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Royal Haeger Pottery and Collectibles

In the spotlight you will find Royal Haeger Pottery and Collectibles. Beautiful Ceramics and Collectibles made in USA! Royal Haeger in association with Haeger Potteries have created some of the most beautiful ceramics and collectibles that are made in the USA! If you are looking for a line of made in the USA ceramics and pottery, allow me to introduce you to this fabulous American brand.

the house of haeger collectibles book cover
In the line from Haeger Potteries along with the renowned Royal Haeger, you can find stylish planters, vases, pitchers, lamps, candlesticks, centerpieces, and figurines. A specialty of theirs is ebony gloss ceramic wild animals.

I've personally got my eye on the beautiful black cat figurines as I already have two of them and am hoping to see more in that line to add to our home's collection.

My grandmother Julia Nagy had one of the black panther cats that sat on her fireplace mantel. Now, I too have one of those on my fireplace mantel! The black panther complements the black cat of Linda LeKinff's Ellen artwork.

You can also find some Royal Haeger by Royal Hickman U.S.A. collectibles that were produced from 1938-1944 while Royal Hickman was the designer in house. Got to have this book! The House of Haeger, 1944-1969: The Post-War Era.

Allow me to introduce you to this brand of beautiful ceramics and collectibles that are made in the USA!

Photo Credit: The House of Haeger, 1944-1969: The Post-War Era.

The Royal Haeger Poll
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The Royal Haeger Black Panther of JaguarJulie
That's the cat on my fireplace mantel between a couple of Marjolein Bastin JOYs and beneath the art of Linda LeKinff!

black panther of royal haeger on jaguarjulie's fireplace mantel
black panther of Royal Haeger on JaguarJulie's fireplace mantel

You can see my black panther on top of my fireplace mantel. I learned about Royal Haeger originally from my grandma, Julia Nagy. Grandma's black panther sat on her fireside mantel In her Cleveland, Ohio home, she had many ceramic and pottery collectibles from Haeger Potteries.

It was grandma's ceramic black panther that made an impression on me. I'm thinking my grandma bought her black panther from a local department store. You know, there wasn't shopping online way back then.

I am pretty sure that one of my sisters claimed this figurine when grandma died. It was such a precious memory to me that I had to go out and buy my very own!

Do you know that Royal Haeger, along with Haeger Potteries, has been in operation since 1871? They are headquartered in the Midwest, northwest of Chicago, on the clay-rich banks of the Fox River. "As America's oldest and largest producer of pottery, Haeger is renowned for gorgeous glazes, the result of over four generations of development by expert craftsmen."

Perhaps you would like the Haeger Potteries Black Panther Ceramic Sculpture for yourself.

This beautiful ceramic sculpture, in an ebony glaze, of a stylized stalking panther has been a company signature piece for years. It measures a commanding size of 24 inches wide by 5 inches high by 4 inches deep. I bought mine from Amazon on August 1, 2009. I love it so much that I wouldn't mind having a second one for my home!

A Video Introducing You to the Line of Haeger Potteries

If you are a Royal Haeger collector, you will enjoy The House of Haeger, 1914-1944: The Revitalization of American Art Pottery.

It is a Schiffer Book for Collectors by Joe Paradis and Joyce Paradis.

Why buy this book? You get stunning images, thorough research, and exclusive material for starters.

If you are a Royal Haeger collector, you will appreciate the three illustrated price guides, a look at Haeger's early artware production, and profiles of four of the companies' lead designers.

Royal Haeger Pottery Info
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royal haeger royal hickman graybox
Items produced during Hickman's tenure, 1938-1944,
are marked "Royal Haeger by Royal Hickman U.S.A."

The House of Haeger, 1944-1969

If you are into Royal Haeger and Haeger Potteries, you will want to follow the history of the company's collectible ceramic artware during the post World War II years.

The House of Haeger, 1944-1969: The Post-War Era is another Schiffer Book for Collectors by Joe Paradis and Joyce Paradis.

This is a companion piece to follow the history of the company. You get over 370 incredible photos documenting Haeger's production of collectibles during this recovery period.

Beautiful Ebony Cat Sitting on My Dresser

royal haeger black sitting cat porcelain figurine
Royal Haeger black sitting cat porcelain figurine

This is my second favorite Royal Haeger piece! Ah, it is a very regal feline figurine! This majestic ceramic cat, from Haeger Potteries, sits in my front artsy room that I painted with Sherwin-Williams Forget Me Not purple.

You get a little glimpse of the magnificent dresser on which it sits. In that room, I also have a lighted curio cabinet which houses my Hungarian porcelain collectibles.

Perhaps you'd like one of these black cats for yourself? The Haeger Potteries Sitting Cat Ceramic Sculpture is exquisite! I actually bought mine through Amazon on June 8, 2010. What was so impressive is how it was packaged. The porcelain cat was shrink-wrapped tightly to an inner carton within a larger outer box. There was no way it could be damaged in transport!

If you love cats like I do, you will love this sleek ebony glaze ceramic sculpture. They have stylized a cat and presented it in a sitting position. It is a bigger sculpture measuring 13 inches wide by 9 inches high by 7 inches deep.

Haeger Potteries through the Years

To finish off your library of information on Haeger Potteries, you'll want to add this book, Haeger Potteries Through the Years: A Price Guide.

You get to see some of the designers from Royal Hickman, including Brastoff and Martin Stangl. The important ceramic collectibles -- planters, vases, cookie jars, pitchers, and lamps -- are included. Plus you get the rich history of Royal Haeger, Flowerware, Studio Haeger and other lines.

This 376 page hardback book also includes original catalog pages along with a price guide from 2002-2003.

The Lamps of Royal Haeger

It is pretty cool to see what you can find on eBay when searching Royal Haeger, Royal Hickman, and Haeger Potteries.

You get a look at the rich history of ceramic collectibles from this American company. For example, LAMPS! You can find some incredible vintage, mid-century modern lamps that will wow you.

Pottery Pitchers

This company has obviously had some brilliant ceramic designers throughout their long history. If you want a lot of style, look for the various pottery pitchers produced through the years. It is tough to find newly produced comparables.

Try a search on eBay and see what you can find. You may find a sleekly designed pitcher that demonstrates the artful style of Haeger Potteries ... and find that you cannot live without it!!

Do You Know Royal Haeger?

Perhaps you are new to the Royal Haeger line along with Haeger Potteries collectibles? If so, I'm glad that I could introduce you to this beautiful line of ceramics, pottery, and collectibles. Do you have a favorite item yet?

Do you have a question about a Royal Haeger item that you own? If I can't answer your question(s), perhaps one of our informed readers might know! It helps to be able to see a picture of the item -- have you uploaded that picture to your flickr album? Let me know where so that we can add that picture to our showcase!

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I just found the Royal Haeger sitting cat, the one you call your second favorite at a junk shop for $1. Not a chip, no wear. Looks like it was made yesterday. How much is it worth? Do you know?

Julie Ann Brady said...

Well, it sure is worth a LOT more than one dollar -- I'd snap it up if I were you. You can find it selling online in several places -- Etsy, eBay and others. I've seen it for $40 to $75 and possibly more. It is an item worth having and depending upon the buyer, they'll pay more.

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