Thursday, February 19, 2009

Google image search for 8 layer salad

Isn't it great to have a little Google love? Checking out the Google image search for 8 layer salad! Well, the feeling is pretty mutual; if Google would have me, I would work for them in a HEARTBEAT! It's easy to entertain such a thought especially when you have a passion for such a company.

google image search 8 layer salad Anywho, of late, I have been blogging about how simply amazing Google image search is in indexing relevant photos so that I find WHAT I want to find. Hey, even if it might be my own images. Today, I did a Google image search on 8 layer salad and voila -- on the first page of the results, I found 3 of my salad pictures.

To top of those cool image search results, my food article, Eight Layer Salad - A Delicious Recipe actually was listed on the first page for a web search, the #5 result. Not bad!

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