Thursday, February 19, 2009

My photography in Google image searches

I have been convinced to take PHOTOGRAPHY lessons because of Google! Thank you Google! I get the MESSAGE. I simply must take photography lessons and then take more of my own pictures to display on my Squidoo lenses. I did yet another Google image search; this time for 'spicy potato salad' and found 3 of my images on the first page of the image results -- #1 and #3 positioning. In the web search, my Spicy Potato Salad page was #4 -- yeah! Trying harder to be #1.

google image search spicy potato salad To know me is to know that I really, really prefer to use my own graphic images and photography WHENEVER possible to display on my lenses. If nothing at all, it would be a goal to revamp all of my lenses with ONLY my graphics and photography -- that is a mighty tall order. I strive to be unique in my creations, having covered a wide range AND eclectic array of topics.

Some of my better pictures have been for my food lenses ... particularly whenever I can use that very cool, clear acrylic serving dish. I've used it for my Eight Layer Salad -- A Delicious Recipe page and also for my Spicy Potato Salad -- A Delicious Recipe page.

So, thank you Google for being so cool -- and for making my day!


WTF Store said...

Good pictures are such a great way to get lens traffic. I'd say 10% of my 'referall' visits are from Google images searches. That's pretty great!

Julie Ann Brady said...

Thanks for dropping by -- that's pretty cool to see your referral visits from the images. All the more reason to work at getting one's own pictures posted! ;)

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