Thursday, September 13, 2012

Halloween Cat Costume : Batman's Favorite

Probably my favorite Halloween Costume ever is the Halloween Cat Costume. We know that Batman's favorite Halloween Costume has got to be the Catwoman Costume too! Did you see the recent movie, The Dark Knight Rises? Anne Hathaway in that Catwoman Costume is my favorite ever look for Catwoman.

Let me tell you a big secret! I am a huge fan of Christian Bale as The Dark Knight aka Batman! Of all the actors throughout the years who have played Batman, Christian Bale is my favorite. I've been appreciating his unique talents and looks since I first spotted him in The Empire of the Sun. That's another worthy film I would recommend in addition to The Dark Knight Rises. I don't want to discuss any spoilers for those of you who haven't yet seen the film. I surely do think that it is my favorite of all the Batman movies.

Darque Women's Black "Rubber Look" Cat Suit

Consider a sexy rubber-look cat suit that can work for a cat costume and for other things. it is the Darque Women's Black "Rubber Look" Cat Suit. You can add a variety of accessories to this outfit!

So what about Batman's favorite Halloween Cat Costume? For a number of Halloweens, my go-to Halloween Costume has been the catwoman costume. I've channeled a cat girl, cat lady and sexy cat woman throughout the years. So, of course I am going to recommend Halloween Cat Costumes! Halloween Costumes ~ Cat: Halloween Cat Costumes and Halloween Cat Witch Costume and Cat Witch Whatnots. Ladies! Be sexy and shapely in a Halloween Cat Costume!

This fun "Halloween" topic blog post is my chance to "promote" the Halloween Cat Costume. Be sexy; be a cat! Be catwoman. And, if you have a better half ... ask him to be batman! Meow!!

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