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FCNMHP in Jacksonville Florida

Thank goodness for First Coast No More Homeless Pets - FCNMHP in Jacksonville, Florida! First Coast No More Homeless Pets is first and foremost for the animals! Jacksonville, Florida is blessed to have First Coast No More Homeless Pets FCNMHP, a non-profit 501(c)3 corporation.

This organization is now working hand-in-hand with the City of Jacksonville, Animal Care and Control, and the Jacksonville Humane Society to help with the spaying and neutering of feral cats.

"We the cats of First Coast No More Homeless Pets ...
hear, see and speak no evil!"
Photo Credit: The Incredibly Adorable Cats of www.fcnmhp.org
FCNMHP opened a temporary cat clinic in 2008 to handle upwards of 40 cats per day; today their new clinic can handle upwards of 200 spay and neuters daily! They are also offering vaccinations for cats and dogs.

This lens page is dedicated to this fine organization hoping to bring more visibility to the FCNMHP and to also help them with their fund raising. FCNMHP is my earmarked pet charity for the past several years. I am happy to report that for the calendar year of 2009, it was a banner year as I donated over $3,000 directly to them! Thanks Squidoo for helping to make this possible!!!

First Coast No More Homeless Pets : Jacksonville, FL - Do you know about this organization?
  • Yes! I am a volunteer.
  • Yes, I actually work for/with.
  • Yes, I have adopted my pet from them.
  • Yes, I have had my pet spayed/neutered by them.
  • I know of FCNMHP.
  • Actually, more than one of the above!

Six Rescued Kittens at Three Weeks - June 2014

six homeless kittens rescued

Another six lives from one mommy cat! It is so important that you do the right thing and have your cats spayed or neutered. Here are six little ones who came into the world in late May 2014. Their mommy was out and about and made a connection or two with some studly male cats.

FCNMHP Founded in 2001
fcnmhp jax fl logo
FCNMHP was founded in 2001 when Rick DuCharme, founder and president, developed the SpayJax program in response to a request by the City of Jacksonville for a city funded spay/neuter program.

Following SpayJax, SpayNassau was developed along with two other low-cost programs.

In 2006, our Trap-Neuter-Return program was developed to offer low-cost spay and neuter surgeries for feral and stray cats. –www.fcnmhp.org.

6817 Norwood Ave., Jacksonville, FL 32208

eMail: fcnmhp@fcnmhp.org

Hotline: 904-425-0005; toll-free: 866-580-SPAY (7729).

cat on the phone calling

Since 2003 we have facilitated over 24,000 pet sterilizations in the First Coast area. We have seen an overall reduction in pet intake of approximately 31%, and reductions in puppy and kitten intake of 44% and 52%. Prior to our programs, admissions and euthanasia were increasing by as much as 10% annually.

SpayJax/SpayNassau: SpayJax and SpayNassau are income qualified programs that offer free spay and neuter surgeries for individuals meeting the specified guidelines. Both of these programs include a rabies vaccination. Update 5/1/08: SpayJax is a city funded program and with the recent budget cuts we are not able to offer the free SpayJax surgery program at this time. SpayNassau is funded partially by Nassau County and partially by a welfare group; therefore we still have the funding and are able to offer free surgeries to Nassau County residents with appropriate proof of residency within the county. Call the spay/neuter hotline for more information 904-425-0005. Please see our other programs below for spay/neuter assistance, these programs offer heavily reduced surgery rates.

Spayathon: Spayathon is a low-cost option for individuals that do not qualify under SpayJax or SpayNassau. Surgery prices are heavily discounted and offered through participating veterinarians. Spayathon is a voucher program and a $5 donation is required for each voucher. In order to receive discounted prices a voucher must be presented. A rabies vaccination is also included under this program (other fees may apply.) This program is available to Duval, Nassau, Clay, St. Johns, Baker and Bradford counties.

Low-Cost: Our Low-Cost program is open to anyone not qualifying under the other programs. Surgeries are discounted and available through participating veterinarians. Rabies vaccination is not included (other fees may apply.) This program is available to Duval, Nassau, Clay, St. Johns, Baker and Bradford counties.

Feral and Stray Cat: Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) Our TNR program is available to all Duval and Nassau County residents caring for feral and stray cat colonies. For information on cost per surgery, location of spay/neuter clinic, and to schedule an appointment; call the spay/neuter hotline at 904-425-0005. All cats must arrive to the clinic in a humane trap, no exceptions. Humane traps are available for loan and require a $50 deposit per trap.

fcnmhp jax fl chart of surgeries, euthanasia and overall shelter intake
Chart of surgeries, euthanasia and overall shelter intake

Fee Schedule for Cat Services
The vaccination clinic for cats AND dogs is open every Saturday from 10-3. It is first come first service; no appointments.

Rabies Vaccination $10.00
Application of Flea Prevention $8.00
Deworming (Tapeworms via injection) $8.00
Deworming (Topical, 1 application) $12.00
Distemper/Panleuk Combination Vaccine $8.00
Feline Leukemia/FIV test $18.00
Leukemia Vaccine $10.00
Microchip $25.00
Nail Trim $10.00

Indoor/Outdoor Cat Annual $65 ($42 w/o microchip) (includes Distemper, Rabies, Leukemia vaccine, microchip, deworming and flea prevention application

Indoor Cat Annual $55 ($32 w/o microchip) (includes Distemper, Rabies, microchip, deworming and flea prevention

New Cat Annual $83 ($60 w/o microchip) (includes Distemper, Rabies, Leukemia vaccine, deworming, Leukemia/FIV test, microchip & flea prevention application)

each day countless cats and kittens enter shelters

The mission of First Coast No More Homeless Pets (FCNMHP) is to eliminate the killing of dogs and cats in our community through free and low-cost spay and neuter programs.

British Shorthair Brown Tabby Female Kitten Looking Inquisitivly at Young Agouti Rabbit

Are you a supporter of your local Humane Society? Do you already know about the FCNMHP? Have you donated to such an organization?

History: First Coast No More Homeless Pets was originally created on Squidoo by JaguarJulie on May 21, 2008. Highest lensrank ever achieved: #1,494 overall. Lens #351 in the quest for Giant Squid 400 Club.

Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Pet Luv Cat Scratcher Board

On July 3rd, I was at Big Lots and picked up one of their Pet Luv Cat Scratcher Boards. Less than 24 hours later, on July 4th, I returned the item. I am not recommending that you buy this item for your cat! Let me tell you more about my experience.


Pet Luv Cat Scratcher Board - Big Lots Product Page
Pet Luv Cat Scratcher Board - Big Lots Product Page
Before I purchased the single-wide cat scratcher board, I had not visited the Big Lots product page. I only just visited that page when I was researching this product online and found that Big Lots actually had that page! Take a closer look at that tabby cat on the board. I don't think the product photo is an accurate depiction of what YOUR CAT will experience with the board.


Pet Luv Cat Single-Wide Scratcher Board
Pet Luv Cat Single-Wide Scratcher Board
In the product photo with the packaged scratcher board, you can see the plastic bag of catnip that is lying on a section of the cardboard and plastic wrapped to the board. The fact that the plastic bag of catnip is directly on top of the cardboard is a design flaw. You see, that entire section of cardboard will smell as though you sprinkled catnip there!


I have been taking care of a white mommy cat and her six little kittens that I rescued on June 20th. They occupy my Florida Room. I calculate that the kittens were born the end of May and as of the writing of this blog post, they are well past 5 weeks of age. I thought a cardboard cat scratcher board would be a good cat toy for them.

On July 3rd, around Noon, I put out the cat board by another of their toys. I unwrapped the scratching board and set aside the plastic bag of catnip. I did NOT want to put any catnip on the cardboard scratcher since it was intended for the six kittens to use. A couple of the kittens walked over the board, but no kitten engaged in using that scratcher board. Then, it was around 7:30pm that day. I just happened to look out the living room window into the Florida Room and see the mommy cat had found the scratcher board.

Mommy Cat on Pet Luv Cat Scratcher Board
Mommy Cat on Pet Luv Cat Scratcher Board #1
At first, nothing looked out of the ordinary. Mommy cat seemed to be intent on using the board as a scratching toy. I snapped that first picture above; however, when I look closer at the board, it looks wet in the area directly in front of the mommy cat's front paws.

Mommy Cat on Pet Luv Cat Scratcher Board
Mommy Cat on Pet Luv Cat Scratcher Board #2
Watching the mommy cat, it all seemed to happen so fast! One moment, she seemed OK and then not. She had detected the catnip smell that had permeated the cardboard from the wrapped plastic package!

Mommy Cat on Pet Luv Cat Scratcher Board
Mommy Cat on Pet Luv Cat Scratcher Board #3
In the third picture, you can see the mommy cat is now seriously concentrating on that spot on the cat scratcher board that housed the wrapped package of catnip!

While I was watching what the mommy cat was doing with the cat scratcher board, so were two of her kittens. They were off in the distance carefully watching mommy. Both of the kittens started to creep backwards away to a hiding place. It frightened them when they saw their mommy not like herself.

It wasn't a long time that mommy cat was engaged with the scratcher board. Perhaps five minutes or so. I came into the room to get the scratcher board and to wipe the tile floor and clean up all the wet pieces of cardboard that were lying on the tile floor around the board. I then removed the board from the Florida Room and set it down inside. I returned to the Florida Room to check on mommy cat and her six little kittens.

Pet Luv Cat Scratcher Board After Five Minutes of Use
Pet Luv Cat Scratcher Board After Five Minutes of Use
When I came back inside, I saw that my cat Boots had found the board and was also experiencing the same effects of the catnip smell. Boots is a six-year old female tabby. So, now I had two female cats that had reacted very dramatically to the cardboard in the scratcher.

Pet Luv Cat Scratcher Board After Five Minutes of Use
Pet Luv Cat Scratcher Board After Five Minutes of Use
Take a closer look at the wet spot on the scratcher board and compare it to the size of the catnip package. It pretty much demonstrates how the catnip had permeated the plastic package and tainted the cardboard scratcher.


I believe there are two design flaws with this product:
  1. The plastic package of catnip should not be packaged directly on top of the cardboard. There is no telling just how long that package sat with the catnip odor permeating the plastic into the cardboard.
  2. Do you really want to use catnip on a cardboard product? I'm not the expert, but I rather think NOT!
When I returned the scratcher board to Big Lots the next morning, the cashier asked if anything was wrong with the product. They couldn't see that the area beneath the catnip package was all wet and torn up. I told them, "Yes, this product has a design flaw. You shouldn't be using catnip on a cardboard product!"

Searching on the Big Lots website, I see there are a lot of Pet Luv cat toys available. I did settle on two other cat toys that seem to work fine with the kittens. No more catnip for the white mommy cat and her six little kittens!!

P.S. I had previously had a conversation on Facebook with a fellow cat lover. We were discussing how I surely wouldn't want mommy cat experiencing catnip because it might get into her system. Since she is still nursing the six little kittens, I don't think the little cuties need to feel the affects of catnip at such a young age!


I am caring for the white mommy cat and her six little kittens until they are adopted. That means another three weeks before the kittens can be put up for adoption. July 25th would mark approximately 8 weeks of age for the kittens. We are hoping to raise enough funds so that we can provide the spaying and neutering of the kittens and mother. Won't you help us? Please help to support the mommy cat and six little kittens during their care. Give through their GoFundMe page.


Would you like to adopt one of the six kittens? Or, maybe you would want an older kitten like the mommy? We think these are some special kittens. They are cute in disposition and have beautiful markings. If you are interested, please leave me a comment with your contact information.