Friday, May 17, 2013

Planting Sunflower Seedlings in the Ground

When you are getting ready for planting your sunflower seedlings in the ground, it's important that the weather cooperates. Living in Jacksonville, Florida, our weather can be quite different from day to day. As we head towards Spring, we can still experience some frosty mornings and nights.

Once you are sure that you have no more freezing weather, you can venture on to planting your sunflower seedlings.

Planting Sunflower Seedlings in the Ground March 18, 2013
Planting Sunflower Seedlings in the Ground : Left Row
Right Row: Sunflower Seeds from 3 Seed Packets
Photo taken March 18, 2013 by JaguarJulie Ann Brady
In one row, in my prepared garden area, I used Miracle-Gro Potting Mix and planted all the 25 cells of sunflower seedlings which I had been nurturing. In the second row, I planted the remaining seeds from the 3 seed packets.

Sunflower Seedlings Planted in the Ground March 27, 2013
Sunflower Seedlings Planted in the Ground by JaguarJulie
The very first look at what will surely come!
Photo taken March 27, 2013 by JaguarJulie Ann Brady
Once I got my sunflower seedling planted, they looked quite vulnerable to critters with the open garden. I happened to find some decorative metal edging at Big Lots. I placed the edging around the perimeter of the garden. Not only did it look pretty cool, but the critters stayed out of that garden area with the exception of one! It was that dog-gone mole.

Oh, please take a look to the left of that picture. You can see my Mexican Petunia garden. Note how those were pruned and don't currently look like much. Stay tuned for developments!

Sunflower Seedlings and Seeds Planted in the Ground April 3, 2013
Sunflower Seedling Emerging from the Ground : Middle Row
Top Row: 2 packets of "organic" sunflower seeds from Lowe's
Photo taken April 3, 2013 by JaguarJulie Ann Brady
In the picture above, you can see that I have little sunflower seedlings already emerging from the ground in the middle row. Those came directly from the sunflower seeds being planted in the ground. In the top row, I planted more sunflower seeds. Those were 2 packets of Organic Sunflower Seeds, Autumn Beauty, purchased at Lowe's on April 3rd for $1.88 per packet.

I counted 28 sunflower seedings in the first row and 48 in the second row. That's 76 from 3 packets of seeds. I was quite pleased with the rate of growth that I got from the Burpee sunflower seeds! Little did I know what to expect: Sunflower Plants Prospering in the Ground.

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