Sunday, March 02, 2008

A good debate Hey Monkeybrain

Hey Monkeybrain!  Are you up to a good debate? You'll need to check out Squidoo's lastest and greatest! It's Hey Monkeybrain and the debates are on. They're getting heated. You'll find debates from the presidential campaigns to what foods are hot to social networking and other platforms.

Here is a snapshot of Jaguar Julie's HMB debates:

SALTY or SWEET -- Which type of snack do you prefer? SALTY or SWEET? Which type of snack do you prefer? Actually, I prefer salty snacks ... I really do not have a sweeth tooth! I personally think it tells a lot about the person as to which they prefer. Is it something that's in the genes? Is it a male / female or Mars / Venus thingy? Is it geographical, ethnic, or age related?

Is it possibly astrologically-oriented? For example, I am a Cancer -- that's a water sign -- so does that explain WHY I prefer salty snacks? Can we say that a majority of Cancers and water signs will opt for salty over sweet snacks? Or is it something more profound ... like that time of the month vs. a football game and beer?

BLONDES are SEXIER and have MORE Fun! Blondes are sexier and have more fun! Speaking from personal experience and of course very deep humility, I offer up the premise that blondes are indeed sexier and definitely have more fun! Only my hairdresser knows for sure whether all those platinum hairs are naturally sprouting from my noggin or come from a bottle of Miss Clairol.

COOL WHIP vs. REDDI-WIP: Which side are you on? Ah, a sweet topic indeed. Cool Whip vs. Reddi-Wip! For years the battle has waged over these mighty contenders for the #1 spot amongst dessert toppings -- and other uses not to be mentioned in this PG-rated lens! One typically comes in a tub whilst the other in a handy spray can. Reddi-wip, introduced in 1948, is the brand of aerosol propelled, sweetened whipped cream produced by ConAgra Foods. Cool Whip was introduced in 1967 by the Birds Eye division of General Foods and is a product today of Altria Group. I personally prefer Cool Whip ... So, which side are YOU on?

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You have some good MonkeyBrain lenses, and love the idea for the HMB Lensography.

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