Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Wizard of Oz Cowardly Lion Costume

A truly manly Halloween Costume is the Wizard Of Oz Cowardly Lion Costume. Not everyone is man enough [or woman enough] to be a manly lion. Sure we know the lion as the "Cowardly Lion," but that was all an act!
Wizard Of Oz Cowardly Lion Costume

The Wizard Of Oz Cowardly Lion Costume includes a one-piece jumpsuit with attached tail and character headpiece. One size fits most adults.

Here is that memorable scene when Dorothy, with the Scarecrow and Tin Man, meet the Cowardly Lion.

We all know the Cowardly Lion as a fictional character in the Land of Oz. The Cowardly Lion was created by American author L. Frank Baum. --Learn more about the Cowardly Lion on Wikipedia.

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Wizard of Oz Flying Monkey Costume

Remember those Flying Monkeys in the Wizard of Oz? When the wicked witch bids them be on their way and fetch those ruby slippers? "Fly away, my pretties!" Consider making your own memories this Halloween with the Wizard of Oz Child's Flying Monkey Costume. I'm all for equal rights, nobody says that WOMEN can't be flying monkeys as well.
Wizard of Oz Child's Flying Monkey Costume

The Wizard of Oz Child's Flying Monkey Costume comes with:
  • Grey faux fur jumpsuit
  • Fringed arms and fringed legs
  • Multi-colored jacket
  • Little matching Fez hat
  • Pair of black wings
Some might consider being angels with wings; why not be a flying monkey with wings? Get the impressive, winged Wizard of Oz Child's Flying Monkey Costume. This is the type of Halloween Costume that you will want to get for a group of friends and be several flying monkeys.

Check out the memorable scene withe the Wicked Witch from the Wizard of Oz. She prepares the flying monkeys for their quest of the ruby slippers!

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The flying monkeys, more notably referred to as "winged monkeys," are fictional characters from The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. These flying monkeys made their impact in pop culture thanks to the Wizard of Oz books and the 1939 movie. Their claim to fame today is that they are "regularly referenced in comedic orironic situations as a source of evil or fear." --Learn more about the flying "winged" monkeys on Wikipedia.

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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Wizard of Oz Adult Tin Man Costume

"If I only had a heart!" Remember that lament of the famous Tin Man from the Wizard of Oz? "His desire for a heart notably contrasts with the Scarecrow's desire for brains, reflecting a common debate between the relative importance of the mind and the emotions."

If you are a fan of the Tin Man, you will love the Wizard Of Oz Tin Man Woodman Adult Costume. Get an authentic Wizard of Oz costume from Warner Brothers.
Wizard Of Oz Tin Man Woodman Adult Costume

The costume includes:
  • Silver polyester jumpsuit
  • Foam-lined polyester chest
  • Matching hat with elastic strap
You'll want to get these accessories to complement your Tin Man Halloween Costume:

Here is a little YouTube video of the Tin Man interacting with Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz. He does a little song and dance to express his wishes for a heart.

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The Tin Man was actually first known as the Tin Woodman. He is the loveable fictional character created by American author L. Frank Baum. Of course we found him in the fictional Land of Oz. "Baum's Tin Woodman first appeared in his classic 1900 book, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, and reappeared in many other Oz books." --Learn more about the Tin Man on Wikipedia. It is quite a remarkable article that has a lot of interesting facts you may not have known.

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Wizard of Oz Adult Super Deluxe Glinda Costume

My recommendation for a Halloween Costume that is not only pretty in pink, but sweet as well, is Glinda the Good Witch! Why not select The Wizard of Oz Glinda the Good Witch Adult Costume.
Wizard of Oz Glinda the Good Witch Adult Costume
Everybody appreciates a good witch with power! For the serious Wizard of Oz fan, you will love this costume. It is the highest quality costume available, just like you might expect to rent. You may consider using this exquisite Glinda costume for other opportunities such as in a Wizard of Oz play.

The Wizard of Oz Glinda the Good Witch Adult Costume includes a satin and tulle dress, hoop skirt and silver headpiece.

Consider some accessories:
Chek out this most memorable scene from The Wizard of Oz in which Good Witch Glinda tells Dorothy that she had the power to return home to Kansas all along. Give a listen for the sweetest voice of Glinda!

Undoubtedly one of the sweetest and most popular characters from The Wizard of Oz is Glinda the Good Witch of the South. "She is the most powerful sorceress of Oz, ruler of the Quadling Country south of the Emerald City, and protector of Princess Ozma." American author L. Frank Baum created the fictional character of Glinda to bring a bit of goodness to the Land of Oz. --Learn more about Glinda from Wikipedia.

Picking a Halloween Costume 2015

Need a little help picking a Halloween Costume for 2015? Happy Halloween folks! Oh, I know it's a little early for those kind of wishes. However! I sincerely love Halloween with all the ghouls and goblins and treats ... hold them tricks as I am not a trickster.
Picking a Halloween Costume ~ JaguarJulie!
JaguarJulie as Sexy Halloween Catwoman

I've put together a nifty little article on Squidoo that offers up a few points on Picking a Halloween Costume. It's great for 2015 purposes as it is rather an evergreen page.

By the way, don't forget that Halloween is a perfect time for a costume that ties in with the initiative to Start Wearing Orange Wearing Orange. A perfect Halloween Costume that is ORANGE is the Deluxe Dumb And Dumber Orange Tuxedo Halloween Costume!

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Looking for a Halloween Costume by prominent color? I personally love the colors of red and black and have selected a couple of Halloween Costumes that hit the mark colorfully:
What do you know about the origins of Halloween? Did you know that dressing up in Halloween Costumes was popular in the late 19th century in both Ireland and Scotland? It wasn't until the early 20th century that the United States got into the act of dressing up in costume at Halloween. "The first mass-produced Halloween costumes appeared in stores in the 1930s when trick-or-treating was becoming popular in the United States." Learn more about the origins of Halloween from Wikipedia.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Mexican Petunia Garden aka Purple Showers

Ah, a garden of Mexican Petunias aka Purple Showers. This fabulous purple perennial is also scientifically known as Ruellia brittoniana and as Britton's wild petunia and the Mexican Bluebell.

If you Google "Mexican Petunia," you will find a number of reviews which might warn you about how this pretty purple petunia can become quite invasive and take over your garden! Well, that is partly the reason I selected this perennial for my garden. I am encouraging it to be as invasive as it can in the space that I have provided.

Mexican Petunia Garden of JaguarJulie
Mexican Petunia Garden of JaguarJulie
4 Mexican Petunias planted 3' apart
On my side yard, I had problems with my grass that was killed by the neighbor's vegetable garden. You see that fence? The neighbor's garden is to the right. I watched as more of my grass died this year from the chemicals passing under the fence. What to do? Replace the grass or something else?

Well, I did take time to lay new sod at the front edge of my side yard [you can see a bit of it at the bottom of my picture]. I did not want to lay sod on the side yard only to have it killed again. I opted for a relatively hardy perennial like the Mexican Petunia. In the picture of my side yard garden, you can see that I have planted 4 Mexican Petunia that are spaced a little more than 3 feet apart.

Mexican Petunia Garden of JaguarJulie
Mexican Petunia Garden of JaguarJulie
6 Mexican Petunias planted 3' apart
Notice the "purple showers" on the red mulch
Photo taken ~4pm on September 23, 2012
I subsequently dug up another large patch of dead grass [at the top of the picture] and extended the garden back with another 2 Mexican Petunias. The red and gray brick pavers that I used to edge the garden are the same kind that I used for my patio paver project at the back of my house. I think the red mulch complements the pavers and the purple flowers quite nicely!

Planting Instructions for Mexican Petunia:
  • Dig your hole twice as wide and as deep as the pot.
  • Mix one part planting soil with the native soil of your garden.
  • Loosen the plant's root base and place into the ground.
  • Cover loosely.
  • Use all-purpose, balance plant food to feed your plants.
Features of the Mexican Petunia:
  • Summer-Fall bloomer
  • Hardiness: 20 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Mature Size: 36-48 inches tall by 24-36 inches wide
  • Space: 24-36 inches
  • Habit: Upright
  • Fertilize: Once per month
  • Feature: Drought tolerant
  • Care: Keep weed-free
  • Water: Weekly during dry spells
I purchased my 6 Mexican Petunias from my local Home Depot for $9.98 each. Home Depot offers plant tips at using plant code THDB2971.

Have you tried Mexican Petunias? It is quite an impressive ornamental plant. I was told, by the plant vendor at Home Depot, that each day, in the mid-afternoon, the Mexican Petunia will shed it purple flowers like showers. And, the next day, the purple flowers will bloom again. Ah, purple showers!

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Glade Expressions Collection Cotton and Italian Mandarin

Over the past couple of weeks, I have been enjoying a new fragrance sensation from Glade. It is the Glade Expressions® Collection Cotton & Italian Mandarin fragrance mist spray.

It is described, by Glade quite artfully:
Escape into a relaxing Italian villa with the clean and refreshing fragrance Cotton & Italian Mandarin. A breezy blend of cotton, honeydew and sandalwood complemented by sparkling citrus creates a captivating fragrance that’s not to be missed.
Glade Expressions® Collection Cotton & Italian Mandarin
Glade Expressions® Collection Cotton & Italian Mandarin
The fragrance mist spray in container with product label skin.
In addition to Cotton & Italian Mandarin, the Glade Expressions® Collection includes:
  • Fuji Apple & Cardamom Spice
  • Lavender & Juniper Berry
  • Pineapple & Mangosteen 
It is because of BzzAgent that I am able to sample this lovely fragrance mist spray for free. I have been a BzzAgent for over 8 years and have been privileged to spread the buzz and word of mouth on many fabulous products.

Glade Expressions® Collection Cotton & Italian Mandarin
Glade Expressions® Collection Cotton & Italian Mandarin
The fragrance mist spray with product label skin peeled away.
In my professional marketing career, I have worked for a company that created flavors and fragrances from terpenes derived from alpha-pinene and beta-pinene. I first had my sense of smell fine-tuned at Glidco Organics, later Millennium Specialty Chemicals. Because of my refined "tastes" and "sense of smell," I have an appreciation for fine fragrance smells.

I can tell you that Glade Expressions® Collection Cotton & Italian Mandarin has a very fine floral fragrance that is quite appealing. This particular fragrance has quickly become one of my favorites as it almost reminds me of the type of celebrity fragrances that I like to wear. I've not tried the other 3 selections, but I would like to also try Lavender & Juniper Berry.

Glade Expressions® Collection Cotton & Italian Mandarin
Glade Expressions® Collection Cotton & Italian Mandarin
The fragrance mist spray in an attractively styled white container.
What I've noticed with the spray container that you have to squeeze a bit harder than I would like to activate the mist spray. However, this can be a good thing, as I need to exercise the grip on my right hand.

A suggestion that I would make to Glade is to provide the containers in something other than white plastic. I'd like to see skins of floral decorations to complement the actual fragrance. As you can see, from the three pictures I've included, the product labeling peels off like a skin to reveal the solid white container. I really like how the top side of the container is styled to reveal a peek at the fragrance refill that slips inside from the bottom.

Pretty cool to actually get to sample a new fragrance mist and then tell everybody about it. Have you tried the Glade Expressions® Collection? I recommend the Cotton & Italian Mandarin. Personally, with my rather filled business and personal life, the thought of escaping to an Italian villa is quite appealing. I AM overdue for a vacation, you know?

P.S. BzzAgent has instructed us that we no longer are to use the Twitter hashtag of #imabzzagent for our buzz. Instead, we have a "brand new set of mandatory hash tags" to use: #GotItFree and #GotADiscount.

Glade Expressions Collection BzzAgent

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Deluxe Christmas Elf Halloween Costume

Ho Ho Ho! The Incharacter Costumes, LLC Holiday Honey Velvet Dress is another of those Halloween Costumes which allow you to maximize your dollar. Get double the bang for your hard-earned money and be an Elf at Christmas!
The costume includes:
    • Polyester dress with tulle petticoat
    • Faux fur trim and red metallic accents
    • Faux fur trim hat
    • Stripe tights, belt and shoe covers with bell accent
    This awesome red, white and green Halloween and Christmas Costume comes in adult sizes of small, medium, large, and extra large.

    Don't want to go solo, but want to appear with other Christmas Elves? Get a second costume and go as a couple of elves! Or, dress up the family as elves. You will want to check out the vast variety of Elf Costumes on Amazon. You will be amazed at how many different elves you can be.

    Ho Ho Ho! Speaking of Christmas, have you seen The Christmas Elf?

    Deluxe Dumb And Dumber Orange Tuxedo Halloween Costume

    Va-Va-Voom! You've heard of the Start Wearing Orange Initiative? Halloween is the perfect time to show your support for the juicy color of orange with the Deluxe Orange Tuxedo Halloween Costume. It's such a loud and colorful outfit that it screams "Halloween!" like a happy pumpkin. If you are abundant in confidence, it has been suggested you might wear this to your prom. If you have a quirky musical group, why not dress the members in this colorful outfit?

    The Deluxe Orange Tuxedo Halloween Costume includes:
    • Orange tuxedo jacket with inside pockets
    • Orange pants
    • Orange ruffled shirt
    • Orange bow tie
    • Orange vest
    To complete this stylish and sophisticated orange outfit, you'll want to get:

    The Deluxe Dumb And Dumber Orange Tuxedo "is as high-quality as it gets when it comes to nincompoops on the order of Lloyd and Harry." What are you waiting for?  Start Wearing Orange Wearing Orange!

    Have you seen the movie Dumb and Dumber? In a nutshell, this is a comedy blockbuster starring Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels. In their adeptly acted roles, they star as two good-natured, but incredibly stupid -er- dumb and dumber friends who drive across the United States to return a client's briefcase.

    Thursday, September 20, 2012

    Two Person Horse Costume for Halloween : Giddyup!

    What a perfect Halloween Costume for a couple! It's the Forum Novelties Two Man Horse Adult Costume! Giddyup. Talk about team work. Flip a coin and decide who wears the horse's head and who brings up the rear. You know, the horse's behind.

    The Forum Novelties Two Man Horse Adult Costume is a great Halloween Costume that exudes teamwork to carry it off.
    The Forum Novelties Two Man Horse Adult Costume comes complete with:
    • Two-person jumpsuit
    • Horse head
    • Furry horse's mane and tail
    • See-through eye mesh
    Be the life of the party! It's a hilarious Halloween Costume that will allow you to "horse around" because you are a horse!

    You may want to complement your Two Person Horse Costume with horse sound effects! Take that costume to a new level. No horsing around. lol

    Wednesday, September 19, 2012

    Victorian Ghost Halloween Costume for Women

    The In Character Costumes, LLC Ghostly Lady Adult Gown is quite impressive. It's a ghost costume that has a lot of panache and style. You get a full and flowing, long gown that is made of tattered lace and brocade. Underneath is a full petticoat to add volume to your gown. It's quite an impressive costume. Take a look!
    In Character Costumes, LLC Ghostly Lady Adult Gown

    Be a classy lady ghost in the In Character Costumes, LLC Ghostly Lady Adult Gown. This ghostly-elegant Halloween includes the lovely embellished gown with petticoat, hat, wig and gloves.

    May I suggest one of these Victorian style white wigs to complement your Victorian Ghost Halloween Costume:

    P.S. You may enjoy reading Victorian Ghost Stories: An Oxford Anthology (Oxford Paperbacks). For your ghostly pleasure, pick from "thirty-five well wrought tales of haunted houses, vengeful spirits, spectral warnings, invisible antagonists, and motiveless malignity from beyond the grave."

    There is no doubt that the Victorian Age was the time for penning a great ghost story. Read stories by Charles Dickens, Robert Louis Stevenson, Rudyard Kipling, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Henry James, Wilkie Collins, M.R. James and J.S. Le Fanu. Happy Halloween Folks!

    Tuesday, September 18, 2012

    Wizard of Oz Scarecrow Halloween Costume

    Are you a fan of the Wizard of Oz? Love the Scarecrow? Well, consider a Wizard Of Oz Scarecrow Adult Costume. Nothing better than going for the authentic product! Take a look at the Scarecrow ...

    The Wizard Of Oz Scarecrow Adult Costume includes a blue shirt with an attached orange collar that resembles a straw or hay neck. You also get a hood and hat along with the brown pants and cord.

    Check out all the other Wizard of Oz Costumes and Accessories on Amazon. You will be amazed at all the costumes and accessories.

    You surely know the story of the Scarecrow? He longed for a brain and hoped that the Wizard of Oz would grant his wish to have a brain. "If I only had a brain!" In the Wizard of Oz film, the Scarecrow ultimately learns that "the wisest man in all of Oz!"And, to the end, we find the Scarecrow is one humble being. He insists that he is not the wisest man, but the Wizard of Oz is the wisest man in all of Oz. Check out the Wikipedia article for more nuggets of wisdom on our humble Scarecrow!

    Santa Claus Suit Halloween and Christmas Costume

    The time is right to maximize your buck and get double the bang for your hard-earned money. Want to be Santa Claus this year? Why not snag a Rubie's Costume Crimson Regency Plush Santa Suit for Halloween! That's right! You can surprise all your friends and family at Halloween as Santa Claus.
    Rubie's Costume Crimson Regency Plush Santa Suit

    Personally, I like to multitask and be creative any time I can. By purchasing a Rubie's Costume Crimson Regency Plush Santa Suit for Halloween, you can be ready to play Santa Claus at Christmas too! Think about it.

    With this great Christmas Costume, all you need is the belly. It comes in the Standard Adult size. With this costume, you get:
    • Deluxe trimmed faux rabbit fur trim
    • Old world embroidered accents
    • Hooded velvet 3/4 length coat
      • Full satin lining and two side pockets
      • Front zipper closure with snaps
      • Bell sleeves and belt loops
    • Velvet pants with side pockets
    • Faux suede buckled boot tops
    • Matching belt
    • Gloves
    • Santa's accessories, including beard, wig, glasses, and sack, all sold separately
    You would expect to rent this fabulous Santa Christmas Costume but now you too can own it! Ho Ho Ho! Will you be Santa Claus this Halloween? How about at Christmas? Consider the possibilities!