Wednesday, February 11, 2009

TweetStats graphing your stats

I was just checking in to see what my TweetStats are for today and saw a really interesting graph that I've included. My thinking is that the higher the percentage, the more communicative a Twitter member is with replying to @others! I'm also thinking, that if YOU are reading this here blog post, that you most likely know everyone that is listed on this graph!

jaguarjulie tweetstats replies to
The reason I initially checked my stats today was to see what my number of Twitter Updates are per day. You see, I'm conducting a scientific study via my TwttrStrm, How Often Should You Send a Twitter Update? I am now up to a whopping 8.5 tpd -- tweets per day! That's up 0.3 from previously reported 8.2 tpd. I've just hit an overall number of twitter updates of 1,714 -- not quite as many as the professional twitterers! I guess you could say that I am averaging one twitter update per business hour in a normal 8-hour work day!

So, what's your score? Take the challenge and be sure to weigh in on the debate!

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