Saturday, March 29, 2008

Get a new suitcase

Does Your Suitcase Have a Lot of Miles on It? Checked luggage can take a real beating! Is your luggage damaged, out-of-date, OR lost and you need a replacement?

So, has the airlines maybe LOST your luggage or did they FIND it and now it looks like it's been around the world more times than the space shuttle? Are you in the market for a stylish and trendy piece of luggage? I've been shopping around for another fashionable suitcase that will distinguish mine from the next traveler. It's amazing the variety of bags you have to pick from these days.

As I was searching through all the variety of suitcases, I opted to buy one for my hubby who was toting around a very beat-up Travelpro Crew 5 22" carry-on. I replaced that bag with a black Crew 6 which is new and improved. Would you believe, he won't give up that old suitcase so that I can donate it to the Goodwill.

I've picked out some stylish luggage that I personally would like to own. At the moment, I really like the Heys styles too! Maybe you'll find something you like, as well. A number of years ago, I had a very nice Hartmann bag that was given to me as a gift. Hartmann is certainly a stylish and quality brand and I would love to own one. I must have sold the one I had at a yard sale because I can't seem to locate it. You'll find a variety of stylish Hartmann luggage as it's still one of my favorites. Does Your Suitcase Have a Lot of Miles on It? Well, get a new one!

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