Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Google is fast at indexing

Google search is FASTER than a speeding bullet! Google is fast at indexing!

Blimey! I noticed the MOST interesting thing today when I did a Google search for jaguarjulie. On the first page of the search results, I found nearly all the results were what I expected them to be -- it found this blog, my websites and Squidoo lenses, and my twitter page. However, at the end of the results, I saw my Topicability blog listed.

What was odd that within the listing, rather than show an entry from THAT blog, it was showing some twitter updates from THIS very morning, but linking to my other blog. I don't know what to make of this as it's quite peculiar. Don't YOU think?

Google search is faster than a speeding bullet -- in that you can see information searched and seemingly indexed in real time. WOW! Google is absolutely amazing!

google search for jaguarjulie
P.S. It is over 10 years later that I am reviewing this blog post and thinking, yes! Google is fast at indexing. However, today I am thinking Google is NOT careful on indexing ... to be indexing content scrapers who have stolen authentic and original images and content and making it difficult for the visitor to find the ORIGINAL ... why that is most concerning!! For me, it is particularly concerning because I have added my original photography, designs, images and content to Google blogger. It would seem such a blog content would be treated better by the "owner?"

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