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Stained Glass Window Art

I absolutely adored stained glass window art! Stained glass art for transom windows is something I know a lot about. Over the past several years, we have acquired a number of stained glass art pieces to decorate our dozen transom windows.

I will give you some decorating tips for your home by showing you what stained glass art we have used in our transom windows.

Stained Glass Window Art by jaguarjulie
For years, people have added beautiful artwork to their walls. Now, you can add artwork to your windows with artful glass! Why not consider beautifying your home by adding some artful glass to your transom windows!

P.S. This is the beautiful arched stained glass that is in the master bath transom window of the house that the ex got! Oh, I have creatively prepared this artful image as a circular image made up of two of the glass arches.

Photo Credit: Stained Glass Window Art : Copyright JaguarJulie!

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Stained Glass Art Copyright by JaguarJulie
Stained Glass Art Copyright by JaguarJulie
The arched transom window was so lovely, I created a new work of art from it!

My Artful Confession by JaguarJulie

We probably had the most artsy home in Deercreek Country Club with all the artful pieces in our transom windows. What is so "cool" about showcasing colorful art in your windows is that the sunshine and various lights of the day will make that art sparkle. You've heard the terminology of suncatcher? That is what these artsy pieces will do - catch the sun and color it artfully!

Over the years of collecting these many pieces, I've become a bit of an authority in picking the right piece for the right location. Thankfully we have the internet which affords us a variety. You can find that perfect piece at the right price.

I have shared on this page my photographs of our art. For over one year, decorating the interior of our home was an artful journey. Come along and experience it for yourself.

Stained Glass Transom Window in our Bathroom

Stained Glass Transom Window in our Bathroom
The pretty arched stained glass transom window in our bathroom has the most vivid colors of cobalt blue.

This was one of the last stained glass windows we added to our home. We picked it because of the hummingbirds and floral pattern.

Finding a perfectly sized arch window for our bathroom was a bit challenging.

Antique Stained Glass Transom Window from UK in our Bedroom

Antique Stained Glass Transom Window from UK in our Bedroom
This antique wood frame tulip window from England actually has a white frame.

There are three matching windows like this that fit almost snugly in our transom windows over our bed.

We purchased these in St. Augustine and refinished them ourselves.

You would think that they had been custom made for the space!

Antique Stained Glass Transom Window in our Dining Room

Antique Stained Glass Transom Window in our Dining Room
This sunshine like arched stained glass window may be an antique -- I don't remember.

What I do know is that it is rather unique; i.e., I haven't been able to find another like it -- but I'm still looking.

When I found this one on eBay, I also purchased a second arched stained glass window for over the front door.

Stained Glass Transom Window Panel in our Sitting Area / Front Room

Stained Glass Transom Window Panel
As you can see from the window treatment for our front room, the stained glass is the focal piece.

My hubby is the designer behind the placement of the 2 wooden giraffes to the right corner of the window along with the brass owl collectible standing in the left corner.

After a while, I almost forget that those 'animals' are in my transom window!

Stained Glass Transom Window in our Guest Bathroom

Stained Glass Transom Window in purple and yellow
When I spotted this purple stained glass window, I knew I had to have it.

Luckily we found the perfect transom window for it -- in our guest bathroom.

That room is painted a vivid fuchsia hot pink.

You wouldn't believe how perfectly the purple is complemented by the wall color.

Stained Glass Transom Window in our Kitchen Dining Area

Stained Glass Transom Window octagon
Our kitchen has a fish nautical theme, so it made sense to add a fish stained glass window.

The transom window is smaller, so this octagon-shaped fish stained glass window worked as the focus hanging in the center of the window.

On either side of the stained glass, we've placed several glass fish figurines.

Stained Glass Transom Window in our Kitchen Dining Area

Stained Glass Transom Window tiffany
This interesting Tiffany style waterfall stained glass was a wedding gift from my hubby's cousin Agnes.

Agnes was a watercolor artist who has passed on a couple of years ago.

We thought this stained glass was perfect for the side transom window in the dining nook.

As the window is smaller, this piece is the center of attention.

Stained Glass Transom Window in our Living Room

Stained Glass Transom Window in our Living Room
This is another beautiful stained glass transom window that can be found in one of our living room's transom windows.

As you can see, more hummingbirds and flowers! I like sticking with a theme throughout the house.

Hubby decorated this window with 2 gold flute-like vases that have stained glass chips along with vines of silk flowers. The vases are placed in the window corners.

Stained Glass Transom Window Art - Over Our Front Door
~ Copyright JaguarJulie

Stained Glass Transom Window Art front door circle
Another sweet find was this arched stained glass that fits nicely into the transom window over our front door.

I love the pretty rose-mauve color of the edging. And, calla lilies are a favorite flower.

By the way, I made a work of art out of the stained glass.

There are actually two panels fit together to form a circular stained glass art window.

Looking for stained glass for your home?

I am available for a consultation at an affordable fee. Let me recommend the perfect piece of art for your window! Just contact me and let's discuss what you have in mind.

Hand-selected Stained Glass Window Art

Now here is a piece that I would love to have in my home! It is Peacock's Paradise Stained Glass Window. So beautiful.

Ah, it is from Design Toscano, one of my favorite design decor sites!

The hand-cut art glass is encased in glaziers lead, copper-foiled and individually soldered. Variations of texture and color are part of the process.

The scroll bracket and chain are included for window hanging.

Louis Comfort Tiffany Inspired.

This is such a beautiful item.

It is the Magnolia Tiffany Stained Glass Window Panel.

It is a larger, statement piece that measures 40 inches high by 29 inches wide.

This interpretation of Louis Comfort Tiffany's magnolia and iris window is made using hand cut glass individually wrapped in copper foil.

I Love Calla Lilies! The calla lily is the perfect flower for a stained glass window.

This is the Meyda Lighting 79950 Calla Lily Stained Glass Window. It measures 22 inches wide by 11 inches high. Perfect for that transom window!

Are you a fan of stained glass like I am?

Do you actually have stained glass in your transom windows? If you actually do, I'd love to see a picture and perhaps include you in this lens! Please take a moment and drop me a line today.

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