Thursday, February 12, 2009

Google Image Search is on a Tear

I'm taking a break this afternoon as I was curious if I would find my shoulder surgery pictures in a Google Image Search. You see, I had already spotted my meniscus tear and Morton's Neuroma pictures on page 1 of Google image searches -- be sure to see those blog posts!

Well, sure enough! I searched slap tear and there was my bruised and marked up left shoulder and arm. For those of you who have experienced a SLAP tear, you undoubtedly know how painful these can be. My experience was probably not the norm as I had one manipulation under anesthesia to move my shoulder as it was thought I had frozen shoulder syndrome. After that episode, I was scheduled two weeks out for the official Slap repair surgery.

My first Slap repair surgery lasted several hours -- it was an outpatient surgery. When the doctor spoke with me, he explained that it was a lot worse than expected. I also had a torn labrum and detached bicep -- which was reattached with 3 titanium anchors inserted into my shoulder bone. Recovery meant 6 weeks in an arm brace. A few years later, I opted for another Slap surgery to remove scar tissue and debride the surgical site. After being immobilized for 6 weeks, I developed too much scar tissue. In between the two surgeries, I experienced such an incredible amount of pain that I had to undergo 2 full courses of pain management therapy which was something else entirely!!!

Well, if you want to know more about this type of injury, be sure to check out my article, SLAP Tear -- What is it? Oh, isn't Google simply amazing? Google image search so impressed me today that I felt they were on a tear!!!

slap tear with torn labrum

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