Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Thinking Green for St Patricks Day

Amazon search for greenWell, we all know what today is! It's St. Patricks Day -- this is a day celebrated worldwide by the those of Irish descent. More and more non-Irish people worldwide have joined in the celebration of this day. Celebrations are well-known to be themed around all things and everything Irish. Of course, that includes the color green.

I did a quickie search over at Amazon to see how many green items I might find! What a surprise -- too many to list in this blog post.

I've been thinking green today! Some definitely green-themed pages:

Think green today with this cool eco-friendly green item.


maria said...

Wearing green socks today and a green sweater.


Julie Ann Brady said...

Hi Maria, Cool -- wearing green from head to toe!

Let's see -- hubby in a green shirt. Me -- green shirt, green eyes, and green eyeshadow. And, under the weather a bit, so feeling green truly! ;)

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