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Halloween Costumes and Decorations 2013

You are now entering the Happy Halloween Central Directory of Halloween Topics researched, organized, and presented by JaguarJulie. I have spent hours and hours of my time researching the type of Halloween Costumes and Halloween Decorations that I would use and recommend to my friends and family. Presenting my top recommendations for the best Halloween Costumes and Decorations Ideas for 2013.

Prepare yourself for a spooktacular celebration this coming Halloween! I have a full magazine of Halloween topics for your entertainment. Not only will you find those Halloween Costumes and Halloween Decorations that I recommend, but you will find Halloween party ideas and Halloween whatnots. We've got Halloween Costumes for adults, boys, girls, babies, and even the dog and the cat.

Happy Halloween from JaguarJulie
First of all, I am a huge fan of Christian Bale as The Dark Knight aka Batman! For a number of Halloweens, my go-to Halloween Costume has been the catwoman costume. I've channeled a cat girl, cat lady and sexy cat woman throughout the years. So, of course I am going to recommend Halloween Cat Costumes! Halloween Costumes ~ Cat: Halloween Cat Costumes and Halloween Cat Witch Costume and Cat Witch Whatnots.

What woman doesn't enjoy being sexy and shapely? To that end, I heartily recommend to you that you check out my selection of Halloween Corset Costumes! Halloween Costumes ~ Corsets: Corset Costumes for Halloween.

Do you have a good sense of humor? In these difficult times, we need to roll with the punches and be able to laugh at ourselves and with others. You'll find a sense of humor in these Halloween pages. Halloween Costumes ~ Humorous: Dress Your Car Up in a Christmas Costume : Reindeer Parade Time, Halloween Mystery Costume, Hot Dog Halloween Costume, Three Stooges Halloween Masks.

Watch out for Monsters ... Big Monsters, Little Monsters, the Devil, and then there is Stewie. What's cool about these Halloween Costumes is that you can dress up the whole family including the baby, the dog and even the cat. But, don't tell the cat that it is a Halloween Dog Costume! Halloween Costumes ~ Monsters: Big Monster Halloween Costume, Devil Halloween Costumes, Little Monster Halloween Costume, Frightfully Scary and Weird Masks, Stewie Halloween Costume and Whatnots.

Perhaps you have a sweeter side? That's good! On Squidoo, I am a SquidAngel ... so I like angelic things like angel or butterfly costume wings! My pick of the candy is the candy corn; so why not a Halloween Candy Costume which is very sweet and slightly corny to boot. And, don't forget about the initiative to start wearing orange. Halloween Costumes ~ Sweet: Angelic Butterfly Costume Wings, Halloween Candy Costumes, Picking a Halloween Costume, Start Wearing Orange Wearing Orange.

It's a Halloween BOOyah Celebration! Check out the Boo-Opoly Game which is a classic style, slightly traditional board game that will keep you from getting bored at Halloween and other holidays. Do you prefer Trick or Treat or both? Personally, I did the treats ... I don't like playing tricks or having tricks played on me. Halloween Party Fun and Entertainment: Halloween Boo-Opoly Game, Halloween BOOyah, Halloween Trick or Treat : Which?, Treats Please : Halloween and Otherwise.

Ah, Halloween Music and Halloween Songs! I've got a thing for pumpkins and a pumpkin eater named Peter. How about you? Halloween Music and Songs: Five Little Pumpkins Song and Peter Peter Pumpkin Eater.

Folks! Halloween wouldn't be right without a few of the classic Halloween scary guys. In my book, that is Bela Lugosi, Dracula, Boris Karloff and then some Halloween Stand-Ups which make great decorations and can serve as stiff company! Halloween Personalities: Bela Lugosi, Dracula : A Royal Pain in the Neck, Halloween Stand-Ups Company, The Many Scary Faces of Boris Karloff.

More Pumpkins and Squash. Need help with carving your Halloween Pumpkin? We've got carving tools and tips along with pumpkin stencils. Be a pumpkin carving star just like Martha Stewart. And, don't forget to serve up the pumpkin filling as it is a super food that is good for 12 months of the year. By the way, I am an art enthusiast and am serving up a healthy dose of pumpkin art along with squash art. Quite delicious! Halloween Pumpkins and Squash: Halloween Pumpkin Carving and Stencils, Pumpkin, a Super Food for All 12 Months, The Art of Pumpkins, The Art of Squash.

Last, but surely not the least, you will want to proverbially "get a head" and/or skull for Halloween. I've selected a variety of skulls -er- heads that make great Halloween Decorations. Then, some whatnots and whatever will complement the rest of your Halloween Decorations for that entertaining Halloween Party. Halloween Decorative Whatnots: Get a Head or Skull for Halloween and Halloween Whatnots and Whatever.

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