Monday, September 17, 2012

Star Wars Supreme Storm Trooper Halloween Costume

Want a costume that will blow away a lot of other mundane Halloween Costumes in 2013? Hello Star Wars Fans! Well, let me tell you ... You will want to seriously get a Star Wars Supreme Edition Storm Trooper Deluxe Adult Costume!

Star Wars Supreme Edition Storm Trooper Deluxe Adult Costume

Have you dreamed of being in the movies, particularly a Star Wars movie? Why not look like you are a member of the Imperial Forces?  Seriously, the Star Wars Supreme Edition Storm Trooper Deluxe Adult Costume will help you realize that dream!

With the Supreme Storm Trooper Costume as in Star Wars you will get a black jumpsuit that has the white molded armor pieces attached. It includes the white chest and back pieces, a white molded codpiece, and a white belt. Completing the effect, you get shoulder and bicep pieces, gauntlets, thigh and shin pieces, and of course, to top it off, the Collector's Edition helmet!

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P.S. What about copyright infringement? That's an important question to ask about such incredible Star Wars Halloween Costumes!
The copyright status of the armour has undergone legal challenges.[2] In the US it has been ruled to be under copyright; however, recent UK court decisions considered it to be industrial design, which is only protected for 15 years, and thus the armour is now in in the public domain, but only in the UK. --Read more about the incredible Star Wars Stormtroopers according to Wikipedia!
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