Products
2-Sided Green Christmas Tree on Red - Red on Grn Throw Pillows My favorite #zazzlemade product is definitely the 16 inch by 16 inch Artsy Christmas Tree pillow! I couldn't decide whether I wanted a green tree on a red background or a red tree on a green background. So, I made it a 2-sided pillow with a reverse design on the flip side! Check out that first photo and you can see the green tree on a brilliant red background.

Abstract Red Christmas Tree on Green Throw Pillow The moment I opened the package to reveal that pillow, I was in awe of the brilliant colors and quality of the fabric. I couldn't stop turning the pillow over and over again to check the two different designs.

The pillow fabric is a 100% Polyester Simplex Knit Fabric that is machine-washable and made in the USA. There is a hidden zipper at the bottom of the pillow that is tastefully stitched. You can also get #zazzlemade pillows in a 20 inch by 20 inch or 13 inch by 21 inch size and in Grade A cotton. These pillows are the perfect gifts for the host or hostess who might be throwing a holiday party!

Check out this next holiday photo to see the red tree on a pretty green background. Decisions, decisions! If you can't make up your mind on two designs, well, get them both!

Artsy Christmas Tree Decor pillow plate coaster and ornament
Artsy Christmas Tree Decor
Abstract Green Christmas Tree on Red Party Plate My second favorite #zazzlemade product is the beautiful 10 inch Artsy Christmas Tree melamine plate. I was thrilled to learn that these plates are made by FUJIFILM! As a retired Marketing Manager from FujiFilm Hunt, it's rather nice to be able to order one of their products. This particular design of the brilliant green tree on a vibrant and bold red background with a pretty golden-yellow star really pops. You will be impressed by the quality of the colors.

These melamine plates are non-toxic, dishwasher-safe and virtually break-resistant. Unfortunately, they are not recommended for the microwave.

Artsy Christmas Tree Decor pillow coaster and ornament
Artsy Christmas Tree Decor
Look closely at that lighted, Southern-style Christmas tree. Notice anything familiar hanging on that tree?

2-Sided Green Christmas Tree on Red - Red on Grn Ornaments There is another 2-sided design of the Christmas tree [that coordinates with the pillow] -- it is a #zazzlemade ornament! The 2-Sided Green Christmas Tree on Red - Red on Green Ornament.

Artsy Green Christmas Tree on Red Ornament The artsy ceramic ornament measures 2.87 inches in diameter and weighs 1.4 ounces. It comes with a sparkly gold thread for hanging. You can print on both sides which is the perfect opportunity to try that second design.

An ornament is the perfect stocking stuffer gift. But, don't wait until Christmas to give this type of gift. Consider customized ornaments as another gift for the host or hostess throwing that holiday party! Or, maybe you have a gift exchange at the office?

Artsy Christmas Tree Decor pillow plate coaster and ornament
Artsy Christmas Tree Decor
Our fourth festive coordinating #zazzlemade item is the Artsy Green Christmas Tree on Red Drink Coaster.

Artsy Green Christmas Tree on Red Drink Coaster This sandstone coaster measures 4.25 inches in diameter with a depth of 0.25 inches, and weighs 3.88 ounces. It comes with a cork pad backing so that it won't scratch your table tops. They also have an attractive matte finish.

You'll find that these coasters are just a wee bit larger than most coasters. They can accommodate a variety of cup sizes. Coasters are excellent gifts for adding a little #holidaycheer. Consider adding a personalized coaster with that holiday bottle of cheer!

Artsy Christmas Tree Decor pillow plate coaster and ornament
Artsy Christmas Tree Decor
The Other Artsy Christmas Tree
2-Sided Green Christmas Tree on Red - Red on Grn Pillows If you want a more abstract design, you might like the other #zazzlemade 2-Sided Green Christmas Tree on Red - Red on Green Pillow.

Abstract Red Christmas Tree on Green Throw Pillow I had a tough time trying to decide if I wanted to have a more traditional style Christmas tree design or a more artistic design.

The vibrant red, green, and yellow colors are the same; only the tree design is different. If your host or hostess has an artsy side, consider this design as their host or hostess gift! What a great way to add #holidaycheer this year.

$25 #Zazzle Giveaway
We have saved the best for last! See that pretty Christmas tree plate? Right now it is rather empty and in need of a 'decoration.' It needs to be decorated with Christmas cookies! What is your favorite Christmas cookie? To get an entry into the random drawing for a $25 #Zazzle gift certificate, share on Twitter or Facebook a photo of your favorite Christmas cookie. Use the hashtags of #Zazzle and #christmascookies in your share. Then, be sure to comment on this blog post with the url of that share. One entry per person please. The deadline for entries is November 30, 2014.

So, what about those cookies? Well, another perfect #holidaycheer gift idea would be to bake a dozen of your favorite Christmas cookies and decorate a Christmas tree plate. Make that your host or hostess gift! It will be like giving two gifts in one; the cookies and the plate. Got a special recipe for Christmas tree cookies? Oh Christmas Tree; Oh Christmas Tree!

Zazzle is the perfect destination for finding a beautiful array of holiday gifts that you can customize to your heart's content!


Carolan Ross said...

Hey there Miz Jaguar Julie Sunflower Lady, like your festive holiday decor! You ROCK! Tweet tweet

Julie Ann Brady said...

Carolan, sweet tweet. I love chocolate chip cookies with dark chocolate and lots of nuts. Be sure to come back when you have posted the photo entry for the $25 #zazzle giveaway!!

Ruth Cox aka abitosunshine said...

I am not big on cookies but I guess I could make a batch for a photos shoot! I'd much prefer my Buckeyes... peanut butter chocolate candies!

Julie Ann Brady said...

Ruth, I know those Buckeyes! That would be quite an original entry and they would look great on that Christmas tree plate!!

Chris DeHart said...

I don't care much for christmas cookies but love peanut butter and chocolate chip cookies.

Julie Ann Brady said...

Chris, I think there is an opportunity for an enterprising baker to improve the taste of Christmas cookies! I too love peanut butter AND chocolate in my cookies -- the crunchier and nuttier the better!

Stylishimoarts said...

Gorgeous Christmas tree design holiday decor! Here's my entry ... (you might need to friend me to see the post as I'm set to private on FB.

Julie Ann Brady said...

Chloe, can't wait to see your entry. Can you also tweet it with the hashtags of #christmascookies and #zazzle ?

Paul said...

I'll try eating $25 worth of cookies - does that count?

Julie Ann Brady said...

Paul, for sure that would count PROVIDED you share a photo of those #christmascookies - ;)

Kathy McGraw said...


I like your design, and those pillows and plates are very cool looking. Nice job.

I'm not a baker so won't be making cookies, but it'll be fun to see what cookie wins :)

Julie Ann Brady said...

Kathy, thanks for visiting - glad you like my design. The beauty of the competition is that you don't need to be a baker - all you have to do is share a photo of your favorite Christmas cookies - cookies that would look like they belong on that artsy plate!

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