Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A Delicious Guiltless Grill Dinner of 750 Calories

A Delicious Dinner of 750 Calories, and I'm Enjoying a Guiltless Grill. My hubby and I invited our neighbor to join us for dinner at Chili's to sample their Guiltless Grill new entrees. Since she had a prior engagement, we opted to make it a date night out for just the two of us.

Chili's Guiltless Grill logoWe were totally blown away by the mob of people on a Friday night at Chili's -- it would be difficult to tell that we are in a recession based on the number of people eating out. We decided to check out the Chili's on Baymeadows -- it ended up being about a 20 minute wait to be seated. I let our waitress Anna know that I was a BzzAgent and would be writing about my experience.

Chili's Guiltless Crill Carne Asada SteakMy selection was the Guiltless Carne Asada Steak medium-rare with the steamed broccoli with grated parmesan cheese and carrots. Hubby loves salmon, so he selected the Guiltless Grilled Salmon with the steamed vegies. Our meal was delivered promptly to our table. What surprised me and hubby most was the cut of meat! My steak was over an inch thick and maybe a little too rare, but I don't like to send steaks back, so I ate it.

Well, to conduct our own kind of 'study,' we decided to stop at another Chili's on San Jose Blvd. on Saturday night after the FCNMHP Hard Hat Party. I was unsuccessful convincing my hubby that he should really have the salmon so that he could compare it to the previous night's entree. Both hubby and I had Guiltless Carne Asada Steak. This time, we ordered it cooked medium. The cut of the steaks was obviously different from the previous nights in that they were just about half the thickness. However, they had a terrific marinated flavor and were extremely tender. We were happier with Saturday's dinner. And, I would definitely recommend the Guiltless Carne Asada Steak cooked medium to medium-rare. If you prefer the fish, hubby was happy with the Guiltless Grilled Salmon.

I took some time to let the manager know that I was a BzzAgent -- taking time to explain what exactly that means along with explaining how I would be bzzing about my dinner.

The Guiltless Grill offers healthier entrées for less than 750 calories each. The other entrees available on the Guiltless Grill menu include:

* Guiltless Buffalo or Grilled Chicken Sandwich
* Guiltless Cedar Plank Tilapia
* Guiltless Honey-Mustard Glazed
* Guiltless Chicken Platter
* Guiltless Black Bean Burger

Visit chilis.com to find Chili's restaurants locally and to checkout their new menu.

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