Thursday, February 12, 2009

Google Image Search on Knees

It's been well over 6 months since I had knee surgery to repair my medial meniscus tear. No, I'm not a jock -- but have experienced a series of tendon or ligament injuries that would lead one to believe that I AM a jock! When I tore my meniscus, I suffered with knee pain for probably a month or two before I sought medical attention. I had the obligatory MRI and physical therapy, but did not have improvement from the pain. My orthopedic surgeon performed an arthroscopic procedure to clean up or debride the tear. I'm not sure if he needed to do any stitching; however, I do know that he saw an old tear along with a new tear.

My mother and I have batted around the hypothesis that tendon or ligament injuries can be seen in families; i.e., based on hereditary. After all, she has experienced similar tendon tears to justify this supposition. While my medial meniscus tear was treated conservatively, her similar tear resulted in her meniscus being removed completely. Unfortunately, she is not doing as well since her surgery! That's fodder for another blog post.

meniscus tear Google image search
So, getting back to today and to WHY this blog post. I was noticing that my Squidoo lens was getting lots of hits and thought that was interesting. I was wondering WHY would people be interested in a "meniscus tear" so I Googled it. What a surprise, "Google Search is pretty knee-t !!!" Pardon the spelling error, but on the first page of the Google search for "meniscus tear," I found MY knee! Yes, you heard me right -- MY knee. Now, if I knew that Google was going to spotlight my knee in all its glory, I would have put on a little makeup.

Well, you can check the search out for yourself and then take a look at the images search for meniscus tear. And, if you NEED to know more about this topic, why not read my article, Meniscus Tear -- Not just a jock's injury! I've included a screenshot of the first page of a Google Search for "meniscus tear" to give you a peak at my knee in all its glory. Enjoy!

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