Friday, March 07, 2008

Squidoo LOTD Jaguar Julie Lensography

A Squidoo LOTD: Lens of the Day!  Jaguar Julie Lensography. Well, here it was on a rainy and blustery Friday morning as I was working diligently on updating many of my well over 300 Squidoo lenses that I get this dear email from Lewis :-) -- that's LewisSmile you all. "Woohoo! Congratulations on lens of the day :)" says he. "Woohoo … another LOTD? I’ve been waiting and waiting and waiting for more love … once is not enough!" says I. Not knowing what to make of this wonderful honor, I happened upon my Squidoo Dashboard, and there it was ...

Wow, how cool to find that my Squidoo Lensography, Jaguar Julie Lensography had earned the honor of the day of LOTD, Lens of the Day, for March 7, 2008. Read more about it LOTD: Lens of the Day.

Oh, did you know, this is my second time to have a LOTD. My first was in June 2006 for a true story about my experience with identity theft and what I did to help catch a couple of crooks. To Catch a Thief in Under 40 Days details the headache of an experience and gives you a number of pointers in how to act quickly to nab the bad guys!

How in the world did Jaguar Julie get to have 2 lenses of the day? And how can I have one too?

P.S. Hope you enjoyed a visit back to some fond memories. For posterity, I did pen a page on my Google blog about my writings as a Lensmaster.

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