Monday, March 09, 2009

Artificial Nails Present the Opportunity for Some Cool OPI Nail Colors

About every 5 weeks I will get my hair trimmed. However, getting a fill every couple of weeks for my artificial nails IS the ONLY luxury that I allow myself these days. With the state of the economy, I will often stretch getting that fill to maybe every 3 or 3-1/2 weeks. Honestly, I am not a high-maintenance blonde, but I do like my artificial acrylic nails!

Since my very first set of artificial nails many a year ago, I was introduced to OPI nail polish. I've used OPI nail polish probably since it was invented. If I wasn't a blogger or lensmaster, I think I'd want to work in the marketing and product development department for OPI. Have you ever noticed just how clever the nail polish names are?

artificial nails For example, in the Russian Collection you will find St Petersburgundy, Boris & Natasha, Siberian Nights, Russian Navy, An Affair in Red Square, A Ruble for Your Thoughts, Vodka & Caviar, Catherine the Grape, Cosmo Not Tonight Honey, Midnight in Moscow, Suzi Says Da, and Kreme de la kremlin. I recently tried the Russian Navy which looks quite dark -- almost black. When the light hits it, there is a hint of deep purple; however, when you take off the color, it looks deep blue or navy!

Pick Your Own Cool OPI Nail Colors!

Color Club Nail Polish

So, I discovered a new brand of nail polish that I think is really hot in its cool colors. It is Color Club and it comes in a little square bottle. The line of colors that I love are poptastic neon colors.

My #1 Pick:  Pucci-licious Color Club Nail Polish
My #2 Pick:  Mrs. Robinson Color Club Nail Polish

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