Friday, March 14, 2008

Jaguar Julie Giant Squid

Giant Squid Sighting:  It's Jaguar Julie Giant Squid! Achieving the ranks of Giant Squid: What you can do to join me!

Yes, you too can be a Giant Squid on Squidoo. In the Summer of 2007, when the call went out to us lensmasters on Squidoo, the challenge was to create 100 interesting and topical lenses, by August 31, 2007, in order to earn the honor of being a Giant Squid. I do believe a few lensmasters, if not a lot, offered a bit of mild protest as "thee asketh too mucheth! 100 lenses, how can I accomplish that?"

Well, the mighty powers that be decided to scale back the challenge to a mere 50 lenses along with moving the deadline to September 4th. However, for me sitting at some 3 dozen, that number was still a wee challenge what with a normal 8-5 job. I honkered down and in no time was past the 50, and then 75 was in sight! August 31, 2007 was quickly approaching and I was ALMOST at 100!

Then, the UNTHINKABLE happened!!! OMG, I had a hard drive crash ... Aside from nearly flipping my wig, I realized that I hadn't done a data backup in weeks!!! Well, read about how I survived the hard drive crash, attained 100 lenses, and earned Giant Squid status. I'll also give you some pointers and tips so that you too can become a Giant Squid if that is what you desire!

P.S. I think I smell something fishy! lol

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