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Beverly Feldman Designer Shoes and Bags

I truly love and adore Beverly Feldman Fashion Footwear, Handbags and Accessories! Her designer items are essentially wearable art because of the often extraordinary and whimsical ornamentation! I simply adore shoes and handbags that have that extra bit of design.

beverly feldman sexy shoes intro
Yes, I have plenty of basic black pumps, but, if you want to show a little extra style and have some fun, Beverly Feldman is for you! I've found some great styles of her shoes and handbags to showcase in this lens. I hope you find something that interests you and enjoy this fan-favorite lens!

"Too Much is not Enough" for Beverly Feldman and for me! I adore Beverly Feldman truly! What does Beverly say? "I have interviewed men all around the world for my entire career. I, Beverly Feldman, Queen B, am a certified sexy shoe expert."

Doesn't Beverly Feldman look like a fun lady? Well, I definitely think so! Do you know that I've personally heard from Beverly who invited me to visit her in her NYC showroom. "Beverly, my dear! I'm hoping to meet you really soon as I love your style! BFF! You are such a fashionable icon!"

By the way, I have been recently chatting with Beverly as she made her way from Spain to New York City. She has asked that I share with my readers her "Ten Secrets for Making a Sexy Shoe."

Photo Credit: That's a fabulously sexy shot of Beverly Feldman.

beverly feldman better to be looked over

Are you a fan of Beverly Feldman?
Do you feel "Too Much is not Enough" ? Love her designs or not?
  1. Yes, yes, yes "Too Much is not Enough"
  2. "Too Much is Too Much"
  3. The jury is out ...
Too Much is not Enough Beverly Feldman
"Too Much is not Enough!" ~ Beverly Feldman

Beverly Feldman ~ Artist's Statement
beverly feldman delectable shoe
For thirty years I have owned my own company designing fabulous shoes for fabulous women. I understand women because I am a woman. Women love shoes and I love to make women happy. My shoes have done so well over the years because I know what women want and what men dream about.

I was born in a very small, conservative New England town and I always thought, 'if I looked the same as everyone else, what young man would ever notice me?' I use this same thinking for my shoes and handbags. I design to attract attention with color, style and always just a touch of leopard- for a bit of wildness in all of us.

Men appreciate me more than I do them. And the men I appreciate the most are the ones that work for me. Of course, being spoiled with extravagance always elicits a positive reaction. I believe in women being spoiled, but it is usually less costly emotionally when we spoil ourselves.

beverly feldman diabolique
I live happily in Spain, in another very small town, although I am a real New Yorker at heart. In Spain, I am ten minutes from the Meditteranean, but I never see I as I design 1500 shoes and handbags every year which keeps me busy.

I have been designing so long, you can find me under 'Vintage' on Ebay, and so have recently begun to create my own museum of Beverly Feldman shoes. This way, when I am 120 years old, I can auction off my shoe collection with my jewelry-and start all over again. You will find me to be a Fashion Victim First Class, shamelessly indulging in endless compulsion to buy lipstick, always in pursuit of the perfect color.

I love dancing and shopping, but most of all, I love dressing up to be noticed. I believe women over 50 years should not be married. The circle of life is to get married, get divorced, and then have a great time with younger lovers That is how to stay young and gorgeous. --Beverly Feldman.

Beverly Feldman Fantasy Florals : Modern Glamour!
It's the Bonita Sexy Black Floral 

Beverly Feldman Fantasy Florals

Ten Secrets for Making a Sexy Shoe!
by "Queen B" Beverly Feldman

beverly feldman big time
Folks! I have been chatting with Beverly recently and she wanted me to be sure to get the press out on her "Ten Secrets." Here is an abridged version of the "Ten Secrets for Making a Sexy Shoe!" by Queen B Beverly Feldman. Be sure to check out the full blown edition on Beverly Feldman's website.
  1. First have some great sex. Go the whole way; with the outfit, black lace everything. Set your stage with flattering lighting. And the shoes? It's all about the shoes.
  2. Visualize what you think he will find sexy. Think like a man for a moment.
  3. Listen to what men say.
  4. Hint, Hint, it is going to be a high heel, for sure. High heels push your bootie out.
  5. Texture: Suede is sexier than leather, patent is bit tough girl. Anything with studs and spikes is getting into specific specialties that are quite prevalent now. Color: Black, Black, and Black.
  6. Single soles versus platforms. Having channeled a string of 50s movies stars, my whole career, I am fond of single soles.
  7. I think a sexy shoe, like anything else you are wearing should come off easy.
  8. The toe has to be pointed to make a point. Points are sexy.
  9. Toe cleavage a must!
  10. My sexy pump for Fall 2013. SPT : Short Pointed Toe, with matching sculptured heel. A heel for men of all ages: thin at the bottom, heavier at the top, shaped and an added flash of metal.

Beverly Feldman Comfort in a Bed of Flowers!
It's the Amara Sexy Black Floral

Beverly Feldman Comfort in a Bed of Flowers

What Does Beverly Feldman Say?

beverly feldman queen b
"Too Much is not Enough" ~ Truly! Quoting the most successful female shoe designer of our time, Beverly Feldman.

"I wear the shoes I make, and that is the difference between me and 98% of the other shoe manufacturers. I also make shoes for women who, like me, want to be admired for their taste."

"Whether a woman lives in Paris, London or New York, or all three, she wants glamour and comfort. I make beautiful, feminine shoes that are comfortable."

"Shoes and handbags make an instant statement about who a woman is and their fashion savvy ... they are the calling card to the world."

Summing it all up, "too much is not enough." Thank YOU Beverly Feldman!

Beverly Feldman -- A Designer's Muse
With Museum Quality Shoes = Wearable Art

Beverly Feldman's museum-worthy shoe archive pays a tribute to footwear near, dear and far.
By Melissa Knific

Beverly Feldman's motto "Too much is not enough" speaks volumes not only about the aesthetic of her shoes but it seems for her philosophy about life as well ... while commuting between New York and Alicante, Spain, where she lives. Yet, Feldman has managed to add another project to her plate: a shoe museum, of sorts. --The Official Beverly Feldman Shoes Website.

Beverly Feldman Dulce Black Floral Handbag
"People who say you can't buy happiness don't know where to shop!" --Beverly Feldman

Beverly Feldman Dulce Black Floral Handbag

Beverly Feldman Sexy Footwear Collection

Beverly Feldman Sexy Footwear Collection

Recognized around the world for their unique playful spirit, Beverly Feldman designs have been a high fashion staple since the 70's.

Based in New York and Ibiza, these glitzy shoes are hand-lasted and stitched in Spain for the latest in European style.

Discover the one-of-a-kind flair that's made Beverly Feldman one of the most respected and sought-after names in the fashion world. --Beverly Feldman Sexy Footwear Collection.

beverly feldman queen b

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Do you dig Beverly Feldman fashion footwear? Own any? Which is your favorite from her sexy shoe collection? I'd love to hear from you.

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