Thursday, February 12, 2009

Google Search is a Foot Above

Sshh, don't tell the 'boss' that I'm blogging while I'm supposed to be working on the company's monthly website update. That will get done, but first-things-first!

In a previous blog post I introduced you to my celebrity knee that made its debut on Google Search page 1 of regular searches as well as image searches. Well, I was equally flattered this afternoon to spot another ahem, "body part" in an equally prestigious location on Google Image Searches -- page 1. "Wow," said a coworker, "I wonder what other body parts you'll spot on Google?" Well, not to worry as I've not photographed any other "body parts" than G-rated ones. My work is viewable by all audiences -- I like to keep a little to the imagination you know.

mortons neuroma

So, this afternoon I was noticing that I'm getting lots of hits for another health-related lens, Morton's Neuroma. I had surgery to excise a rather large Morton's Neuroma just over a year ago. My lens documents my progress directly after surgery and to this day. There are a number of pictures of my famous celebrity foot -- looking pretty and NOT so pretty. Prior to this surgery, I was no longer able to wear high heels. Today, thanks to this surgery, I can wear all the shoes in my closet.

P.S. Yes, indeed Google search is a foot above all the others -- as demonstrated here in this blog post where I can actually find my own foot on Google!

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