Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Santa Claus Suit Halloween and Christmas Costume

The time is right to maximize your buck and get double the bang for your hard-earned money. Want to be Santa Claus this year? Why not snag a Rubie's Costume Crimson Regency Plush Santa Suit for Halloween! That's right! You can surprise all your friends and family at Halloween as Santa Claus.
Rubie's Costume Crimson Regency Plush Santa Suit

Personally, I like to multitask and be creative any time I can. By purchasing a Rubie's Costume Crimson Regency Plush Santa Suit for Halloween, you can be ready to play Santa Claus at Christmas too! Think about it.

With this great Christmas Costume, all you need is the belly. It comes in the Standard Adult size. With this costume, you get:
  • Deluxe trimmed faux rabbit fur trim
  • Old world embroidered accents
  • Hooded velvet 3/4 length coat
    • Full satin lining and two side pockets
    • Front zipper closure with snaps
    • Bell sleeves and belt loops
  • Velvet pants with side pockets
  • Faux suede buckled boot tops
  • Matching belt
  • Gloves
  • Santa's accessories, including beard, wig, glasses, and sack, all sold separately
You would expect to rent this fabulous Santa Christmas Costume but now you too can own it! Ho Ho Ho! Will you be Santa Claus this Halloween? How about at Christmas? Consider the possibilities!

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